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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Interbreeding VIII: Elements of Violence
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: BLC Productions / e-noxe (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
Winter time – Compilation time #1: Well, not really released in this winter, but until today still an undiscovered edition of the international extremely successful and renowned Interbreeding compilation series. Also for this edition label chief Brandon L. Clark could pick up and invite some promising newbies besides some already known forces of the internationally Electro/Industrial scene. Again released as a double-CD set, both CD’s are filled with up to 78 minutes to the maximum possible storage and you’ll get some new and refreshing appearances not to be missed. Like on most previous released editions the mass and the huge playing time maybe nails the listener at first and it needs some time and more rotations until the best pieces can be filtered. It is important to know that the first placed appearances on the so-called best slots are maybe not the best tunes; it was and is always target of this comp series to spread the favorites in every corner of the track list.
I would like to mention from the first CD entitled "Bloodthirst" the Chilean Electro/Metal-Crossover act VIGILANTE, which offer here a remix work done by the German act FUNKER VOGT. As usual – almost a trademark – remix works of FUNKER VOGT are very pleasant, at times more accessible than their own compositions. Their work on "The Other Side" is no exception, also nice to listen to a vocalist who sounds aggressive without the overdone use of distortion and overdrive effects. With BLC’s own THE PAIN MACHINERY the music gets rougher and more pounding, while the extremely dark sounding and rather old-school inspired one man act NECROTEK aka James Geist offers a "first cut" of the track "Wish You Dead" – one of the most remarkable pieces here. The French act NEON CAGE EXPERIMENT offers a pleasant Dark Electro instrumental work, which you should give a try under a good pair of headphones – maybe the best and most complex synth play here. Still into the Dark Electro vein comes the appearance of MIND CONFUSION, an act from which I haven’t heard of about more than three years now. Germany’s ACYLUM combines very effective some spooky Synth play drops with a hammering old-SC/DIOXYDE-inspired rhythm pattern work and an out-of-the-grave vocal performance of Kai Arnold aka WYNARDTAGE. Futuristic Electro as its best is offered again by the French act E.S.R., for the first time including a guitar performance, while the German SCHATTENSCHLAG give a high-speed tune in vein of HOCICO.
The second CD called "Brutality" starts with another Chilean act, the newcomer duo of PROYECTO CRISIS. The still recognized success formula to produce hard and speedy EBM with Spanish lyrics in vein of the favorites HOCICO or AMDUSCIA is an always discovered phenomenon of bands hailing from South America and this duo is no exception. But while HOCICO seem to take a longer break to collect some new inspiration, the rather filthy but refreshing tunes of some talented newcomers are welcome. Also back on track after a longer time in hiatus is the US act FUNCTION 13, here presented with an instrumental piece which got well done remixed by the German act MC1R. Some PUPPYan and rather old-school minded works can also be discovered by both heavily underrated acts LITTLE SAP DUNGEON with an edited version of "Empty Rooms Breathe Heavily" and the Slovakian act GAPING CHASM with a special remix of their track "Only Shadows Will Survive". The French act TAMTRUM, signed to Alfa Matrix, give us then their energetic and speedy recommendation to "Abort The Pope". Also hailing from France comes the duo of SKOYZ, which provides a remix by SCHATTENSCHLAG on one of their best tunes "Distorted Dreams". Also a recommendation to check out the great Russian project THE-PULSAR with a new and unreleased version of their track "Leaving Underground" featuring almost clear and undistorted well sounding male vocals.
As usual, to pick out and to mention this appearances belongs on subjective preferences – of course this doesn’t mean that the other not-mentioned tracks are worse. Different folks – different strokes. Another well compiled DCD set out of the BLC knowledge base which you better get NOW – before it is completely sold-out!



