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Dec 05 2005
Artist: URCEUS EXIT (@)
Title: Contra
Format: CD
Label: Artoffact (@)
Distributor: Storming the Base
Rated: *****
This release of the Canadian sole project URCEUS EXIT consisting of Richard Duggan isn’t that easy to listen to and consume, and this surprises me a bit after the excellent and mostly straight designed SiCD "Metro". Concentration and a good pair of headphones are required to realize the whole spectrum of this CD. None of the tracks sounds like any other else here and the rhythmic construction and the arrangements show a wide complexity. URCEUS EXIT may take their influences out of acts like LEFTFIELD and UNDERWORLD in some ways, globally this is a colorful mixture from Techno, IDM and Electronica, but it can only hardly take influences out of Electro/EBM. Nothing here is really straight and designed to set four steps on the dancefloors. Only the already mentioned "Metro", "This Morning Comes", "Depravation" and "Decadence" at parts could give some animation and they are also the most accessible tracks here. An other favorite here are the 10 minutes clocking opener "Good Morning Beautiful" with spacey synth layers, a robotic-like restranged voice, diverse tempo changes and a overall majestic mood. A long-time diversity is guaranteed here, an enjoying listening of intelligent produced music as well. A little bit too special and unexpected experimental at times maybe too, but worth to be checked out

Reactivate : Reactivate Your Mind Remixes

 Posted by Donovan Tate (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Dec 03 2005
Artist: Reactivate (@)
Title: Reactivate Your Mind Remixes
Format: CD
Label: Synthetic Product Records
Distributor: E POPLAND
Rated: *****
"Reactivate Your Mind" feature 2 discs by new coming artist REACTIVATE, who is based out of Germany and signed on Synthetic Product Records. A promo was sent to me, but the only cd in the package was the bonus remixes. The label staff forgot to include the band's full-length cd. Only thing I can do is review the 2nd disc that contains remixes. Reactivate is good as they come. A future-pop duo who knows how to make dance poppy tracks. The band is consist of Marc and Frank. The remix track"Dream In Silence" by (E:O:D) stands the disc out. The single edit "Emotions" is a beautify cute song. The instrumental "Spherical" is something interesting to get into. Club, thumping and bouncy is what I say about 2nd cd. Very excellent kick dope beats and synths melodic sound with an EBM edge is best described the dynamic duo's music. Reactivate will surely reactivate your mind. And that's for sure!


1. Emotions (Single Edit0
2. By My Pride (F.O.D Remix0
3. Waiting For The Night (Midnight Resistance Remix by Nicolay Frank)
4. SoulDestroyer (Club Mix)
5. Dream In Silence (E:O:D Remix)
6. Emotions (Tranceponder Mix)
7. Waiting For The Night (Polytune Remix)
8. Spherical (Instrumental)

Alice In Videoland: Bad Boy

 Posted by Donovan Tate (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Dec 03 2005
Artist: Alice In Videoland (@)
Title: Bad Boy
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Storming The Base
Distributor: Art Of Fact
Rated: *****
Three guys and a cute chic who leads the band with her silky and punk vocals. Alice In Videoland single "Bad Boy" is crazy and so visual that talks about sex. More submissive by being in the act of domination and controlled by another sex partner. Every man's dream to be in control to tell his woman what to do in the pleasure of S/M. Also included on disc is the track "Red". AIV have their own style, with a mix of 80's, electronic, synth, hard kicking bassline and rock. The band even made a couple of their own music videos, which you can download and view on their website. The "Bad Boy" video may not go with the title's song, but it's worth watching the band.

CREME DE MENTHE: The Impossibility Of Eroticism In The Suburbs

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Dec 03 2005
image not
Title: The Impossibility Of Eroticism In The Suburbs
Format: CD
Label: Disko B (@)
Distributor: Wide Records
Rated: *****
THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF EROTICISM IN THE SUBURBS is the debut album by Scottish producer Matthew Aldworth but this record doesn't sound at all a debut album and Matthew uses all his skills to make of this album a treasure for every electro addicted. Creme De Menthe music sum up new wave electronic a la John Foxx as well as Felix Da Housecat disco impulses passing through the astonishing simplicity of modern acts, just like Dopplereffekt. All this making it sounds like he couldn't make no other music. Tracks like "Do you want my love" (which features Bree McMasters) sounds like Kraftwerk visiting a sexy shop while the following "Elektrobas" it sounds so 'Metamatical'. All the CD sounds sensual in its 4/4 rhythm structure and the melodies used by Matthew are so catchy and retro that you'll ask yourself if this is a reissue. After the listening of all the twelve tracks you'll release that this is more modern than the lastest Madonna record. Where lady Ciccone fails into her seach for a perfect dance hit Creme De Menthe succeed by sounding genuine without forcing the eye to wink to the old days and I think this will be enough for you to want to check this out! Believe me, this is a good advice...
Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Global Surveyor: Phase 2
Format: CD
Label: Dominance Electricity (@)
Rated: *****
Global Surveyor: Phase Two is a compilation of electro funk artists featured on the German label, Dominance Records. Though I don’t speak the language to read the liner notes, this release appears to be futuristic in theme, based in the electro-funk-punk wastelands of 3004. An odd concept, but a concept that works out to be a lot of fun, for sure.

The basic sound of Global Surveyor: Phase Two falls somewhere between upbeat Kraftwerk mixed with 80’s beat-box, meshed together by trance and IDM. Of all the bands on this release my definite favorites are Dagobert, E-Control, and Mandroid. These three bands seemed to be especially versed in what this genre is trying to accomplish, while also going that extra mile and creating dynamic, envelope pushing sounds. The rest of Global Surveyor: Phase Two is good, as well, as there is rarely a lull in quality or sound, but those three are the ones that cried out for repeated listens.

I’m not a fan of compilations at all, but since I’d never heard anything from this corner of electro this actually wound up being an interesting and enlightening journey. While the end times probably will not include an electro-funk-punk movement, Dominance Electricity’s Global Surveyor is a promising thought, and an enjoyable listen.

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