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Deine Lakaien: White Lies

 Posted by KlingKlangBedlam   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Sep 19 2002
Artist: Deine Lakaien
Title: White Lies
Format: CD
Label: Chrom Records (@)
Distributor: Public Propaganda
It's way too rare to hear a good experimental electronic/classical crossover, and I wish there were more of them out there. Alongside Das Ich, this is the fianl word that the two can perfectly mix together, and you can tell just by listening to anything of Deine Lakaien or Helium Vola (or in fact any of their projects) that the classicly trained Ernst Horn puts a lot of time and restraint into each of the songs, playing it note by note rather than just looping. And Alexander's vocals are tenor yet smooth,not becoming a cariacature like Pavoroti, and it's kinda sensual in a Barry White kinda way. You can tell he's also been put hard through the opera boot camp as well and it paid off well, not to mention almost 20 years in the business, and the poofiest and coolest hair in the business. I want hair like that for Christmas! "Wunderbar" is a nice slow number, laced with piano and Alexander's vocals smoothing them out even more. The weird twangs and organic drumming give the single "Generators" a weird dance vibe in a slow, warping way,showing they can definitely dance music with organization rather than 'boom chukka boom kick' like most do. "Kiss" is another great dance single choice, a little more upbeat this time around, and laced with a nice thick bass beat and classical piano and organ lines courtesy of Ernst Horn the mighty. "Lost" is nice and slow yet again, until the minimal,restrained chorus line bounces and pops about,flowing yet catching you by surprise nonetheless. And my favorite,and especially made for suckers of classical like me, "Fleeting", with it's gentle bass beats and violin solos,as teh title says,fleeting. Kind of reminds me of the last song on the movie "Iris" except with tenor vocals. The violin solo in the middle is worth the price of the CD alone,import or no, and should have been the single rather than "Generators". But the latter has more of a club feel, so I think that appropriates the choice. And for you into old school electro ala Chris and Cosey and Anything Box, we have "Hands White" and "Stupid". Whatever language that is on "Hands White" is I don't know.In short,if it weren't for the import prices, I would have damn well owned every Deine Lakaien under the sun. If you love classical,electro-pop,or tenor vocals (not to mention the poofy hair!), and have a few extra dollars for the import prices,then definitely put this on your list. Helium Vola is another great reccomendation as well, as well as Ernst Horn's solo projects. Hell any of their projects,actually. Rating: 10 :) Classical,baby! ooooohhhh yeah dig it!

NoComment: Best Of 1992-2204

 Posted by KlingKlangBedlam   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Sep 10 2002
Artist: NoComment
Title: Best Of 1992-2204
Format: CD
Label: Nanopop
Distributor: nova
Seeing they toured with Apop recently made me a bit worried considering my blood hatred of the new Apop stuff. But I'll give them this : they do the whole techno pop thing alot better than Apooptygma ever could! The lead singer is quite adept, and kinda reminds me of Rhea of La Floa Maldita with more of a swagger. To mention anyone in the same breath as La Floa Maldita is no light praise at all! The rest is just good simple pop pleasure, pure and simplely joyful. I wonder though when looking at the cover "Is that Jimmy Kimbell from the Man Show?" on the left,haha.The first single "It's Not Too Late" is probably a hit over in Germany since they actually go for good pop like this, and it's made for Euro radio,pure and simple. Painkiller also caught my attention as well as Obsession. Every track on here seems pretty solid and catchy except for Megaphone, which tends to mire a bit. I'd love to interview this group but someone already beat me to it! In short,nice and simple techno pop oldfashioned and simple,kinda like Beborn Beton or Anything Box but a bit with more techno feel, and a incredibly cute lead singer with alot more swagger than idiots like Apoop can ever think of touching! Rating:9. And also it comes with some goodies like a password for 10 free song downloads and 30 songs plus those. :) I say go for it!