1. Y-Luk-O: Resistance (deflektor mix by Brainclaw)
2. Stark: Rfamekong
3. SMP: Hacker Like Me
4. Process of Elimination: The Sleepers of Telos
5. Vigilante: The Other Side (Funker Vogt Remix)
6. Gydja: element001: Host
7. The Pain Machinery: Scar Tissue
8. Necrotek: Wish You Dead (First Cut)
9. Servo.Hatred: Rage (Interbreeding Mix)
10. Neon Cage Experiment: Sequenced Lives (Edit)
11. Mind Confusion: The Final Chapter (Remix)
12. Acylum: Trip of Hate (BLC Exclusive)
13. T.H. Industry -- Die Wut (Massiv in Mensch Remix)
14. Omen Machine: MindMelt
15. ESR: Blood on the Walls
16. Schattenschlag: Breathing Evil (Interbreeding VIII Remix)
17. Brainclaw: This Human Condition (Souls in Transit Remix)


1. Proyecto Crisis: El Juego de la Muerte
2. Implant: Fading Away
3. function13: Prostitute (g-u-n remix by mc1r)
4. Tyske Ludder: Betrayal (Wertstahl US Remix)
5. Ilion Conflict: Genocide
6. Gaping Chasm: Only Shadow will Survive
7. LSD: Empty Rooms Breathe Heavily (Edit)
8. Tamtrum: Abort the Pope
9. Tau Factor: Cold Core (Mixdown)
10. Stigmata: No Way Out (Evil Dead Mix)
11. Wynardtage: My Hell (BLC Exclusive)
12. Wertstahl: Der Mechanische Soldat
13. Invisible Asps: Scarlet Design (Ravishing Mix)
14. Skoyz: Distorted Dreams (Condition Zero Mix by Schattenschlag)
15. The Pulsar: Leaving Underground
16. Anders Manga: Burn
17. The Crystalline Effect: When the World Ends (Implant Remix)

Fe-Mail: Voluptuous Vultures

 Posted by eskaton   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
 Edit (3341)
Jan 15 2007
Artist: Fe-Mail (@)
Title: Voluptuous Vultures
Format: CD
Label: PsychForm Records (@)
Rated: *****
Somehow I ended up with the vinyl version of Syklubb fra Hælvete a few years ago, probably in trade for something. I remember wondering if it was for real – after all, female noise musicians are pretty rare. Turns out that it was for real and it was pretty good. Fe-Mail is a Norwegian noise duo consisting of Maja Ratkje and Hild Sofie Tafjord. Their website describes their music as "electronic music based on improvisation with live sampling as well as recordings of their own generated sounds and field recordings, however always with focus on their main instruments which are voice (Maja) and French horn (Hild)."

