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Artist: Buddhist on Fire
Title: When you Smell the Stench of Dead Disciples you too will realize that all things are impermanent
Format: CD
Label: Smell the Stench (@)
Rated: *****
Buddhist on Fire is the unceremonious noise project of Robert LaBarge, hailing from Mesa, Arizona. This release, titled, "When You Smell the Stench of Dead Disciples You too will Realize that All Things are Impermanent"which will be shortened to Dead Disciples for the purposes of this reviewis a collection of three tracks, approximately 20 minutes in length each. Because of the uniqueness of each track I will describe them separately.

"Zombies of Dharmsala" conjures images of an aged black and white video documentary of machinery grinding relentlessly away; All of the gears and hinges are rusted and poorly maintained. "Open Sores" is reminiscent of a storm cloud forming slowly in a dark sky, lightening rolling through the clouds and thunder resonating through the dried and barren lands below. "Heaps of Bodies" is what I would imagine having one’s head stuck in a blender full of rocksin a wind tunnelwould sound like.

Buddhist on Fire’s Dead Disciples is very much an atmospheric noise release, with the final track touching on the harsher side of noise. The basic atmosphere of each track carries from start to finish; extra layers are introduced to build, and then carelessly fall away. This release is very raw in form, but the sound is solid and interesting, and well worth the listen.
Jul 02 2008
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Artist: TZOLK\'IN (@)
Title: Haab\'
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Ant-Zen (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
There seems to be some intellectual background behind this project, since the term "Tzolk’in" shall describe the mesoamerican 260-days calendar of the Maya civilization. However, what counts is the music, and the project TZOLK’IN can refer the band members of the Belgian EMPUSAE and the French FLINT GLASS to its roster. So this new and second TZOLK’IN full-length album after a debut signed to Dive Comedy, isn’t that sort of your usual Ant-Zen release. It comes out lesser distorted and it rather concentrates to perform with several percussion layers and a decent Ambient/Electronica mood – somehow a release which would fit with the latest efforts of the rising Tympanik Audio label. Even if this music and the existence of this mutual project draws its inspiration out the doomed and gone Maya civilization, the result is a rather brooding and Sci-Fi-related outfit, but with an amazing doze of creativity included. And even if the melodic content is easy-listening minded ("Muwan"), the music of these talented artists is sort of an epic outfit. Some really fine tunes asides the usual noise therapy, and another safe 4-stars rating for Ant-Zen.
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Bewein Dein Mädel
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: SkullLine (@)
Distributor: SkullLine
Rated: *****
A new DCD compilation set by the German SkullLine mail order service, which is pretty much dedicated to present you a wide-ranging overview through different rather underground-based music styles. Even if this compilation and ist participants follow pretty much a mutual main and Military-based theme (dedicated to document the loss of women during the world wars), the music remains diverse. Be it Military, Neo-Folk, Minimal, Electronica or Dark Ambient – you’ll get it all and complete. And almost all of the signed label artists of SkullLine are featured on here, too. One of them, GRABSTEIN opens this comp with a Dark Ambient-tune, which follows after a sampled classic introduction. IN SCHERBEN stands for clear Neo-Folk music, while PARA-DIOXIN offer harsh and minimal Electro-Powernoise music. CHAOTICUM, a newcomer to SkullLine offer an extra-ordinary mix between Ambient, Experimental and Psychedelic elements and that rather on DIVE-related tune of BLEIBURG featuring Russian voice samples is one of the best tracks this act has produced so far! AYWASSCREAMING convinces with a staccato-like rhythm work wide driven in the stereo field and voice samples related on a battle at WWII at Sewastopol. The productive duo of TRITON 83 is still one of my personal favorites of the SkullLine roster, this new track "Alptraum" reminds strong on some classic recordings by PIERREPOINT for example. GENOCIDE LOLITA, well behind the cool band name hides a US-based project offering an Ambient/Experimental tune featuring a harsh and overdriven vocal performance. CD 2 starts with the Italian ZR.19.84 project with a new tune, and that harsh Japan-Noise-like tune of KADAVER – "Heart-Shaped Torture" doesn’t take prisoners. Dark and ominous growling Dark Ambient pieces you’ll get offered by both MANIFESTO and ZYANKALI, while the international known act FORTHCOMING FIRE offers a smooth and danceable Electronica tune. More and more Ambient tunes are following, some with Noise infiltrated (NOCTURNE, B-MACHINA, but all of them with that thematically fittig Military thing. Last but not least also KREPULEC, an act we had presented on here with an interview is featured as well und closes this satisfying DCD set. Nearly 150 minutes of exclusive music out of this wide field of different styles – this compilation reminds a lot on the last years "New World Order" compilation by the German collegues of Thonar Records. As usual it comes out strictly limited and only available at SkullLine directly, be it a normal 200 exemplar-edition, or the strictly limited release to 100 exemplars (including a special bag).

