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Chico Mello/Nicholas Bussmann: Telebossa

 Posted by Vito Camarretta (@)   Ambient / Electronica / Ethereal / Dub / Soundscapes / Abstract
Experimental / Avantgarde / Weird & Wired / Glitch / Noise / Field Recording
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Apr 18 2011
Artist: Chico Mello/Nicholas Bussmann
Title: Telebossa
Format: CD
Label: Staubgold (@)
Distributor: Finetunes
Rated: *****
It's true there were many intersections between Brazilian music and "western" contemporary music - some of them having winked at advertising language (think about the tons of plastic chill-out compilations), some of them having produced more interesting results (I could mention Pizzicato Five, Lisa Carbon, Senor Coconut, Dj Marky & XRS, Suv, Patife...and many others who dazzled many legendary djs and selectors in Europe including Gilles Peterson....) -, but there are some nice antecedent facts about this musical collaboration bridging between the Kotti and the Copacabana. Chico Mello and Antonio Carlos Jobim (the maestro of Brazilian music who had a remarkable story of collaborations with German arranger and music teachers, particularly the one with Claus Ogerman for some releases on Verve) have one important moment in common in their musical: both of them have been pupils of Hans-Joachim Koellreutter, one of the most influential teacher and musicologist, who arrived in Brasil to escape from nazist regime. After receiving his lessons in Sao Paolo, Chico moved to Berlin whereas he devoted himself to experimental and improvisational music and met the Berlin cellist and producer Nicholas Bussmann, co-signer of Telebossa. That's why you're going to be surprised by their bizarre crossbreed between Brazilian bossa and European chamber music. Some tracks are reinterpretations filtered by this dual stylistic diaphragm such as the moving cover song of Noel Rosa's "Seculo do Progresso", the melancholic love song Joao Gilberto's Amoroso, but both Chico and Nicholas integrates minimal music and improv elements as well as bizarre vocal modulations highlighting some emotional moments of the lyrics, but there're many memorable moments all over the album such as a sort of melodic mention of the notorious Puccini's Turandot aria Nessun Dorma (None Shall Sleep) in the secondd part of Ingenuo or the delicate cameo of Der Falsche Raum. Intensively performed Berlin kissed Brazialian cheeks you'll easily appreciate.

Antonio Trinchera: Voce Falena

 Posted by Marc Urselli   Ambient / Electronica / Ethereal / Dub / Soundscapes / Abstract
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Apr 17 2011
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Artist: Antonio Trinchera (@)
Title: Voce Falena
Format: CD
Label: Psychonavigation Records (@)
Distributor: Darla (USA), Arabesque (UK), AME (Ire)
Rated: *****
I met Antonio Trinchera many many moons ago, in Southern Italy in the mid '90es, and I never forgot his name because he was one of the more interesting artists in his area, one of those cats who push the boundaries and move beyond what everyone else is doing. As with a lot of people from that time and those places, I've completely lost track of him and his musical endeavors until recently I randomly came across his music on the web and got back in touch with him again. Unsurprisingly (or not) he has continued to make music and just released this new record on Irish label Psychonavigation records.
"Voce Falena" is eleven tracks of blissful and ethereal ambient music with plenty of diluted and floaty soundscapes, some chill downtempo beats and even occasional bursts of new jazz/fusion (his background shows) and some intimate piano moments. These beautiful atmospheres are occasionally enriched by lively beats and more soloistic guitar playing.
At first it all comes off as enchanting and worry-free and maybe at best unintentionally vaguely troubled... It just so happens that Trinchera's approach is much more disenchanted and draws inspiration from the slow and steady loss of rights and freedoms across nations. Inspired by a trip to Egypt before Egypt was in the turmoil it is now, he observed the absence of certain freedoms that most of us grew up taking for granted and reflected on what might happen to the rest of us if we allowed those freedoms to continuously be tested, weakened and thinned out by those who are in power.
Unfortunately Trinchera missed the chance of explaining his thought process to everyone else and so, sadly, those who listen to this CD and don't know him or haven't read this review will see songs titled "Egypt", "Sevilla", "Cantus Paris" and might think that it's some kind of new age travel CD. Obviously there is a lot more to this than meets the eye, so go ahead and explore for yourself. It is worth your time!

