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Screaming For Emily: Malice

 Posted by Donovan Tate (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Jan 04 2007
Artist: Screaming For Emily (@)
Title: Malice
Format: CD
Label: North End Records
Rated: *****
This intriguing cd grew on me faster than a speeding bullet. New Jersey based Screaming For Emily incorporates elements of new wave and darkwave. Their music is a reminiscence of the 80's with such influences as Depeche Mode, The Cure, Clan of Xymox, Echo & The Bunnymen, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Joy Division, New Order, and Sad Lovers & Giants. Similar pretty sounds to other 80's acts as well have the best effect, but Screaming For Emily possess their own charm. The band is made up of three guys who are not really new to the music scene. SFE got their first start back in the 80's and also had released their very first self-titled record. The band is consists of Lance Redaelli-drums & percussion; Phillip Sciortino, Jr.-vocals & keyboards; and Steven Baillie-keyboards. Their second release "Malice" will open the portholes of the soul. The passionate and ethereal male vocals, the dreamy soft and warm synth sounds and the guitar and bass strumming gently with a beautiful compassionate lush feel and the pulsating beat from the drum will make you want to dance. Outstanding tracks are "Thorn", "Intent", "Purgatory Embrace", "A Dry Year", and the cool smashing catchy single hit "Deity". Check out the video for that track on their websites. These compositions are full of beauty and create a brightness color in Screaming For Emily. Crafted production lends to the lavish sound of "Malice".

Tears For Fears: The Very Best Of

 Posted by Donovan Tate (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Dec 29 2006
Artist: Tears For Fears
Title: The Very Best Of
Format: CD
Label: Mercury (Island)
Rated: *****
I'll never forget the very first time I heard of Tears For Fears is when I saw their video "Change" on MTV. Then later, their video "Pale Shelter". Both off their first 1983 release "The Hurting". TFF will always be remembered for their writing of psychological explorations dealing with emotional feeling songs. Major label Mercury released a cd compilation of all their greatest single hits from 1982-1992. Like most bands from the 80's, they used synthesizers and a drum machine that had that cold and eerie feel. Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, who both met at the age of 13 came from unhappy homes. The addition to their troubled adolescence, they shared a love of music. In 1985, the English duo released their best selling record that invaded America's Billboard charts and radio stations "Songs From The Big Chair", which sold over ten million copies worldwide. Their climbing top number one singles "Everybody Wants To Rule The World", "Shout", and who can forget that video they shot in the library for the song "Head Over Heels" became a money making commercial huge success. 1989 rolled around, they released their third album titled "The Seeds Of Love" that feature the singles "Sowing The Seeds" that have a Beatles feel and "Woman In Chains", a duet with R&B singer Oleta Adams, who Roland discovered at a club in Kansas City performing and was a struggling artist who was trying to make it in the music industry. "Advice For The Young At Heart" became the third single which shows off Curt Smith's best vocal talent. Curt left the band following the world tour. Then later released a solo album. Roland carried on as solo with the group's name and released "Elemental" in 1993 that feature "Break It Down Again" and "Goodnight Song". Both tracks lyrically deals with the break up of Roland and Curt. TFF also appeared on a Hollywood movie soundtrack "Threesome" featuring the song "New Star".

Other non-album and singles that was release are included on disc are "Mother's Talk (US Remix" and "The Way You Are". "Suffer The Children" which also appears on "The Hurting" album is the fourth track on disc along with the well known dark single "Mad World" that reached number 3 on the UK charts, which starts the disc off as being the first track. The album "The Hurting" is known to have gothic elements. The single "Mad World" have that cold and darkening synth feel. "Laid So Low" was the only original release as a single in 1992 on the very first BEST OF TEARS FOR FEARS album. The final single "I Believe (A Soulful Re-Recording)" is a jazzy tune.

2000 was the year that Roland and Curt got back together again as a band duo who now have the same musical vision. They may have had a bitter sweet musical divorce and haven't spoken to each other in a decade, but the two manage to sought out their problems and move on forward together as they originally were in the past. The duo now have a new release called "Everybody Loves A Happy Ending". Their first two early releases "The Hurting" and "Songs From The Big Chair" will always be a memorable time classic. Otherwise, this collection of their 80's and early 90's singles are the enduring of their best years.

80TH DISORDER: Transform

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Dec 27 2006