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Brillig: The Red Coats

 Posted by Vito Camarretta (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Nov 04 2009
Artist: Brillig (@)
Title: The Red Coats
Format: CD
Label: Black Rain (@)
Rated: *****
From the virginal land of Australia, it comes another interesting and genuine musical proposal, the one by four folks artistically and humanly grown in Adelaide fond on playing instruments, singing songs, old stories and fairytales, good company and some appropriate beverage (something not so dissimilar to what Irish people usually term craic!). These wizards founded a band called Brillig (a word invented by Lewis Carroll in Jabberwacky '“ one of most famous nonsense poem, in the English literature -which according to the explanation of the fictitious character Humpty Dumpty was used to name that moment of the afternoon around four' o'clock during which some people use to begin preparing dinner by broiling recipes... ) and after they spread this album entitled The Red Coats on various music journalists' desktops, they deservedly gained enthusiastic reviews for their enchanting way of combining dark-tinged folk freak hybridized by storytelling, some gentle Celtic inhalations and even a certain gipsy scent filtered through a somewhat gothic mood, which is not so pervasive or depressive. The plucking tones of a banjo and a relevant verse ("This is how the story starts") in Death At Sea (a song with a refrain sentencing "A Band Of Constant Sorrow" which seems to our musical memory something like a quote of Man Of Constant Sorrow, a famous traditional American folk song by the half-blind fiddler Dick Burnett) the listener in the sputtering and pleasant warmth of Brilig's music, giving to him a sort of visit card to collect in his/her pavilion. Entrancing ballads alternates to tales which seems to be sung in an old bad-smelling tavern where all the elements of the magical musical textures are interwoven and always find a sort of meeting point in the finger-plucked guitar emotionally played by Matt Swayne and the background but precise drumming by Ben Macklin and a slight sense of tragedy in the lyrics are just some of the key notes of their guessed formula.

Have a careful listen to The Old Captain (a sort of funereal march with a funny touch of buccaneer's collective imagination hooked by the great performance by The Drunken Bastard Choir), the lovely melancholy dropping from The Frozen Lake and the gloomy Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder in order to understand that the influences by Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, The Decemberists and even The Cure (undeniable the similarities between the use of vocal chords by Matt to the one by Mr.Smith) are anything but influences as their retro style looks paradoxically original! All the lucky people which have seen them performing don't hesitate in testifying their skills in evoking the old-fashioned smell of their music even on the stage increasing our desire to see them perform out of Australian boundaries. They've begun their short European tour in Leipzig in Mat 2009, but some rumors say they'll come back touring the planet in 2010. In the meanwhile, enjoy the warmth of their Red Coats to protect from the cold breezes of the forthcoming winter, folks!

The 69 Eyes: Back in Blood

 Posted by Michelle Russo   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Nov 03 2009
Artist: The 69 Eyes
Title: Back in Blood
Format: CD + DVD
Label: The Ends Records
Distributor: The End Records
Rated: *****
The 69 Eyes are back in blood and better then ever. The new album is called " Back in Blood " and kicks some Goth and Roll butt. I just saw the 69 Eyes live after a two year stretch in Chicago at Reggies and they put on one hell of a show, complete with new and old hits we so love. On this new album, all tracks are about vampires and have unique stories of the old and new in each one. Tales of woe, blood, hunger. pain, anguish all wrapped up in one album for the masses to sink their teeth into and taste. We begin with title track 1, " Back in Blood." which is reminscent of AC/DC bit darker than ever and Gother than ever. This song is already a crowd favourite and hit and calls to us again and again. We move on to track 3 called, " Dead N. Gone. " which is already another crowd favorite and as we speak a video is being made for it. The lyrics are beautiful, sad but true and really pull at our heart strings and won't let go until it is heard loud and clear and with sentiment. Still moving further we come to track 5 called, ' Kiss Me Undead." whcih is a sad song that tells the tale of lost loves and the damage that has been done. Jyrki sings, " " Wake me from the darkness, kiss me undead and break the chains of my life so heartless." Truly a memorable song for all ages. Next is track 6 called, " Lips of Blood." whcih is based on the movie, it's concepts and it's visuals. It has a slow. haunting, melodic Sistery sound that chills you to the bone and is a song not to forget. Coming next is track 7, already an instant hit and most watched video called, " Dead Girls are Easy." whcih is a tongue and cheek take on dead girls being easy but untouchable. Truly a video and song that will probably become another Goth anthem like " This Corossion" Moving ahead we come to track 9, " Some kind of Magick." , whcih is a catchy little tune that has bark for it's bite and got me moving and singing in my seat as I wrote this review. The track that stuck out the most is the next track 10. called " Hunger." which is based on the actual movie and haunts and taunts you with it's tragedies it projects onto you. Jyrki calls out to " Miriam." in the most dark echo that causes goose bumps up and down your spine and tears to fall down your pale face. This song is by far the best track on the album. Track 11 is called, " Suspiria Snow White and it is based on the chilling movie ' Suspiria." and all the darkness and chaos it brings all wrapped up in a little white bow only to be opened and let the madness get out. You are in for one hell of a ride. Lastly is track 12 called " Eternal " which is a slow, melodic orchestrated dark symphony in blood and terror that only shows the 69 Eyes are back in blood and back for more...~ 4 stars Michelle Russo