Track list:


01. Grabstein - Kraft durch Freude
02. In Scherben - Ein letztes mal
03. Para-Dioxin - 1942
04. Kenji Siratori - Nietzsche Girl
05. Chaoticum - Occultique
06. Bleiburg - Mirogojske Svijece
07. Aywasscreaming - Sewastopol Bunkerlinie
08. Riccardo Z. - Einsamkeit
09. Triton 83 - Alptraum
10. Melek-tha - Le triumphe de la volontée
11. Waffenruhe - Todgeweihte (BDM Version)
12. Hybryds - White Snow (excerpt)
13. Heiliges Licht - Crime Against Humanity
14. Stormfagel - Mitt Hat (Fritz version)
15. Genocide Lolita - Bilderberg Silent Order
16. SnowWwhite - Der Fruehling


01. Zr19.84 - Non Un Passo Indietro! (CCCP)
02. Kadaver - Heart shaped torture
03. Kammer Sieben - Altes Lied (piano) Musik: Butow Maler. Text: Heinrich Heine.
04. Rose Rovine E Amanti - False Priests and Homo Nazi
05. Manifesto - Discipline
06. Zyankali - Evakuierte Zone
07. Forthcoming Fire - Achtung Achtung (wir kommen wieder)
08. I Hatt einen Kameraden - Feilds of Honor
09. Der Feuerkreiner - Sie gehen daher wie ein Schemen
10. Nocturne - Winifred Wagner
11. B-Machina - Willkommen zur Gewalt
12. Lifes Decay - Orguanium
13. B.L.O. feat. The 120 Days - End Of The Game (Baader-Meinhof_Mix)
14. Exemtum - Infestus
15. The Pride of Wolves - Will you?
16. Fourniersches Gangraen - Steyrermühlener Klangdruck
17. Krepulec - Warschauer 1944

Stirner: Incubator of Hate

 Posted by Shaun Phelps (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Jun 26 2008
Artist: Stirner (@)
Title: Incubator of Hate
Format: CD
Label: Smell the Stench (@)
Stirner is the harsh noise project of Tony Mulder of the Netherlands. Incubator of Hate is one of many releases currently available from this artist. Incubator of Hate is a four track release, two tracks are only approximately two minutes of length, and two are approximately 20 minutes long.

Incubator of Hate is brutal and painful from the very first second. High-pitched drones tear through the foreground, digging into the listener’s brain and causing what feels like a temporary form of brain damage. Warring distorted factions of aggravated noise argue and toil menacingly in the background. Throughout the album the high-pitched drones and distorted factions battle for attention, both either jumping forth or dropping out randomly, only to be replaced by other, more aggressive twists with each movement.

To say the least, this album is made for fans of noise. On that note, this is a great taste of what underground noise should be. Incubator of Hate lives up to its name. There were times that I was convinced that the noise really did not like me as a person, and was looking for a way to cause me harm. Good stuff.

Mixturizer: Exploratio -- Saturatio

 Posted by Shaun Phelps (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Jun 25 2008
Artist: Mixturizer (@)
Title: Exploratio -- Saturatio
Format: CD
Label: Smell the Stench (@)
Rated: *****
Mixturizer is the experimental noise project of the co-owner of Spanish label, RONF Records. Exploratio – Saturatio is the first Mixturizer album to be released by Australian label, Smell the Stench. Exploratio – Saturatio is a collection of five songs, ranging between 5 and 20 minutes in length.

With Exploratio – Saturatio, Mixturizer manages to find an equilibrium between structure and chaos. The chaos, often what sounds like guitar-generated noise, becomes a dynamic voice of its own; a polar-opposite of the stability provided by the ever-churning rhythm. It is easy to fall into an uneasy trance listening to this album, only to have all peace ripped away at the slightest change in structure.

Exploratio – Saturatio takes a different angle than I have previously been exposed to in Mixturizer’s work. The sound of Exploratio – Saturatio is a mix of dominating, rhythmic layers of stability accompanied by dynamic, harsh screeching tones of chaos. Each track is writhe with sounds, densely compacted, and neatly exploding at the seams. Mixturizer’s Exploratio – Saturatio is definitely a worthwhile addition to an already worthy discography of sounds.

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