This album is pretty good harsh noise, but noisy in a way that soothes you before beating you with a tire iron. The first track on the disc, "Valkyrie Procession," begins with some low rumbling noise that slowly incorporated higher pitched feedback sounds before coming in full force halfway through with more distorted low end rumblings and voice (Sorry, I don’t speak Norwegian, so I have no idea what she is saying). A nice way to slowly acclimate the listener to the noise that comes later. The next track, "Artbeak," follows a similar trajectory, with the noise slowly fading in, mixed with vocal loops and staccato noises, and high pitched squalls. At some points, the track seems more an exercise in repetition with the loops, but just when it starts to get tiresome, it changes. Even so, for the most part, this one is far more varied than the previous track. At 3:06, Dunlin Dance is the shortest track on the disc and seems a bit out of place in relation to the previous two tracks. I would describe this as whimsical noiseas if a toy store had created the track. Interesting. The final track, "Voluptuous Vultures," begins very minimalist, with noises interspersed with silence. They continue the whimsical noise of the previous track, incorporating horns, applause, and other noises. At times, this track becomes a bit too repetitive for my tastes. It never really unloads until about 10 minutes in, when the track is nearing completion. Even then, it never reaches the intensity of the first two tracks. Overall, this is a good disc of noise, for those looking for a bit of variety.
Title: The Coming Dark Age
Format: CD
Label: Crunch Pod Media (@)
Distributor: CDBaby
Rated: *****
Crunch Pod Media have to celebrate a little anniversary, because with the release of a new BLACK LUNG CD they celebrate their 50th release, a number not too much labels can reach. BLACK LUNG is a project of the Australian musician David Thrussel, who could be for some or another better known under his moniker SNOG. For BLACK LUNG this new album "The Coming Dark Age" is the first studio recording since their last album "The Disinformation Plague", out in 1997 under Metropolis-Records. Crunch Pod is known for quality music along the noisier side of life, but with this release they offer an album pretty much influenced by modern Electronic, Ambient, and Electronica, maybe a bit influenced of works of APHEX TWIN. Globally mostly straight produced instrumental stuff, which David likes to present us here, but not too much comparable to SNOG. I tend like enjoy the rather creepy ominous-arranged pieces the most like "The Sins Of Megalopolis", the title track or the destroying "Leibowitz’s Canticle". Not to forget I would like to mention the long and very drastically written words "Eating Fossil Fuels" by Dale Allen Pfeiffer readable in the booklet, which describes a very frightening vision of the growing human population and the multiple crises around us – a very disturbing work which comes to some frightening results, but it fits with some critical views David has always commented and stands for, last but not least it fits with the album title. Well packaged in a quality digi-pack, a nice anniversary release, congrats, Ben and Christian...
image not
Artist: BLEIBURG (@)
Title: Occidentem Appello!
Format: CD
Label: SkullLine (@)
Distributor: SkullLine
Rated: *****
Stefan Rukavina aka BLEIBURG returns earlier than expected with a new full-length album, just 5 months after his DCD "History In Flames" in collaboration with MAN-MACHINE, both out on the German special mail order service SkullLine. After the widely thrown in diversity which that DCD had to offer, this new album differs. Although the artwork presents a soldiers’ graveyard, it isn’t at all a release inspired by trendy Electro/harsh EBM styles. With his partner E. W. Schröder, who integrates some deep male vocals here and there, Stefan offers dark experimental electronic music somewhere based on Electronica, dark Ambient textures up to Ritual Industrial. The whole concept offers a very cinematic, at times futuristic background, rhythms or danceable tunes are mostly left out. Some rotations under a pair of headphones with fully attention should help to grab the content behind this work. Slow and creepy layering stuff, which should appeal you. As usual for SkullLine releases, also this item will be rather limited, this time to 150 numbered pieces and it is packed in a DVD box featuring 4 remarkable goodies (1 pin, 2 photos, 1 wired crucifix) as well. A hard-to-get collector's item and ONLY available at SkullLine.
Title: Enlightenment Through A Chemical Catalyst
Format: CD
Label: Alfa Matrix (@)
Distributor: Soulfood
Rated: *****
Gary Dassing finally tries to enlighten us with his new sooner awaited new full-length album. The term "full-length" fits extremely well with more than 73 minutes playing time – but only pressed into 9 tracks. So you’ll get a new MENTALLO release presenting the very own multi-layered and complex style Gary likes to create and is known for, almost in the same vein like the EP "Commandments For The Molecular Age" has announced it in spring last year. So this album needs the fullest attention of the listener and it is recommended to use a good pair of headphones. Futuristic-apocalyptic end time Electro/Industrial sound somewhere in vein of DOWNLOAD or SKINNY PUPPY, but I guess lesser accessible. The classic MENTALLO releases like "Revelations 23" or "Where Angels Fear To Tread" of course won’t get in danger to be thrown from their throne of history – also "Burnt Beyond Recognition" isn’t in reach with this. Somehow I have the impression that Gary could need a helping hand to put his stuff in order, somebody who – at times – tells him when a song definitively needs to find an end ("Amigdula" clocks more than 14 minutes...). I guess this album will find its audience with some old-school influenced fanatics and music junkies which can invest time enough to spin it several hours. The typical Electro/Industrial listener, who still prefers that repetitive Hellektro madness won’t find access to the rich content this album for sure offers. This isn’t a bad album at all, but I guess Gary overtaxes the "normal" listener a bit...

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