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 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Nov 03 2006
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Red Dwarf Studio
Rated: *****
This is the debut split-release of these both talented US-acts, and especially the name REVOLUTION STATE comes back to mind if you take a look on some last releases of VELVET ACID CHRIST. They’ve created two remix works on the last VAC SiCD release "Wound" and made also a contribution on the "Hex Angel" full-length release. Bryan Erickson of VAC has mostly a good taste when he’s looking for some talented contributors – also here with REVOLUTION STATE this works fine. Consisting of Bonnie and Ben P., they do some serious business under the moniker REVOLUTION STATE and offer us here five own compositions woven into the wide field of Electro/EBM/Industrial music. VAC is for sure not only a band in friendship, it is also a possible reference if you look for comparisons. Just delete almost all Trance elements in VAC’s music, add the static vocal performances of Bonnie P next to the rough and high pitched of Ben and you’ll maybe get an idea how this act sounds. The track "Deny" is a stomping monster and could already receive some fine recognition through a well-placed compilation appearance on "Endzeit Bunkertracks Act 2", released by the Belgium Alfa-Matrix label. I have also to tap my hat off for their fine placed synth layers – awesome work on "Profit Produced Pain" and "My Other Heartbeat", two real fine Dark Electro pieces! Things are a bit different with NOIZEKATT. This act, also leaded by the both members, was in a first instance only created to save a planned Industrial/Powernoise party through a live performance. The music of NOIZEKATT is generally more straight and beating, more into the kind of rhythmical EBM/Powernoise and so lesser dark. Not the harshest act of this genre of course, but well arranged and with a real compositional background. If this both projects will remain independent or if they both will grow into one act, which is musically thinkable – who knows this yet? Released under their very own Red Dwarf Studios and so without the help of a renowned label, this is a fine and promising release of currently two new up and coming artist hailing from the USA. Check this out and purchase this fine release.
Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Soundwave Assassins Vol. 3
Format: CD
Label: Dungeon-Recordings/Backscatter (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
Already the third compilation of this series which predecessors were mostly created for DJ’s, press people and promoters to introduce or to give a deeper insight into the musically activities of the Salt Lake City area. Dungeon-Recordings and Backscatter again collaborated for this release, which will - thanks to the musically content – make a special mark into the history books of Electro/Industrial music. Lets have a look to the featured names – SYMBIONT, LITTLE SAP DUNGEON, LEXINCRYPT, ROSES & EXILE and 23EXSTACY – all this bands have lately quit their business or are in hiatus. The best is yet to come – all of them presenting unreleased stuff, outtakes or their very last recordings. Besides the above mentioned some more well-sounding names are featured here like DIVERJE, PCP, ASSEPTIC ROOM and BOUNDLESS. Of course also these acts present never heard before mixes, tracks and fit therefore well with the intention of this compilation. I can’t find enough praising words of thanks to the both conductors, Kevin J. Cazier and XoN, to open the archives for the greedy ears of the fans hunting for unreleased stuff. After an instrumental intro tune the things start here with the Spanish act ASSEPTIC ROOM, which is signed to the DSBP label. You’ll got a Dark Electro and danceable tune "Faith Without You" in a remix provided by the Argentinian act SUICIDE SOLUTIONS, also an up and coming new act to follow immediately. Follows then Justin Cameron aka LEXINCRYPT who provides with "Purjuress (Face Two)" and "Aftermath (Gutter Slut Mix by L.S.D.)" two unreleased versions of tracks placed on his debut album era "My Sepulture" back in 2003. Tasteful Dark Electro with that special thrilling effect – as usual from this act and I hope that Justin will decide one fine day to continue with his project. Dungeon Recordings’ very own LITTLE SAP DUNGEON have to my surprise still a track in stock taken from their "Silent Entities" recording session. "Nightfall’s Prey" is a typical piece of this act, maybe a bit lesser scary produced than the other tracks placed on "Silent Entities" – this might be an explanation, why this track got removed lastly. DIVERJE are also present and provide us their track "I Walk Alone" originally available on the last studio album "The Distortion Chamber", a collaboration effort between Tommy T. Rapisardi together with the already mentioned Justin Cameron. This track got remixed by the BLC Productions-recording artist THE PAIN MACHINERY from Sweden, turning this piece into a pulsating Powernoise assault. It is lesser danceable, but filled instead with crunchy rhythm patterns of the hardest kind – as usually provided by this act. PERCEPTION CLEANSE PERCEPTION is musically maybe one of the most diverse acts around and Kevin J. Cazier shows us his dedication to the works of GODFLESH by providing a cover on the track "Blind", originally designed for a tribute compilation, which never came to realization. We then have here two new tracks by 23 EXTACY aka Chris Alvarado providing that typical and chaotic Punk-inspired Crossover-Industrial with harsh and destroying guitar performances. Kevin J. Cazier has lately left this project, so also this act is in hiatus. And also ROSES AND EXILE’s – Chris Alvarado’s solo effort - existence is questionable and we have to see what the future brings. Comes the last ever recorded and sorely missed SYMBIONT track "Five Of Cups", which is a rather slow Dark Electro piece with the strong and remarkable melodic input this act is known for. So finally XoN’s solo effort BOUNDLESS sets the last two pieces on this comp both designed for the BOUNDLESS debut release "Perpetual" back in 2003 – to me still one of the most underrated DSBP releases at all. You shouldn’t expect another track of the quality of "Sordid Trouper" or "Unconscious", but both pieces "Infinitus Assuage" and "Repression" nevertheless do well and fit with that album stuff. A lot of valuable stuff to discover as usual on this comp series – let’s hope and keep the fingers crossed that this collection of unreleased stuff doesn’t mark the very last chapter of these quality and promising acts. Check our website here to discover several reviews and interviews with these acts – LITTLE SAP DUNGEON, DIVERJE, SYMBIONT, ASSEPTIC ROOM, PCP, THE PAIN MACHINERY, LEXINCRYPT – they are all here. Keep the machines warm and start your comeback – we need you back on track!
Oct 27 2006
image not
Title: The clearing
Format: CD
Label: Eibon (@)
Rated: *****
As you can see we've some new releases on Eibon and that's probably the one I've enjoyed the most. This duo involving Brandon Elkins and Rober Hunter Osgood can be esily filed under industrial/dark ambient but in its strenght lies in its semplicity. The good production pushes every sound in your face when it has to alas that feeling to be sinking in a dark pool is to be taken for granted. This release begins with meachanical drones but it's not just based on that kind of sound (even if they're dominant in most of the tracks) and A Crown Of Light pierced most of their scary atmosphere with a good amount of "concete" sounds and/or field recordings. Sometimes the samples/field recordings can be barely listenable and fade in and out from a fog made out of reverb, but in many cases those cold concete sounds stand firmly in front of the listenrs reaching patiently the climax. A dark-ambient release like many others? I don't thin so and I think it's too bad thet's the impresion you get from the first half of the recording infact if you'll have the patience to let it play you'll discover that despite it's uniformity this cd is not has a couple o interesting surprises ("The sound of one millions lives ending" for example. Dark, heavy, uncompromissory but just muscolar, probably a bit too long but still intense.

