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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Spectraliquid: Konkrete
Format: CD
Label: Spectraliquid (@)
Distributor: Ad Noiseam
Rated: *****
The debut release for this new Greece-based IDM/Electronica-based label looks a bit like the little twin to the highly anticipated debut DCD compilation "Emerging Organisms" by the Chicago Heights-based Tympanik Audio label. And indeed, some similarities didn’t definitely happened by chance. Behind Spectraliquid stands among others Kostas K., who is also the responsible musician behind the Ambient/Industrial act SUBHEIM, which is signed to Tympanik. And it is the project SUBHEIM, which opens this comp and they can insert the first highlight here. "Howl" is a little Down-Tempo/Ambient-Electro-driven masterpiece in a best GRIDLOCK-like manner, rich in its melodic content and it features the female Katja doing some "howling" vocals. Second appearance of FABRICS isn’t lesser interesting, the monotonous bass line programming reflects a lot of the ideas, which have been provided and celebrated by THE KLINIK. FLAQUE, well, we come to one of my personal favorites, offers the same track like presented on that Tympanik compilation with the title "Black Shadows In The Fog". That’s a great example how to combine lush layers with a hectic rhythm performance, always and ever supported of a steady cardiac-pacemaker-like rhythm. PSYTECH offer a new track, but this one got remixed SUBHEIM, who can show their talent once again. Another Greece-based project named MOBTHROW is currently preparing a debut release for Spectraliquid and also this act is responsible for the mastering of this compilation. "Deathstep" convinces with it’s staccato-like percussive moments, which get more and more raging as long this tracks runs. Second highlight is the calm and melodic instrumental tune by the established act DETRITUS, which can – just like SUBHEIM - count on Katja ( providing some smooth vocals. XSOZ stands for the harder IDM/Click’n’Beat-like kind and "Please Wait" can be discovered too on their upcoming release at the German underground label Fich-Art, which normally presents early and revamped works of acts like MORGENSTERN, ASCHE or SYNAPSCAPE...). Last but not least, the Belgian act AH CAMA-SOTZ is to name as being the second better known name besides DETRITUS, and they’ve produced a fair final tracks of this promising compilation. What I said already on that Tympanik compilation, counts for this strong debut release of this Greek collective too. It’s an amazing compilation which should be able to appeal to all fans of demanding Electronica music. A lot of talent is hidden here, so let’s discover some new blood until we have to wait for some coming releases of SUBHEIM, MOBTHROW, FABRICS and/or XSOZ.


1. Subheim - Howl
2. Fabrics - All Rights Reversed
3. Flaque - Black Shadows In the Fog
4. Psytech - Finding Yeesha (rmx by Subheim)
5. Mobthrow - Deathstep
6. Yttrium - Zeitlicht
7. Desperation & Fugue - Half Of The Truth
8. Detritus - Lead Balloons
9. Throttler & Track Killer - Against The Machines
10. Xsoz - Please Wait
11. Ah Cama-Sotz - Depth Charge

