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 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Apr 18 2005
Title: Panamena
Format: CD EP
Label: Sonic 360
Rated: *****
Never thought that it was a pity that Cure didn't record other songs like "Let's go to bed" or that New Order didn't record other songs in the like of "Blue monday". Well, this isn't the exact case but into the four GladKazuka's songs you can find all these atmospheres and more. Hailing from Colombia the solo project is part of the download only label, Sonic 360. The four tracks that will be available to download from Napster and Itunes starting from the 25th of April will convince you that this project is innovative even if its roots are deeply grounded in the '80s. "Panamena" has got a driving bass line which sound just like New Order (you know that flangered sound, don't you?) mixed into a bleeping and popping melodic tune that it's capable to catch immediately your attention. This song could work so well on the radio... The second one "Solo me gusta contigo" seems a joke with that treated vocals. It seems a dance tune sung by a cute mouse and it's fun. "Take me" sound like a dance tune coming from the '70s/'80s period but with a launge arrangement. The fourth tune "Doblan" mix '90s ambient dance experimentalism with '80s sounds. This E.P. has been a surprise for me and I assure you that it is really cool and it makes you wonder for more!


 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Apr 18 2005
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Title: Redeemer
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
A couple of months ago I reviewed the debut single of Janosch Moldau and I knew he was about to release his first album. Now the time has come and REDEEMER is on my CD player. First of all I wasn't aware that I was about to review an album focused on spirituality (and mostly on Christianity I think). About this it's a pity that Janosch didn't include the lyrics, which seem to be important as much as music. Anyway, musically the album present twelve songs of polished digital melancholic synthpop which are linked by the album theme. I liked the single "On my own" and "We are laughing" (the ninth song of the lot) is a real good one with good atmosphere and a melody that is really moving your feelings. The only thing that at a first listen could invalidate the value of Janosch's music is the choice of presenting all calm songs with a similar structure. This isn't a negative sentence because I think about REDEEMER as a sort of concept album, but it's difficult for an occasional listener to tune in immediately. I'll try to undestand Janosch's intentions in a future interview. Stay tuned... Meanwhile on Finetunes you can find his releases on sale.

thinkstandard: let me go. i let you go. and this facade ends quietly here tonight.

 Posted by Matt Evanosky   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Apr 01 2005
Artist: thinkstandard
Title: let me go. i let you go. and this facade ends quietly here tonight.
Format: CD
Label: skean dhu (@)
Rated: *****
Thinkstandard come right out the box with an awesome new release on Skean Dhu recordings, chock full of ambient goodness, topped of with a healthy dollop of homebrewed processed guitaronica. This record comes with differing styles of attack, it lulls you to near-sleep with gentle softness, but just as quickly barrages you with white noise skree. Sampled voices and processed vocals add to the sonic soup being served up by one , Steve Molter, and his toybox of instruments. Favorite tracks for me, had to be amy’ and the sun only comes out when it wants to’ , both tracks are long by short attention span standards, clocking in at over 10 minutes each, but I did not lose interest in either one. This album is most certainly a must for a long roadtrip, with plenty of space for the music to stretch out. A new release is due later this year, according to the website ( to be released by Skean Dhu in the fall 2005.
Artist: LETHARGY (@)
Title: In-Macula Remixes
Format: CD EP
Label: Black Flames Records/e-noxe (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
We have here a long awaited follow-up CDEP of LETHARGY’s impressive debut "In-Macula", out somewhere at the fall of 2003. But to tell you the truth, and maybe you have heard or read about it in online forums: this EP will maybe never officially released because the band and their label Black Flames ended up all co-operations in some bad terms. The whole situation seems very unclear and difficult for outsiders, so I advise you to make your contact to the band, the management Hellcity or the German distributor E-Noxe who could help here. To the music: LETHARGY do present us here a long 10 track EP which features several remix works by more (both Alfa Matrix recording acts IMPLANT and NEIKKA RPM...) or less known names (ISENNGARD from Mexico, MORPH UNKOWN from the USA...). This release was designed to bring some more danceable attitudes to the usually more melancholic stuff of this band. Some of the presented remix works can easily used to keep the dancefloors of all dark halls burning ("The Golden Light" and "Emotion" remixed by LETHARGY themselves, "Future Time" remixed by IMPLANT...). Most outstanding piece is the remix work on "Nothing to Hide" done by the French Electronica act OIL 10. Clear and marvelous female vocal performances done by Mayte Cruz and a rich melodic musically content make an impressive effort both enjoyable at home as well as useable on the dancefloors. Strong diversity is present here through the musically very different directions of the chosen remix bands although the whole atmospheric content get lost. Impressive release of a talented band hailing from Spain. It is a pity that their situation is currently very difficult and I wish them the very best that they will soon find a way to be present with new stuff for the audience.

Celeste Noir: "...The Fire Inside"

 Posted by Donovan Tate (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Mar 18 2005
Artist: Celeste Noir (@)
Title: "...The Fire Inside"
Format: CD
Rated: *****
A new hugh smash hit in the underground synth-pop scene, Celeste Noir are back with their second full-length release and follow up to the ep "Beware Of..." Their latest cd "...The Fire Inside" is a continuation left off in its electronic pop and horror brilliance club and dance form. I worship this band very heavily still. Their hard work in making this record is very challenging. Every record they release never sound the same. Germany's trio always seem to keep their fans and listeners begging for more. This time the band add some new seasoning flavor, EBM, to some of their dope upbeat dance tracks like "The Maniac", a hardfloor tune about a demon who possessed a woman in her dreams and mind and watches over her. "Isolation" and "The One I Left Behind" is a top notch killer. There's a couple of mid-tempo songs such as "Candle" that reminds me of Depeche Mode 80's style. The drama suspense "Heartbeat" goes great to a thriller movie soundtrack. It features some dialogue samples from a German movie. And for a long cold winter season, the beautiful track "Winter People" will be a good theme for those who likes to gather around with their family, friends and neighbors singing outside with candles lit up or a lighter waving back and forth in hand. The melody of the piano accompaniment makes the song more very pleasurable to enjoy. This is an excellent release for fans of synth-pop and Depeche Mode. 100% highly recommended!

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