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 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Industrial Music / Industrial Metal / Aggro Industrial / Electro Metal
Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Aug 05 2008
Title: Weiss
Format: CD
Label: The Eastern Front (@)
Rated: *****
WEISS is a split release which gathers Miel Noire (side project of Svarrogh's Dimo Dimov at its first official appearance after their first demo) and B-Machina. The first six tracks are Miel Noire ones and they are titled "Miel I" to "Miel VI". They sound totally different from Svarrogh and the project sounds like being Dimo's industrial/ambient/metal outlet. The track are based on melancholic melodies played using synthesizer pads where Dimo add industrial rhythmic parts, samples, treated vocals, distorted guitar and electronics. The tracks create a nice ambience and they sounds fresh enough to listen to them with interest. B-Machina aren't newcomers of the industrial ambient genre and on this release they deliver three new proper track spaced out by 13 title less short tracks containing few seconds of silence and placed between the second and the third track. The concept behind these short silence moments I think is contained into the title of the first track titled "The colour of my innocence", because when innocence is lost there's only an overwhelming silence left. Musically the tracks sound like distant industrial ambient noises where repetition is the main scheme. The third one, "Wald aus Stein & Rost", alternate industrial reverbered percussions with acoustic guitar phrasings. An interesting unconventional solution which made them be appreciated by the experimental/industrial lovers.

Venus: Trashed and Broken Hearted

 Posted by Michelle Russo   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Aug 04 2008
Artist: Venus
Title: Trashed and Broken Hearted
Format: CD
Label: Skindog
Distributor: Super Buddha
Rated: *****
Venus is the brains behind this operation and the driving force behind his band All the Pretty Horses that hail from Minneapolis, Minnesota. His band I just saw last week at Club Damaged and put on such a amazing, memorable show that I am putting them on my bill for my upocoming festival I am throwing in October in Chicago. Look to come out for it if you are in the area. When a band can do that to you, you know they are special and they must play for you. The solo album I am reviewing is called " Trashed and Broken Hearted" and it is the album about the one that hurts us the most that we can all relate to. This ia a very slow driven mellow album with powerful lyrics that tear at your heart stings but has a kick that gets you moving. We open to track three ~ " Trashed and Broken Hearted", the title track, where Venus is singing to us, " But I'm trashed and broken hearted, would I crash and can't get started. Clever little lyrics that stand alone and are self explainatory saying, we all get burned and never forget the pain. One particular track that stuck out was Track six ~ " Electric Galaxy " which remindied me of early Gary Numan and early Manson put together that blended well and was utmost unique in the sense. Venus sings, " Electric galaxies unfold through this wire, electric galaxies exploding, they're on fire, with that, Venus takes us to other worlds and dimensions. This track has impressive guitar antics and got me moving in my seat as I tuped this reivew out. Brilliant track that may just become a danse club hit. Very dark glammy and bowiesque to the core. We progress to Track eight ~ " Fall Down ' which by far is the best track on the whole album. From start to finish this track is beautiful, driven and will stick in my head for centuries to come. Beautiful Veuns sings, " Oh my angels, tear your wings, can't you hear the sound, we fall down." Truely chiling to the bone with it's wit and it's charm. This piece is ingenius and tales the tale of it's morality plae for the damned. The rest of this album is very heatrfelt and harmonious and brings a tear to your eye with it's metaphors and refrains. I was personally moved by this album and I think all of you will be to. With emotion and great sentiment, I leave you with this review 4 stars ~ Michelle Russo

