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Alipio C Neto/Thelmo Cristovam: Triatoma Infestans

 Posted by Vito Camarretta (@)   Experimental / Avantgarde / Weird & Wired / Glitch / Noise / Field Recording
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Mar 19 2011
Artist: Alipio C Neto/Thelmo Cristovam
Title: Triatoma Infestans
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
I know such a possibility is quite faint, but if you walked nearby emergency stairway of the psychiatric hospital Novaes Carvalho in Recife by fate on August 7th, 2007 (someone living in the northern emisphere and ignoring that seasons in the emispheres of Planet Earth are inverted so that expecting relax and sunbathing in that area of the world after transferring a lot of money in the bank account of some cheating travel agency could run the risk of suffering from some temporary mental illness!) and noticed some people on it, they were not maintenance men or security systems' inspector. The guys recording some sounds on such a bizarre location were the Brazilian free-jazz improv saxophonist and composer Alipio C Neto raping a soprano saxophone and the saxophonist and field recording's buff Thelmo Cristovam (playing a C Melody Saxophone). I ignore the reason why they chose such a place, but I can guess they were frightened by the possibility (not so faint) of nettling and therefore stimulating the aggressive activity of this nice blood-sucking bug (Triatoma Infestans aka vinchuca) mentioned and portrayed on the cover artwork, quite widespread in South America. Their 42-minutes lasting session, hieratically titled "Escape Apparatus" looks like a mantric carousel of breathing experiments (some of them reminded to me the salivary aspirator a dentist normally use in order to dry the fauces during an operation), vehement saxophone sketches reverberating on the metallic structure of emergency stairway, some nice instrument's resonances and bursting jazzy phrasing with any regard for melodical or rhythmical canons. You could hate or you could love it, but don't say it's not a musical celebration of total compositional freedom. Have a listen!
Mar 16 2011
Artist: Access To Arasaka
Title: Void [];
Format: CD
Label: Tympanik Audio (@)
Distributor: Ant-Zen
Rated: *****
Welcome in the world of bits and bites, or better said, the nearly unexplainable musically outer-space-dimension of Rochester-based Rob Lioy. A new full-length album after the previous released masterpiece 'The Lesser Oppidan' for all of you hungry IDM-genre fans, and Rob continues as expected his march to explore undiscovered spaces of Electronica/IDM music. There's a track list, yes, while the titles itself are seemingly generated by computerized codes happened by chance (examples? '', 'config.syn_seq''¦). Rob could also easily avoid it to invent such a complex sounding track-list, as this album doesn't offer a recognizable pause between his compositions, as this is seemingly indented too. 'Void []; to me offers the best moments, when Rob decides not completely to trust into his terrific abilities to program tricky Glitch/IDM-like rhythm patterns ' the more atmospheric side of his work filled with precise reverberating fx and multiple synth-layers, like with euphoria listened in 'term/echo' for instance, is to me the better one ' although especially this kind always evokes those tireless comparisons to GRIDLOCK. Rob may can find some comparable elements in the works of the too early gone IDM-heroes Cadoo/Wells, but to me 'Void[];' is a step further to depart from this. 'The Lesser Oppidan' may has been a bit easier to consume, especially if the listener is relative ingenuous and unfamiliar with Rob's recordings, while with this new one he definitely grows artistically. You'll get another fine worked-out masterpiece full of abstract IDM/Electronica music worth to sink in and to be checked out under a good pair of headphones. Get it!

David E. Williams Ensemble Experience Project: s/t

 Posted by Andrea Piran (@)   Experimental / Avantgarde / Weird & Wired / Glitch / Noise / Field Recording
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Mar 14 2011
Artist: David E. Williams Ensemble Experience Project (@)
Title: s/t
Format: 7"
Label: ur muzik (@)
Rated: *****
According to the press sheet David Williams, after a solo career, has decided to join a band that bears his name and the initial result of this decision is this strange 7" that try to reach a precarious equilibrium between traditional songwriting, curious experiments and eccentricity.
"Gert Flirts with Dirt Shirt Bert" is an experimental punk rock track that is a bizarre meltdown between Residents and Damned. "A Million Margarets" try to confuse the listener changing drastically the rhythm with slow saxophone lines and a quiet organ. "Soul Out of Shell" opens the b-side of this album with an almost country folk track, nothing really new but well written because it feature a remarkable acceleration that introduce the listener to "Scratch Put Now" a funny track that close this work with the folk flavour of the violin.
This album is really short, a little more than ten minutes, but reveals more ideas than longer and more pretentious work. Funny :)

Yoni Silver: Peep Holes

 Posted by Vito Camarretta (@)   Experimental / Avantgarde / Weird & Wired / Glitch / Noise / Field Recording
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Mar 10 2011
Artist: Yoni Silver
Title: Peep Holes
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
In this overview of the most recent issues from the Portuguese label Creative Sources, I recently spoke about the clarinet player Markus Eichenberger and its totally personal approach to this instrument resulting into a sort of dadaist set of sketches. The one by the Israelian multi-instrumentalist and bass clarinet player Yoni Silver is remarkably different and definitively more visceral and cerebral as well as so surrealistic that it could be perfect for an imaginary remake of the soundtrack for visionary movies such as The Holy Mountain by Jodorowski or even Simon of The Desert by Bunuel, a sort of monody whereas the recording technique seems to be intended to highlight the most experimental possible expressions which clarinet could offer. The frenzy tapping on holes, the circular breathing and the weirdy insufflation sound are just parts of rhythmical and tone-colour research more than of a melodic one. Breath, air, saliva and skin sound like having become essential elements of the instrument, materializing almost an interpenetration with any part of it. The fact each title of this recording (Peep Holes, Please Hold, Peat Hog) is made up of two words starting with P and H and so reminding the phoneme "ph", close to the sound you make when blowing, could be a sort of hint the musician want to drop to the listener of such a symbiotical process.

Nils Ostendorf, Philip Zoubek, Philippe Lauzier : subsurface

 Posted by John Gore   Experimental / Avantgarde / Weird & Wired / Glitch / Noise / Field Recording
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Mar 08 2011
Artist: Nils Ostendorf, Philip Zoubek, Philippe Lauzier
Title: subsurface
Format: CD
Label: Schraum (@)
Rated: *****
An excellent release of free improvisation by these three musicians: Nils Ostendorf, trumpet; Philip Zoubek, prepared piano; Philippe Lauzier, bass clarinet & saxophones. The first two tracks are quite good and if I hadn't known it beforehand I would have said they were actually electronic pieces. The prepared piano work gives us a wonderfully dense cloud of overtones that sounds quite cinematic at times. The other pieces are more obviously coming from acoustic instruments, but with a richer expression of sound, as the musicians use various techniques to pull quite surprising sounds out of their instruments. The results can be quite delicate and gentle at times and then quite abrasive and aggressive. I liked this very much.

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