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Patenbrigade: Wolff: Baustoff (Popmusik für Rohrleger)

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Mar 21 2010
Artist: Patenbrigade: Wolff (@)
Title: Baustoff (Popmusik für Rohrleger)
Format: CD
Label: Zweieck Recordings (@)
Distributor: Poponaut
Rated: *****
The fine times of "Electro for Turmdrehkranführer" seem to be over, as the status of their famousness grows and grows. German duo PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF offers a new full-length album with a slightly smoother sound outfit than ever discovered before. Lance Murdock and his partner Sven Wolff have reduced their EBM ingredients to integrate a rather more Futurepop-related sound design – although their kind to produce tasty arrangements remains to be the same. "Baustoff" should be able to appeal all of their old fans, they surely will receive several more supporters with this new outfit, which comes out thick and well-thought produced. To reach a higher status of recognition it helps, that they also hired several guest vocalists like Stefan Leukert, Andy Pitzinger (PAINBASTARD) Julia Beyer (CHANDEEN), Antje Schultz (IN STRICT CONFIDENCE), Antje Dieckmann, or André Hartung (SERO.OVERDOSE). Also continuing you’ll get their accident reports happened at the job, as usual placed in short interrupting tracks. This time they could hire the renowned German observer and criminal-biologist Dr. Mark Benecke. To point out the best tunes, I nevertheless prefer the "real" compositions, "Fehler 404" featuring S. Leukert, or the catchy "My Mountains" providing Nadine Stelzer for the lead vocals are worth to mention. Their previously released teaser "Voyage" featuring Antje Dieckmann got also included.
PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF satisfy once again their old fans as well as new and curious listeners with their high-skilled and in-depth produced Synth-Electronica music. If there’s really a tiny flaw worth to pick out, it may could be advantageous, to produce more own tracks featuring own vocals. "Baustoff" offers besides an intro and outro tune only one track "Popmusik für Rohrleger", featuring complete own and original PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF efforts. What happens, if their guest vocalists won’t find the time to perform with them during live gigs? Do they have to perform without their hits, like the ones mentioned above? But thanks to additional live performances providing their own identity and with the help of their guests, they should easily climbing up several more stages to reach famousness. A quite entertaining album and worth to check it out!