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AIDAN CASSERLY: The Naming Of Blue

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Jun 04 2011
Title: The Naming Of Blue
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Ninthwave Records
Rated: *****
Dedicated to his beloved brother Neville, who passed away the last October, THE NAMING OF BLUE is the second solo album by Aidan Casserly, know also for being the singer of Empire State Human and the now disbanded The Garland Cult. The new album, which is released after one year and half from the fist "White soul", contains eleven new songs that mix synthpop, ballad, rock and ambient elements. The album starts with the touching choruses / orchestra of "Cloak & Daggers" just to follow with the first pop torch song "We're no sinners". On this song, piano, strings and guitar solos and the passionate voice of Aidan will make you wave your head and lighten your soul. "Sepia years" is a mid tempo ballad with Celtic melodies where strings, guitar and piano are the main instruments. "Steal for love" is the first tune to have dance atmospheres, this one has electronic sounds and sensual sax solos duetting with Aidan. "Boy song (for Billy Mackenzie)" is a mid tempo ballad dedicated to the memory of the Associates' singer and it mixes piano and synth pads. "Silent songs" is another piano / synths ballad which on its middle has a solo that turns it into a torch song. "River of souls" recalls me the desperate atmospheres of the third Marc Almond album "Mother fist". With "Sebastian and the dream" Aidan mixes dub atmospheres, synth bass sounds and harp solos just to make of it a dance tune after one minute. A catchy one for sure. "Marble" starts with ambient choruses and follows with house rhythms and leads. "Castles" is co-written with pianist Martin Watkins, who is famous for his piano and keyboard work with Marc Almond. The song is a ballad focused on piano and vocals with the add of soft wavy pads. The last song is a reprise of "Cloak & Daggers", this time based on strings and piano. I think that THE NAMING OF BLUE is the most personal album that Aidan did and after almost ten years of musical career he showed to the audience another side of his multifaceted soul.
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Provocateur
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Dungeon Recordings / Backscatter Media (@)
Rated: *****
Both SLC-based labels Backscatter and Dungeon Recording renewing their partnership with both new website designs and they celebrate successfully their mutual course. They released two freely downloadable full-length compilations, one of them musically rather more based in Goth-Rock, Indie and Alternative music, and this one, entitled 'Provocateur' the more Electronic/Industrial-minded alter ego. I refuse to concentrate on this one only ' just check both of their websites, if you're more the 'other' styles of music. 'Proven favorites play along side brand new exclusives from many talented artists', so one of the entrancing statements of this comp. Indeed, favorites can be named with SYMBIONT ('Behind The Lie'), LITTLE SAP DUNGEON ('Empty Rooms Breathe Heavily'), LEXINCRYPT ('Dead By Morning'), or BOUNDLESS ('Seduction' ' feat. LOST SIGNAL and Frank M. Spinath of SEABOUND). So far so good, but none of these most recognized artists of both labels offer anything new ' that's a pity for their die-hard fans, as they surely all know these classic recordings. New compositions would have done better, since there are recently announcements for new recordings by LSD, LEXINCRYPT has new stuff available via Crunch Pod, and also the persistent rumor, that SYMBIONT will reunite are keeping the flame of hope burning. There's also the mysterious project named ALGORYTHMDEKONSTRUCT and it's once again too bad, that this project has never received a comparable cult status like the above mentioned better recognized ones ' I still remember the heydays of, where I was able to download a few more tracks from this underrated artist after having heard the straight and pummeling EBM tune 'Love Hate Obsession' on the DSBP compilation 'Cybonetix 2002'. Other remarkable stuff surely hides behind the comeback of CONTROL.ORG with their rather smooth Electronica sound between Futurepop and EBM, as well as the energetic outfit of the follow-up project to BOUNDLESS, XIESCIVE with 'Time To Die'. 'Provocateur' is a groundbreaking collection, if you're new into the Electronica scene around Salt Lake City ' if you're familiar with these artists, you may won't find too much stuff transforming this compilation to a must-have item. However, since this one is freely available, you can't do nothing wrong by downloading it from the web resources of both labels.

01. PCP-The Nothing [V.2]
02. Xiescive-Time To Die
03. Symbiont-Behind The Lie
04. AlgorithmDekonstruct-Love Hate Obsession
05. The Stygian-Killing Time [Insurgent Version]
06. Mourning People-Black Night Battery
07. Empyreus-The Bleeding Hearts
08. Christopher Alvarado-Blades Of The Sun
09. Lexincrypt-Dead By Morning
10. Little Sap Dungeon-Empty Rooms Breathe Heavily
11. Boundless-Seduction [Feat. Lost Signal & Frank M. Spinath of Seabound]
12. Killer
13. Audio Variancision-Hemi Sync [6.1]
14. Twilight Transmissions-Ascending Black Rays

Xiescive: Vs

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May 28 2011