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SKY BURIAL: Spectrehorse

 Posted by Eugenio Maggi (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
Ambient / Electronica / Ethereal / Dub / Soundscapes / Abstract
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Sep 24 2006
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Title: Spectrehorse
Format: CD
Label: Audio Immolation Industries
Rated: *****
I've hailed Sky Burial's eponymous cdr on Housepig as one of the most interesting and fresh debuts that I listened to over the last few months, thanks to its ecstatic mix of mostly string-originated drones, hypnotic loops and minimal percussion. Right from its grim cover, its follow-up "Spectrehorse" shows that Michael Page has decided not to replicate that formula, which he could have easily done ad nauseam - so kudos to him for that. This second disc is a definitely more obscure, heavy and merciless beast, evoking barren ghost villages rather than lush landscapes. It would be far too easy to write that this sounds like a spin-off of Page's main project, Fire In The Head, and it would be also untrue. Sky Burial has maintained the droning, atmospheric element but plunged it in a midnight black tinge. The pitch-shifted guitar (or bass?) sounds on the title track add a twisted industrial doom sound, while the similar use of rhythmic loops in the following "Smoke Sky Horizon" has a vague dub feel. The album, however, tends to get darker and even more abstract as it progresses, with low-end drones submerged by a feedback crescendo ("Down and Down and Down"), wailing distortion ("Straightjacket Sonata"), spiralling drones ("Justice, Just Ice, Just Us") and the gaping chasms of "Chroma Polaris". It is not surprising that the only glimpse of vital reaction (ahem...) comes from the remix version of "To Mock a Killing Bird", the best track from the debut disc and, in my opinion, the best one here as well. As a whole, I must admit I still have to make up my mind about the disc - it is very good in itself, with a welcome physical approach to the dark ambient style, but now and then I've missed the variety of the Housepig release. On the other hand, it wins in terms of construction and layering, which show how Page is getting more mature and complex with Sky Burial just like with FITH. He probably hasn't found a perfect balance of his epic side and his depressive, darker one yet, but the album surely gets a thumb up from me.

BABYLONE CHAOS / MOS[K]: Anatomia Del Ruido

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Sep 11 2006
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Title: Anatomia Del Ruido
Format: CD
Label: NEIN Records (@)
Rated: *****
New release for the San Diego-based NEIN Records label, providing us this time a split-CD project featuring both mentioned acts. BABYLONE CHAOS are hailing from France and they present rough Power Electronics at times rhythmically, but mostly Electronica-like arranged. Rhythmical yes, here and there, but it isn’t that kind of hard Techno-inspired patterns and this stuff is generally not focusing to be danceable. Very hard structures at all, also with a lot of samples out of different music styles. No easy listening for sure, more of that kind which needs several rotations to grow on you. The second project MOS[K], which by the way runs by NEIN Records label chief Roberto Royas aka Otrebor 7, differs a lot by providing Powernoise pretty much dedicated to dancefloor compatibility, but also without falling into this reduced Techno formula. To me the better and more impressive stuff which also seems to offer some more routine in the arrangements. Five tracks are presented here by both acts, plus each band has constructed a remix work of a track from the other band – so in all 12 tracks featuring some really good and well achieved Powernoise/IDM/Glitch stuff, which is a must-have for the fans. Please note the limitation of this release of about 777 numbered pieces.

CORELINE: Please Keep Moving Forward

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
Ambient / Electronica / Ethereal / Dub / Soundscapes / Abstract
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Sep 08 2006
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Artist: CORELINE (@)
Title: Please Keep Moving Forward
Format: CD
Label: Infekted Sound (@)
Distributor: Music Non-Stop
Rated: *****
This is the second official release of the London-based Powernoise/IDM label Infekted Sound, which has released before a compilation called "Rhythm For Decay", featuring some well known acts among others FLINT GLASS or ISZOLOSCOPE. When I received this CD and had a look to the cover art I expected at first to receive a kind of meditation release, he-he – but NO WAY! This solo effort by Chris McCall provides an almost fast paced hybrid of Powernoise, IDM, Glitch and Electronica compressed here in 9 original tracks and two remix works done by his label comrades of DYSPRAXIA and EVA/3. The chosen title can be understood as an order to keep your body in motion and it couldn’t chosen better. This is really hardcore stuff and surely not designed for the heart-fainted. Chris understands it well to keep all his elements well into the mix and here can be discovered some fine tune like the rotating and harsh designed Powernoise "Overdrive" or "Organized Sounds" and "Rollright (Far)" which both feature besides all rhythmically distortion some ominous synth layers. This release is harsh, noisy, disturbing, it features diversity with the integration of the mentioned styles, it’s addictive danceable without falling into that harsh EBM style mixed with Powernoise beats cliche – in short: you can’t ask for more. A marvelous output which can become a favorite for the genre fans. Also the fact that this release received the final mastering through the skillful hands of John Sellekaers in his well known Metarc studios proves the professionality behind this output. Well done, good work, keep it on.

VV.AA.: NEIN RAID Compilation

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Sep 05 2006
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Artist: VV.AA. (@)
Title: NEIN RAID Compilation
Format: CD
Label: NEIN Records (@)
Distributor: Icare Media Distribution
Rated: *****
This is a kind of label compilation of the San Diego-based Nein Records and it offers you mostly two tracks of each signed or related bands to that label. Also some well named guests are featured here to keep this compilation interesting. So the presented music deals mainly with some rough Powernoise efforts in both kinds, rhythmically (EPIDEMIA, the Crunch Pod Media recording artist C/A/T featuring Crunch Pod chief Ben Arp, MOS[K], the well known Hands-recording PROYECTO MIRAGE and also H.I.V.+, no further need to introduce this act) and static XIPE TOTEC, COMPLEX MATHEMATICAL EQUATION, but also Ambient tunes (HAR_ROOT) and some real Electro/Industrial pieces (SLAAVE). Something special got offered by – as usual MIMETIC BE-AT with a slight oriental arranged track and CHUIBIT, a side-project of the Spanish EPIDEMIA providing us a kind of "good-night" Synth tune for a tight sleeping. So diversity is well filled in here and almost everyone can be able to pick out his favorite genre. A bit open-minded is surely helpful here, good compilation.

1. Epidemia - Fiebre en la Pasarela
2. C/A/T - Headshot
3. Proyecto Mirage and Pablo Guiareta - Knowledge about Christianity
4. H.I.V.+ - Havoc 2027 (Le Diktat remix)
5. Mos[K] - Raid Beat
6. Mimetic Be-At - SDAA27
7. Xipe Totec - Copilli Quetzalli
8. Mos[K] - Scape Motion
9. Slaave - Burning Souls
10. Complex Mathematical Equation - Equation of Circle
11. Cubuibit - Thelma y los Duendecillos
12. Har Root - Border Hack
13. Har Root - Hacktivist
14. Slaave - Viral Staircase
15. Complex Mathematical Equation - 1,110 ft/sec

Fe-mail: Voluptuous Vultures

 Posted by Adhab Al-Farhan   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Aug 29 2006
Artist: Fe-mail
Title: Voluptuous Vultures
Format: CD EP
Label: PsychForm Records
Fe-mail is a duo electronic/noise outfit consisting of two Norweigian females, hence the name Fe-mail. The duo are also known to be in the band called SPUNK. The sound isn't very demanding, but for collecting purposes, this release is very limited to 1000 copies on CD. It's just noise and crazy sounds. Heard this, and I'm done with it. Take care.

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