Dommin: Dommin

 Posted by Michelle Russo   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Nov 03 2009
Artist: Dommin
Title: Dommin
Format: CD EP
Rated: *****
The band is called Dommin and they are on tour with The 69 Eyes. They are amazing live and have a plethora of roses and skills for their backdrops. This band hails form Los Angeles and really know how to goth and roll. The ep is cool as ever. The track that sitcks out the most is the first track off the ep called, " My Hearts, Your Hands where Dommin says in repetition, " How can I trust you?." This track calls to us and pulls on our heart strings and won't let go until it's heard loud and clear. This is sure to me a big club hit and was enjoyable live. The next trck is track two called, " Datk Holiday which has that Nightmare before X-mass meets The Misfits which really is super unique and going to be near and dear to your hearts. I really dug the rest of this ep and long to see this band again. Dommin have become up in my personal favourites and in such a short time1 ~ 4 stars Michelle Russo

Versailles: Broken Dolls

 Posted by Michelle Russo   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Nov 03 2009
Artist: Versailles
Title: Broken Dolls
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Rated: *****
This beautiful band is called Versailles. I saw them live in Chicago and they put on a great performance live and have some cute merchandise to boot. I highly recommend to catch them for a show since they are on tour now. The album is called Broken Dolls and it is an ethereal masterpiece that is fresh and innovative complete with rhymes, reasons and rational. One of the tracks that stuck out the most on this album is track two, " Wendy's Razorblades." which is a song about a girl with hidden razorblades and her obsessions. " Singer Dianna sings to us , " Wendy's got razorblades, in a small box with a little latch is her parade." Truly dark, whimiscal and chiling to the bone. Telling the tale of blood and darkness. Another track that called out to me was the last track called, " You're My Disater." which is a morbid tale of a person we all have ran into and experienced at some point in our life. Dianna sings, " " And I run faster through this disaster." Cryptic, demeted and alive and growing stronger and stronger pulling us closer to listen and feel . This is a song that is a crowd favourite and must be experienced live. This band puts their all into what they do and are just plain amazing.Not a song on this album doesn't disappoint. You might not be in Paris but you are as close as it gets. Truly a masterpiece! wrapped up in blue and white and striving to lend a fright and delight ~4 stars

The Becoming: The Becoming Volume 1

 Posted by Michelle Russo   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Nov 03 2009
Artist: The Becoming
Title: The Becoming Volume 1
Format: CD
Rated: *****
The band is called The Becoming that hails from Nashville, Tennesee. I just saw them live with the 69 Eyes and they rocked out and rolled out in Goth we trust. Truely amazing and energetic dark musicians that got the goth and roll down. We open with track 1, " Dressed in Black ", which is a dark energetic track that got me moving in my seat and groovin when I saw them live. Caleb sings, " Rows of bodies dressed in Black, the sound of death and colored glass." Classic death lyrics wrapped in charm and grace set out to free us from boredom. Heavy guitar and just plain energy is what makes up this band. The all put blood, sweat and tears into everything they do.Track 3, " Our First Sunrise." reminded me alot of HIM, which is my compliment to them. The track is flowing, harmonic and just memorable. Caleb sings, " We are so afraid we will become the thngs we hate." Clever and to the point and in your face. We move to track 4, " I cry." which I feel will be a big hit. " Caleb sings, " My desire is for light to overcome my hate." Beautfiully written and beautifully expressed to the audience that they love,. I truly can see why this band is on tour with the 69 Eyes, you see rarely do you have a band that compliments another, in this case they do. Uniqueness along with positive waves that light up their darkness when they hit the stage. They set it aglow and shine light into the darkness of this world and leave us with something to say. Track by track the element of surprise is there waiting for us to enlighten us and leave us spellbound, making death a little more beautiful step by step. Track 5 is called, " Silent as the Grave" which is a fun track that has awesome lyrics that draws you closer and leaves you with a warm feeling that makes you feel good inside. The Becoming is on tour now and put on one hell of a show you won't be disappointed. ~ 4 stars Michelle Russo

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