Chandeen: Bikes And Pyramids

 Posted by KlingKlangBedlam   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Sep 07 2002
Artist: Chandeen
Title: Bikes And Pyramids
Format: CD
Label: Kalinkaland Records
Distributor: Projekt Records
Another great little group brought to my attention by Sam Rosenthal of Projekt......... To me, ethereal and pop are strange bedfellows,given ethereal's moodiness and pop's liveliness. La Floa Maldita hit it with a rare perfection,and Rhea's French-tinged vocals are still a standard in all of ethereal (the language of love never sounded as good as when it came from her). This is a little different but just as good of a benchmark. Armed back to back with two amazing vocalists,Antje Schulz and Stephanie Harich, this CD is a tour de force of ethereal pop pure,simple,and elegant all at once. The first song and single "My World Depends On You" is perfect soundtrack material to some Euro romance film set in the summertime. Slow and driving,and doubled up with two vocal layers on the chorus, it is something to behold, even for staunch pop-doubters like me. "Pink" opens up with a kind of western guitar roll, of course played very slow before giving way to the atmosphere laying underneath and letting the German vocals roll out. And if you have a friend that says "Oh German isn't sexy at all" point them to Chandeen. This is the sexiest I have EVER heard it,and backs up my point that it is a gorgeous language to know (hehe alles wir weisse das)! "Days In Time" is another atmospheric guitar track, and the vocal work of Stephanie will melt your heart in her soft vocal trance. The breathy style of ethereal vocals never sounded better except for "Heute Nacht". "Walking" has a poppy,Portishead type rhythm drum line on top of pop-laden vocals and bounce. The contrast of the poppy Trip-hop drum line and the pop vocals play quite nicely, making it the highlight behind "Heute Nacht". "Heute Nacht", meaning Tonight for all the nonGerman speakers out there, is the highlight of the CD. Sensual as hell, German has never oozed such sexiness before (well,except for Franka Potente! But we're talking musically!) and this is the ultimate proof it can give even French a run for it's money! Just pop on this track and get ready to make some babies,garaunteed! Even if you don't understand what they are saying,the vocals and words are so sensual it won't even matter. It's the song R&B wish it could make. And if you do understand the German, you'll understand the mood of pure sensuality,just let it flow over you. "Apples and Oranges" is the pop hit that US radio would be too idiotic and cooperate to appreciate or allow to be a hit. It's a cover of an old Pink Floyd gem from the Syd Barrett era,given a whole new twist. I could bounce and skip along in the park on a sunny day to this little ditty. It's such a guilty pleasure!Overall, no filler in this whole CD at all. Each track compliments one another,and the vocals are simply some of the best in the business. This band is only rivaled by Machine In The Garden and La Floa Maldita (whatever happened to them?!?) in my mind. And plus some goodie bonus material I will let you see for yourself! Definitely give this band a try,and I garauntee you won't regret it. Even my Britpop-loving best friend was aching to get her hands on this CD. So pop it on and get ready to make some babies,as she says! Rating: Why even bother? Some things speak for themselves, so I'll let it talk for itself ;).PS: The two singers are also some of the best lookers in the business. Bist wir so schon damme!

GOLDPEOPLE: Music Don't Stop

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Sep 05 2002
Title: Music Don't Stop
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Jive Records
A perfect single composed by one electropop genius which in the past was into basilar bands such as Human League and Heaven 17. We're talking about Mr. Glenn Gregory which with Goldpeople composed this awesome hit! I've got no idea who the other members are or what they're going to do but the single contains seven versions of the track and everyone is awesome. This song had put a spell on me, I can't stop singing along with it! If you want to pass some quality time with your friends here are the lyrics. They should be right but I transcribed it while I was listening to it and I apologize if I did some mistakes, you know, I'm always a foreign... "Sometimes in my mind good times feel so far away but the sunrise in your eyes helps me make it through the day. Just when I think that I had enough love it comes taking me even higher. That's when I say I don't wanna stop. Let the music play this higher. Music don't stop". :)

COLONY 5: Lifeline

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Sep 02 2002
Artist: COLONY 5 (@)
Title: Lifeline
Format: CD
Label: Memento Materia (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Founded in 1999 by P-O Svensson and Magnus Löfdahlafter, Colony 5 release their debut album LIFELINE after their self-titled EP and a few line-up changes. Moving between synthpop and rhythmic/melodic based electronic music (touching sometimes the e.b.m. fields) P-O Svensson and Johan Nilsson bring us twelve tracks which move between upbeat songs ("Colony 5", "Liquid Love" or "Friends") to ballads ("The Bottle") passing through mid tempos ("Freedom" and "Heal Me"). To be honest I liked the sounds and most of the songs but some melodies to me sounded a little naive. Nothing that important and maybe I could sound paranoid but it's a characteristic of German synthpop and I've got to cope with that... Anyway my favourites are: "Colony 5", "Liquid Love", "Be My Slave" and "Crackhead". Soon the band will release a new E.P. titled "Follow your heart" and this summer they welcomed a new band member: Mgnus Kalnins.

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