Accessory: More of the Machinery

 Posted by Michelle Russo   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Apr 17 2008
Artist: Accessory
Title: More of the Machinery
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Out of Line
Distributor: Out of Line
Accessory played in Chicago on Thursday April 3rd, 2008 at the Kinetic Playground for their first US. Chicago appearance ever! It was amazing! Dirk came out energetic and lively as ever and told us all to move our feet and show that we represent our Chicago Indeadstrial scene. He raised his fists and said ' C'mon Chicago show me how Hardcore you are! This band was and professional as ever! More than Machinery is the album and it is ever so amazing! We open with Track two "If this isn't a Dream" that is pure genuis and dancy as ever! Truely a dance fl;oor masterpiece and a track that really sticks in the mind and releases pure energy. The next track is " Acsy Girl" Dirk sings, " You are the Acsy girl, come dance with me." This track got me to move in my seat and bop up and down in my seatl. Dirk also sings, " the beauty queen likes this shit." Which was witty and a pure trip to electrohell. Robotic overtones overdub the lyrics into a vortex lost in space then prounounced as ever. We skip to Track Six " Hearattack" which is my personal favourite on this whole album. Synthbeat, breakbeats and pure agression meets the dance craze as we know it. This track tears it up and spits it out and is hard pure adrenaline times three. Dirk sings, " Heartattack" over horror samples and sings it with blood, sweat and tears looking for no frills, but chills. Track Eight is Tanzlaechenmann is a well know hit all over the world and got the audience live to raise their fists and sing the anthem right back at Accessory. The rest of the album proved to be just as good as the begnning and I had to stop writing this review just to dance my arse off to it, without hesitation that's for sure! This album has 20 tracjs that all are dancy and unique in their own way. Another track that stuck out on this album was Track thirteen which is " Fuck the Terrorism" which went beyond and above the call of duty. It is refreshing to see a pure Indeadstrial album that rises above the trenches and lashes out to make itself known. Buy it will grow on up and take over you and you may see more of the machinery~ do you dare? 4 stars ~ Michelle Russo
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Artist: Standgericht (@)
Title: Achtung Disko
Format: CD
Label: SkullLine (@)
Distributor: SkullLine
Rated: *****
Although using several German words and names, here comes a release of a UK-based duo now signed to the German mail order service SkullLine. STANDGERICHT offer us a very rhythmically oriented piece of electronic music, they like to integrate old-school EBM ideas with classic Powernoise/Industrial-driven percussive elements. Almost every track on this album moves merciless forward with a strong "Alle Gegen Alle"-EBM-attitude, accomplished with some voice-samples and multiple rhythm pattern programmings. Of course, an obvious inspiration by some militaristic works and impressions documented through several marching beats, sirens, explosion or orders of drill instructors get several insertions too. Here and there it sounds a bit like if early DIVE would meet LAIBACH for a jam session after having consumed some drugs ("Recycled Life"). A small doze of humor is featured as well with the track "We Steal Die Ananas" – although dangerous to rely and sample a legend like a;GRUMH... Please note also the pure EBM-like hidden bonus track. This album means pure entertainment if you have a heart for some retro and veteran-like stuff. Since also this item will be strictly limited, I like to advise to hurry up to purchase it directly from the source.
Apr 10 2008
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Artist: Kadaver (@)
Title: Running with Scissors
Format: CD
Label: SkullLine (@)
Distributor: SkullLine
Rated: *****
The label release output of Germany’s mail order specialist when it comes to purchase rarities out of the rather experimental music styles, the Augsburg-based SkullLine, has grown during the last few months enormously. It seems that there must be an audience which purchases the mostly strictly limited releases, which all get released in special art and packages. A new addition to the stable is KADARVER, a project cosisting out of the Israel-based musician Michael Zolotov.
The presented music is a sort of Harsh Noise and Power-Electronics, some rminiscences to some Cold Meat-Industry works and to some Japanese Noise-artists like MASONNA for example seem to be intended. This album offers 9 tracks and 45 minutes of torturing and static noise, rhythmically insertions got mostly left out. It’s a bit hard to find in between the walls of noise something like a corsage which could press and integrate a sort of structure into this uncontrollable Noise chaos. A release only designed for supporters of the purest noise assaults and nothing at all for the fainthearted.

Black Mold Phallanx/Lacerated Tissue: Pustules of the Putrifact

 Posted by Shaun Phelps (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Mar 26 2008
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Artist: Black Mold Phallanx/Lacerated Tissue (@)
Title: Pustules of the Putrifact
Format: CD
Label: Mental Abuse Records (@)
Rated: *****
Black Mold Phallanx is a project from Steve Pekari, proprietor of Mental Abuse Records and Splatterfuck Tapes, two DIY labels accessible through Myspace. Pakari also heads numerous other underground Death-Crust-Grind-Metal-Noise projects. Regretfully, I don’t know anything about Lacerated Tissue, except that they are from Italy.

I think the best way to adequately describe the sound of both of these projects is by an over-generalized analogy, so here it goes: Imagine an engine that was created by sewing multiple collapsed, tar-blackened, puss-filled, rotting lungs together. The fuel: Adrenaline and old milk. The difference between Black Mold Phallanx and Lacerated Tissue, to my ears, is that someone poured too much milk into the Lacerated half.

This split release is a collection of heavy guitar, rapid drums, and organic sputtering noises, peppered with smatterings of synthesizer. The songs are all very short and are just as different as they are the same. What this release lacks in dynamics it makes up for in novelty and originality. I’ll admit, metal has never been my forte. I’m not well-advised on the current accepted modes of sound, but this is the most unique perspective I’ve ever heard.

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