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 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Jun 04 2003
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Artist: ALPHAVILLE (@)
Title: Crazyshow
Format: CD
Label: Moonbase (@)
Since early eighties Alphaville are one of the most known and appreciated synthpop German bands but during the years Marian Gold and friends enhanced their music with new ideas and sounds. They haven't been particularly productive over all these years if you think that they produced only six studio albums in nineteen years. Fortunately for their fans in 1999 they released an eight CD box (titled "Dreamscapes") containing unreleased tracks, unreleased versions and a live CD. With this CRAZY SHOW the band wanted to do something in that vein (in fact it is also known as DREAMSCAPES 09, 10,11 and 12) bringing to the fans a four cd box set which has been released in a special format. It contains a full color booklet, super rare, previously unreleased alphaville audio stuff and all the websongs which were presented between 2000 and 2001 for the very first time at the Alphaville website. The four CDs are titled THE TERRIBLE TRUTH ABOUT PARADISE, LAST SUMMER ON EARTH, STRANGER THAN DREAMS and WEBSITESTORY and contain forty eight songs which show the multifaceted soul of the band bringing us acoustic ballads (like "State Of Dreams" or "Still Falls The Rain"), catchy synthpop tunes (like "Hurricane" or "Shadow She Said"), introspective and almost ambient/experimental moments (like on "Crazyshow", produced with Klaus Schulze and "On The Beach") and also a couple of covers (Roxy Music's "Do The Strand" and George Harrison's "Something"). The album is limited to 2500 copies and is available only through the band website and through

DAYS OF FATE: Home Made Cake Of The Day

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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May 27 2003
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Artist: DAYS OF FATE (@)
Title: Home Made Cake Of The Day
Format: CD
Label: EFA

After some years since their debut album "Gates" (it has been released ufficially in 1996 and reprinted and world wide available since 1998) the Days Of Fate are coming back with an even more convincing album titled HOME MADE CAKE OF THE DAY. The new eleven tracks (plus the hidden one) show a band that is aware of his potential and knows how to use it. In fact tracks like "Nervous Times" (released the last years also as a single), the following "Open Sky" and generally each one have got something attractive that is able to catch immediately the attention of a occasional listener. Vocals and arrangements are the highlights of these tracks and for sure each of you will notice a melody or a tune that are able to please you. The album contains potential synth pop dance hits but it's restrictive to file it under a specific genre as good songs are simply good songs. The freshness and the melody of HOME MADE CAKE OF THE DAY for sure will astonish you and even if you aren't synthpop lovers you'll love Days Of Fate tunes and maybe you'll turn off that crap that radio stations force you to listen! Do yourself a favour and check this out, you won't be disappointed. P.s. If you have got the money to get only one CD this month and you are thinking about getting the new T.O.Y. album, check this one before and maybe you'll revise your shop list... You can wait one more month to get your copy of "White Lights".

Melotron: KlangKombinat (Best Of)

 Posted by KlingKlangBedlam   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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May 25 2003
Artist: Melotron
Title: KlangKombinat (Best Of)
Format: CD
Label: Plattenkombinat
Distributor: Plattenkombinat
I received this CD directly from the band (thanks guys!) right before their dynamic show in Chicago. Seeing this band live was something else... ... . A singer that is one part Morrisey and one part Dave Gahan all run through a distinctly German blend, with energy galore and enough electro-synth bounce to liven even the most hardened pop hater. And this CD reflects that same kind of energy, which seems to burst out the seams and into the senses with it’s driving power and energy. It is all in German, but even if you don’t understand your "Danke" from your "Deine" it will still make all that much sense to you. With classics for the seasoned Melotron lover like "Gibt Mir Alles" (Give Me Everything), "Kindertraum" (A Child’s Dream") and the highlight of the CD, "Wohin" (Where), it is one for both synthpop lovers and the hardened Melotron fan. Even a little something for the synthpop haters out there as well, perhaps. If I had to compare the sound to anyone for the sake of giving one an additional idea of what they sound like, I’d have to say a little bit of And One, SPOCK (on the less synthy side), and Depeche Mode for the 21st century. The Depeche influence is there, but far from the millions of clones running about out there, nor is it following on Wolfsheim’s impossible to copy sound. A definitive treat for all! Rating: 10...................And hey it's domestic now, so like me, you have no excuses this time around!

Provision: Evaporate

 Posted by Donovan Tate (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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May 10 2003
Artist: Provision (@)
Title: Evaporate
Format: CD
Label: Self Release (@)
Distributor: MP3
Provision consists of four machines programmers; Matt Coker-vox, synths, lyrics; Leslie Hyman-Lead synths, programming, lyrics; and the husband and wife, Breye Kyzer-percussion, programming, lead vox, lyrics; Katie Kyzer-synths, vox, lyrics. One of the most innovative electronic acts in America, who has performed as an opening act for Red Flag ( who mastered the band's debut release), Anything Box, Imperative Reaction, and Cut.Rate.Box. Their first release 'Evaporate' shows alot of intense vocals, intricate analog programming and expressive percussion. Lyrics so passionate and so emotional which talks about love, lust, trust, lies, betrayal, deception and society. Every track will make you dance without skipping a beat. You'll enjoy tracks "In Love", "This Moment", "Lies", "Memories", "My Only Question", "Devotion" and the self-titled "Evaporate". This Houston, Texas electro act reminds me of 80's electronic pioneer Information Society, but the band have their own unique full-filling sound while other electronic bands are copying from others. "Evaporate" is filled with energetic dance floor pounding beats going at the rate from 116-135 bpm (beat per minute). Provision provides a brilliant 100% pure synth-pop dance album that features 12 tracks so captivating with an futuristic edge.

I SATELLITE: Auto:matic

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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May 06 2003
Title: Auto:matic
Format: CD
Label: Omeganaut
I Satellite is a project headed by Rod Macquarrie. Unfortunately I've got no addictional informations about the guy and his website is still waiting for the final touch so it can't be helpful either. Anyway, from what I can hear his heros are people like Gary Numan (good his "I Want you" that makes me remember good tunes like "Music For Chameleons") and various classical influences such as Kraftwerk (see for example the instrumental "Retropolis") or sometimes echoes of Howard Jones along all the good 80's electro wave that made my day in those years. His sound is based on analog gear (the various Jupiter and Juno series along with Oberheim synthesizers and Roland old drum machines plus tons of other stuff) with the classical square wave sounds with those cool sweep fading sounds. As general atmosphere AUTO:MATIC sounds like a record produced at the end of the 70's and maybe if better produced the CD would sound a little more powerful but songs like "Automat", "Where In The World", "Out Of Space" and the already mentioned "I Want You" are good in any case without caring about sound production or else. Listening to this album you'll get that sense of dreamy science fiction mixed with pop that made you love the same heroes that Rod loves, so if it isn't clear enough, this is worth a check. Got it? ;-)

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