PYLONE: Black Grains

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
Experimental / Avantgarde / Weird & Wired / Glitch / Noise / Field Recording
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Oct 22 2006
image not
Artist: PYLONE (@)
Title: Black Grains
Format: CD
Label: Sound On Probation (@)
Created using processed natural sounds, BLACK GRAINS is the first album by Laurent Perrier’s Pylóne. The album is divided into five movements: "Equation Part 1", "Look Part 3", "Transmission" (the longest one, during 25’), "Line 4" and "Echo". The intangible meaning of the different parts let us concentrate on sound and if I think about BLACK GRAINS’ tracks, the first word that comes up into my mind is: disturbing. The minimal approach makes of this album an industrial experiment based on the process of adding and subtracting sound. "Transmission" for example sounds like a raw digitalization of a collapsing mountain while "Line 4" seems a re-process of the tone of a phone line but filtered, de-constructed and echoed. The closing "Echo" is digital chaos it seems the sum of the other track with further processing. Only for fans of extreme industrial experimentations.

Slayv Axis: Promo Dysk sampler

 Posted by Perry Bathous   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Oct 19 2006
Artist: Slayv Axis (@)
Title: Promo Dysk sampler
Format: CD
Label: Mechanizms
Rated: *****
Brain-pounding, plodding Hardcore Industrial Techno, this 5-track feeler sent out by Slayv Axis betrays little in the way of subtlety, nuance, and imagination. Nurturing nothing but a distorted, burning hunger for the dancefloor, this one-man Gabber/Trance/PowerNoise act (name of Damien Lohr) bludgeons you with cuts from his prior releases Empyrie and Remixez V.1. The last, "Suicide," is from his newest CD slated for release this very month, and it is the best of the bunch: a verse is lightly sung by a waif-sounding female (name of Jeska), and the track's beat pattern changes up a couple of times before drowning in a sea of static. Otherwise, Slayv Axis, whose MySpace manifesto bills itself as "the HateCrime SuperHero here to save you from Flower Power pascifist [sic] hippies," subjects you to questionable taste (yes, as a matter of fact "Zieg Heil" is bracketed by samples of Nazi salutes), all the goofy, intentional misspellings ("Vampyrie," "Vuxnut," "Axis of Eevil"), and relentless distortion. But the new disc, Suicide Faktory, could be just what you miserable "slayv" worms need. This is your only warning.

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