Scarlet Slipping: Tradgedy In The Lions Den

 Posted by Donovan Tate (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Jul 31 2008
Artist: Scarlet Slipping (@)
Title: Tradgedy In The Lions Den
Format: CD
Label: Shinto (@)
Rated: *****
This is one of essential disc that's been archived. The early sound of Scarlet Slipping by Dawn Wagner with the collboration of Trance To The Sun member, Askelon Sain, began in 1995. Nine tracks that's worth a listen from start to finish. Lyrically emotional, death dyfying, bloody and horror. My kind of album I enjoyed listening to over and over again and again. "The Hallway" starts the disc off pure and innocent. "Snow White" have a cold feel. "My Friend" is a quiet low-key piece of work. Then Dawn starts to get real troublesome in "Masterpiece", but in a friendly way. She's everything you want her to be, only in a horrific hysterical twisted way. The track "Blood (v.1)" and "The Lie" gets heavily death defying and sinister. A totally chaos by ending up dead. Dawn will mess with your head and after she get you, she goes for the kill. A mastermind of a thinking tricky woman. She'll laugh when the victim is in her trap like in "The Lie". The track "Unclean" have an industrial feel. A rollercoaster ride to hell. Imagine walking into an old house or mansion and hear ghostly voices talking, screaming and echoing, this happens in "Greta Five". Final track "Alabaster Rose" is a beautiful brilliant composition. The similar sound and voice arrangement in the line of The Machine In The Garden. Another favorite gothic band I love and admired. Scarlet Slipping "Tradgedy In The Lions Den" will take you on a horrific fun-filled ride through scenes of horror and bloody mayhem. A nightmarish dream you'll never forget, if you live to tell.

LES FRAGMENTS DE LA NUIT: Musique du Crépuscule

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Jul 31 2008
Title: Musique du Crépuscule
Format: CD
Label: Equilibrium Music (@)
Rated: *****
Created in 2005 by Michel Villar (piano) and Ombeline Chardes (violin), score composers for film, Les Fragments de la Nuit were created in order to play their pieces on stage. At this purpose they formed a quintet made up of three violins, a cello and a piano. MUSIQUE DU CREPUSCULE is their first album and contains 16 beautiful cinematic tracks. The band's style is someway classical and modern at the same time and their music uses often minimal repetitive structures like Philip Glass does. Minimal but not for this reason without a complex musical structure. The violins play always different parts and the atmosphere created is really effective. Another peculiar thing is how the voice is used: the female vocals don't sing lyrics. It produces melodic sounds as well as the other instruments. Romantic, moving, mysterious and convincing, this album will please many lovers of dark music as well as lovers of movie soundtracks.

6COMM - FREYA ASWYNN: The Fruits Of Yggdrasil

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Jul 31 2008
Artist: 6COMM - FREYA ASWYNN (@)
Title: The Fruits Of Yggdrasil
Format: CD
Label: HauRuck! (@)
Distributor: Tesco Distribution
Rated: *****
Born in Holland in November 1949 to a strict, Roman Catholic family, Freya Aswynn displayed natural psychic abilities since her early years. This, combined with her reactions to a hostile family environment and subjected to serious physical, mental as well as some sexual abuse, which was not recognized by the system as it was then, prompted the official diagnosis that her was maladjusted. Institutionalized for nine years, she didn't have a change to get a secondary education. At the age of 19 she married her first husband who introduced her to the basics of philosophy and talked to her about the esoteric nature of the runes. Two years later her husband died of cancer and she started her "adventure" into the mystic/esoteric world by studying Rosicrucianism, Astrology, Cabbala and Thelema. Later she was initiated into wicca. During the years she participated to different covens and founded different communities. She wrote about runes and she's still involved into the spreading of the Nordic traditions. At this point you will questioning why I wanted to write this little background story about Freya (by the way, I took the informations at the "About me" section of her website at because THE FRUITS OF YGGDRASIL won't exists without her. The album born in a natural way as she and Patrick Leagas (who left Death In June in 1984 after the recordings of "Nada" and the "Born again" 12") entered into the recording studio in 1987 without preparing the material. Freya entered into the studio after Invoking the Blessing of the Germanic gods and then recited the lyrics, then Patrick got on the keyboard. By listening to the tracks of the album you can feel that some magic was going on. For the lyrics Freya adapted some parts of the Edda (The Poetic Edda, also known as Sæmundar Edda or the Elder Edda, is a collection of Old Norse poems from the Icelandic medieval manuscript Codex Regius. Along with Snorri's Edda the Poetic Edda is the most important source on Norse mythology and Germanic heroic legends. Note: taken from wikipedia) for the tracks "Havamat", "Voluspa" and "Sigdridfumal". Instead for "Wotan" she took some parts of "Also sprach Zarathustra". If by reading this review you are thinking that Patrick's role has been less important, well, you ain't right, because he put in music and sound ambience the atmospheres of the lyrics declaimed by Freya and doing this he contributed to the born of a masterpiece of the genre.

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