ROBERT VINCS: pneumatikos

 Posted by Andrea Ferraris (@)   Ambient / Electronica / Ethereal / Dub / Soundscapes / Abstract
Experimental / Avantgarde / Weird & Wired / Glitch / Noise / Field Recording
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Apr 15 2011
Artist: ROBERT VINCS (@)
Title: pneumatikos
Format: CD
Label: Extreme (@)
Rated: *****
The debut release of this australian musician has been one of my favorite listenings coming from the land of kangaroos of the last years, every once in a while I play it and I still find it full so intense. Robert Vincs is back and the intensity is still the same, be it my personal impression or not, I think there's some sort of "mysterious feeling" creeping underneath the tracks of this new work. Even if the style of mr Vincs is still easily distinguishable, there're some considerable differences from the previous cd, I've had the impression the most of the songs have a more easy edge and I'm sure it came out naturally, it hasn't been some market strategy (hey, we're still talking about "borderline-jazz-music" what kind of market strategy can you plan!?). Eugene Unghetti and Scott Dunbabin have a big impact on the sound of this work since their role is far from that of simple pawns, they do mostly light but firm interventions and interact harmoniously with the sax of Robert Vincs. Differently from the past I don't hear that many "aboriginal music" influences, while the ambient-jazz and soundtrack elements are stronger than ever, I'm also tented to say sometimes "Pneumatikos" gives the impression it could result a more inspired and more experimental answer to Jan Garbarek or to some other ECM artists, I'm sure many will take it as bad thing but they're wrong. A more rarefied and experimental answer to some soundtracks of David Torn?...I'd say a lot more than that, just give a listen to "I hear voices". A friend of mine uses to say of all Anglo-Saxon descendants, Australians are the most freaky, this guy always says that with a lot of respect for these Oceanians and in someway I think he's not wrong at all and if you listen to this cd you'll know what he mean, above all when you find freaky elements and jazz influences well mixed track after track. I think this cd could be accessible for many kind of listeners, at the same time It betrays an incredible personality and a particular compositional skill that brings it far from predictability. When you think jazz or music with a jazzy edge has nothing more to say, releases like these show you you've been too quick to judge.

Yney: Micro Macro

 Posted by Barton Graham   Ambient / Electronica / Ethereal / Dub / Soundscapes / Abstract
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Apr 13 2011
Artist: Yney
Title: Micro Macro
Format: CD
Label: Electroshock Records (@)
Rated: *****
'Micro Macro' opens up nicely with manipulated dialogue samples and processed synths, that somehow manage to sneak in a few choice chord progressions. The instrumentation is very sparse on Yney's Sophomore release, with jazzy six string basslines incorporated throughout, though in the second half of the disc they become more abstract and/or distorted. Those bass riffs add a certain something to the experience, even if at times they seem to work against the surrounding instrumentation. There were certain parts which were a bit 'Casio' for my liking, being of a noticeably lower quality than others whose instrumentation were much more appealing and professional sounding. I completely understand the concept of 'minimal' and am a big fan when it's executed well and properly thought out, I'm just not positive that this release was entirely effective in those two areas. By the final track, the listener is presented with what could potentially have proven to be the beginnings of a great piece, until it is abruptly cut short at just a minute twenty. The record was overall a little sleepy, which worked in some parts but not quite in others. It also has a very unique 'ethereal jazz fusion' quality to certain pieces that despite being a bit partitioned, were undeniably interesting.
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Surge & Subside
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Aphotic Audio (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
How pervert is this? Millions of Germans have been sitting in January evening by evening decadently in front of their TV sets to watch the 'drama' of a group of wannabe-prominent people 'trapped' in an Australian jungle camp.
The real drama though has happened to the same time only a few miles away in the Australian state of Queensland, which has been punished with a millennium-tide. It has been a historical high tide, which Australia hasn't seldom seen before. Uncountable people lost all of their estates, several had to fight for nothing more than their naked survival.
I'm ashamed by our TV-watching (de-)generation, which is seemingly impressed by the childish behavior of these half-prominent jackasses, which have played their role well in a faked show. Simply to say 'sorry' for this unbelievable and disrespectful kind against those Australian people fighting for their existence sounds like utter mockery. However, there are people over there in Australia making the right decision about charity. Help in any form is required and any idea, which promises only a small doze of relief, is an action to follow and support.
The same thoughts have had the people of the label Aphotic Audio (EMPTY), even more regarding the fact, that with Ken Evans of the Synthpop-project TYCHO BRAHE, one of their friends is directly affected. So with the support of the Australian Crash Frequency community, they've sent out their call for help and support to international-based artists, friends and band-projects, to provide tracks for this charity DCD compilation set, which can be purchased directly via the Aphotic Audio website.
All proceeds extracted out of the sales of this DCD compilation will be forwarded to the flood victims in Queensland. The response has been amazing: You'll get global scene-players like PSYCHE, ANGELSPIT, DISMANTLED, ASSEMBLAGE 23, SKREW, or COLLIDE asides hard-working independent contributors like DIVERJE, LUCIDSTATIC, I, PARASITE, ANDROID LUST, AUTOCLAV 1.1, ANGEL THEORY, and of course the complete roster of the Aphotic label (among others EMPTY, M(I)LKRUN, IAMMYNEWT...). By checking the mouthwatering track listings stated below, it's nearly forbidden to rate any of these fine contributors for their good intention, as they all offer the best they can - what counts is the will to help and to support the victims of this tragic flood.
All purchasers of this DCD set via the Aphotic Audio website will be specially rewarded with an additional Download-pack consisting out of 9 additional tracks (see below...). More than ever before are you, dear listener of Electro-/Industrial-/Alternative-music, asked for to purchase this compilation set. As the current dramatic happenings in Japan and Libya additionally prove, there can't be enough action available to relief suffering. So now it is on you to show your support ' illegal downloading of this DCD set is strictly forbidden and similar pervert, than the behavior of all participants of the TV 'drama' mentioned above! Go ahead and buy this one!

