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GUDRUN GUT: I Put A Record On

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Feb 27 2007
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Title: I Put A Record On
Format: CD
Label: Monika Enterprise (@)
Distributor: Wide Records
Rated: *****

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Already active in the past with Malaria!, Matador, Einsturzende Neubauten as well as founder of two labels like Moabit Musik (where she reissues material by Malaria!, Matador, Miasma and other projects with a personal involvement) and Monika Enterprise, Gudrun Gut is a multifaceted personality of the German’s musical scene of the last decades. If Malaria! were a post punk artsy experimental band, her solo project is keeping the experimental approach to music by de-constructing and reassembling folk (like on the opening "Move me"), rock’n’roll tunes (on "Girlboogie 6"), i.d.m., ambient and electro pop with a personal touch. The result is a convincing sonic patchwork’ that sounds now detached and now passional (like on the beautiful "Rock bottom rise" where we can also find Uta Heller and Matt Elliot as guests) but always with a song structure that glues everything and that help creating curious but indeed interesting tracks. On the CD you can also find the video for "Celle". The video is an excerpt of the video installation by GutaRist, that sees Gudrun Gut collaborating with Pipilotti Rist. It has afirst shown at the ex Polish embassy in Berlin Unter den Linden, Sonambiente Festival the last year.