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TWINS NATALIA: When We Were Young

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Jul 19 2008
Title: When We Were Young
Format: 7"
Label: Anna Logue Records (@)
Rated: *****
The passion that Marc and his friends who work at Anna Logue Records releases is true and this 7" is the real proof. Basically, Twins Natalia is a collaboration between Steve Lippert and Marc Schaffer from Anna Logue and three members from Poeme Electronique (you should have read recently my review of their single). Marc wrote the melodic lines, Steve did the main structure while Dave Hewson arranged and added more melodies. Sharon Abbott wrote the lyrics of both the tracks "When We Were Young" and "Kleiner Satellit" and with Julie Ruler sung the songs with their characteristic beautiful touch. This is a perfect electropop single with analog sounds, a bit of melancholy and catchy tunes.

VV.AA: Rückwärts Im Uhrzeigersinn

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Jul 06 2008
Artist: VV.AA
Title: Rückwärts Im Uhrzeigersinn
Format: 12"
Label: Das Drehmoment Records (@)
Rated: *****
RÜCKWÄRTS IM UHRZEIGERSINN is a new double vinyl compilation released by Das Drehmoment Records. You know me and my tastes and you should know that there isn't any of their releases that I didn't like and unsurprisingly the same goes with this one. Gathering sixteen bands with one song for each of them RÜCKWÄRTS IM UHRZEIGERSINN isn't focusing only on electronic music and this is the thing that surprised me. Syn with "That's you" play a new wave/punk cool track that recalled me the best Blondie tunes but it's like Syn played with the dark side of the songwriting. We already know some of the names involved into this compilation as Makina GirGir, Replicant (here with a beautiful dreamy electronic pop hit titled "Forbidden"), Dream Disco, Datafreq, Polygamy Boys and Lesbian Mouseclicks have already released different stuff and some of them have tracks on Das Drehmoment releases (do a search on our reviews to get more info).There are so many good tunes to dig on this double album. Try Dj Gio MC-505 (project of an Italian guy called Giosuè Impellizzeri, active also as reviewer on different websites like Basebog, Disc-jokey and music producer) with his "Intellivision", a retro electro track that sound like the best Clone singles. Dig also Lesbian Mouseclicks' "Double Dèjà-vu", a mysterious minimal pop tune or the electro extravaganza or Transactive Electrozone who with "The tourist" ignite the atmosphere with a neurotic approach. Starcluster feat. Elke B. with "Jusqu'à la Fin" bring some early '80s electro romance. The instrumental tracks need more attention because they sound less immediate but the whole compilation sounds cool and deserve your attention. You can check the excerpts at the label's website.

Patenbrigade: Wolff: Demokratischer Sektor

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Jul 02 2008
image not
Artist: Patenbrigade: Wolff
Title: Demokratischer Sektor
Format: CD
Label: Zweieck Recordings (@)
Distributor: Soulfood Music
Rated: *****
After three full-length albums with respect to the quite unexpected success of the last years' album "Hochstapler", the German duo PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF currently releases a kind of "Best of..."-album. Maybe a logically evolution, since Sven Wolff and Lance Murdock have stormed with their club-friendly EBM/Electronica music on the 3. Stage of the category "Top Single Act National 2007" by the German DAC charts, just behind NORTHERN LITE and MELOTRON. A collection it is, yes, but a quite interesting one, because this more than 74 minutes running album offers mostly alternative or revamped versions and/or remix contributions, a concept which drifts away of the normal collection. None of their big club smashers has to be missed on here, "Turmdrehkran" (also featured in two additional remixes, one by ABSURD MINDS), ï"Gefahrstoffe" (featuring the vocals of SARA NOXX), "Maurerradio" (also available in different versions, one remix by LESEROTIQUE turns into an acoustic Rock-Pop experience � quite unusual...) or "Ostberliner Bauarbeiter" (with an additional contribution by KIEW) are richly present. A bit communism here and there seems to be present, even in those tunes, in which they include voice samples by the politically leaders of the past German Democratic Republic. A new track - and another safe club smasher - just features the same syndrome, "Stalinallee", let's hope, that they quite know what they are doing here, I don't see a serious reason to praise this Russian dictator, whose deeds to remain in his frontal might position have been cruel and brutal. However, the music, pleasing free of any Hellectro-boredom, hits the nail and mostly, out of experience, the audience stomps to everything, who is thinking on some drastically content while joining the dancefloors? Quite well done overall and a nice music addition, which is still impressive done enough also to get consumed at your home entertainment, too. I guess, it's time to watch a bit behind the curtains and to document the manifesto of these both tower-crane leaders with an upcoming interview...

Keith Canisius: Ferris Wheel Makeout

 Posted by Andrea Vercesi (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Jun 27 2008
Artist: Keith Canisius (@)
Title: Ferris Wheel Makeout
Format: CD
Label: Quince (@)
Distributor: Darla Records
Rated: *****
At last, the debut album by Keith Canisius, Rumskib's mastermind. Last year's Rumskib debut was without a doubt the most exciting record I have heard in a long while from the new generation of shoegazers, the so-called nu-gaze. The music on "Ferris Wheel Makeout" doesn't wedge so deep into extreme and abstract territories as with Rumskib. Here Keith sings and plays drum machines, synths and electronics with the only help of his friend Jonas Munk AKA Manual. The first song here is "The Sea Me, Feel Me" - (here in a different version from the one present on the "Little Darla Has a Treat for You V. 25") and it is a visceral composition with lots of hidden melodies (again Cocteau Twins must be a heavy influence on Keith's music). The overall beauty of this album overcomes some horrible IDM patterns on some tracks (yes, I can't stand even the slightest traces of Intelligent Dance Music anymore... my problem). Way less head than heart, this album contains some deep romantic moments. Great.
( cd release by Quince Records - digital release by Darla Records )

STORUNG: This Is Future

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Jun 23 2008
Artist: STORUNG (@)
Title: This Is Future
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Clogsontronics (@)
Rated: *****
Released back in 1982 by Clogsontronics as their second release, THIS IS FUTURE has been the only full length album by Störung. The band was formed by Eugenius and Arian Brunwin and, coming from the Netherlands, they gave their vision of minimal wave music. Influenced by the experimental sounds of the late '70s (see Cabaret Voltaire or the early Human League), the duo soon found their own sound by using drum machines, basic synth lines, bass, guitar and their expressive vocal duets. The album contained ten tracks which find their fashion into that sound made of few elements able to shine like a raw gem. See for example tracks like "Modern fetch" with its post punk attitude and its simple melody which is able to hypnotize and to take power from the distorted bass guitar and from the mysterious vocals performed by Eugenius. More accessible than Cabaret Voltaire, Störung found their way through juvenile enthusiasm and will of experiment, creating a good debut album. Unfortunately their adventure ended few years after. This reissue is bringing the original album on a limited edition of vinyl plus CD, sold in one solution. As you can notice, this release is brought to life by the original label, this because in 2007 Richard Neumöller (Ensemble Pittoresque), Eugenius (Störung) and Ton Willekes (Ensemble Pittoresque) decided to make it revive by reissuing the old stuff as well presenting new stuff. You have definitely to check this release if late 70's/early 80's wave is your cup of tea.

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