1-1 Sensory Gate - Ianus 2:46
1-2 Angelspit - Cold Hard Cash 4:05
1-3 Empty - Drift (Ginger Snap5 Remix) 5:25
1-4 Bound In Oblivion - Pain & Suffering 6:32
1-5 Psyche (2) - The Beyond - Live (Flood Relieft Edition) 5:32
1-6 Streak (3) - Groovey Booty 6:06
1-7 Diverje - Suffer ( V2 Remix) 4:08
1-8 Dismantled - Dead On Impact 4:23
1-9 Lucidstatic - Operating Directive 7:18
1-10 Mangadrive - 67 Gemini Starglider 5:49
1-11 NVEiN - All So Wired 5:02
1-12 Skrew - Universal Immolation 5:38
1-13 Tempest & The Diaspora - IO 3:42
1-14 Viral Millennium - Vomitosis 3:47
1-15 In-Fused - Misplaced (Iammynewt E-rage Mix) 5:26
1-16 Maximum Sexy Pigeon - Tunguska! (Water Retentive Mix) 3:29

2-1 P45K - Adrift 3:15
2-2 Assemblage 23 - Raw 6:47
2-3 I, Parasite - A Violence At Rest 7:43
2-4 Android Lust - God In The Hole 3:49
2-5 Soulchasm - My Facade (Empty Remix) 4:35
2-6 Autoclav1.1 - Waxing 4:45
2-7 Anhedonia - Rain 5:23
2-8 Motion Fused - Reflection Of Madness (Extended) 4:37
2-9 Angeltheory - The Wind 4:12
2-10 Headdreamer - Colder 5:22
2-11 Collide - Ocean 5:26
2-12 M(i)lkrun - Lard Ram 3:48
2-13 Dark Territory - Trista Me (Angeltheory Mantra Mix) 4:34
2-14 Iammynewt - itHURTS 3:55
2-15 Flood Of Rain - Grey Sky 5:34
2-16 Blast Radius - To Find Them Frozen 5:07

MP3-1 Sensory Gate - Purgatory (Marco Zanza Devoted Mix) 5:17
MP3-2 Empty (3) - This Regret Redux 5:29
MP3-3 P45K - Before Dawn 5:55
MP3-4 Blast Radius - Sight Unseen 4:53
MP3-5 P45K - What Have I Done 6:06
MP3-6 Tempest & The Diaspora - Jasmine 4:34
MP3-7 Iammynewt - Egor (Version 2.0) (Skullduggery Remix) 3:56
MP3-8 Disharmony - Evolution 8:12
MP3-9 Betty X - Shoot'em Up (Fury Road Mix) 3:04

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