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DYM: The Invilid

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Nov 13 2008
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Artist: DYM
Title: The Invilid
Format: CD
Label: Noitekk (@)
Distributor: Nova
Rated: *****
DYM stands for Death to Your Modern and THE INVILID is their debut album. Containing ten tracks, the album shows a band that has something new to offer other than harsh sounds and aggressive attitude. DYM mix e.b.m. tunes with harsh/treated vocals, breakbeat rhythms and electro industrial sounds. Most of the tracks offer good moments and fortunately few of them are focused only on distorted assaults that tend to arise only chaos rather than my attention. Good for a dancefloor use as well as an home listening, THE INVILID is a nice album which stands out for its mix of genres even if innovation isn't the key for the whole track list as some tracks are quite "normal" for an e.b.m. album but the ones where they blend genres and don't push too much on the harshness are really interesting.

Lingouf: Area Keloza

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Nov 12 2008
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Artist: Lingouf
Title: Area Keloza
Format: CD
Label: Ant-Zen (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
The talent of the German Ant-Zen-label to hire some unexpected and hardly heard before is still unbreakable. The French act LINGOUF can look back on some releases out on the small Ark-Aik underground label, which mostly draw their musically ground based on Hardcore/Techno music. "Area Keloza" of course turns the music into a much wider dimension. It starts dark with several strange voice samples thrown into the Industrial soundscapes of the opener "Bioless Game", the collaboration with the Japanese Cyberpunk-artist KENJI SIRATORI takes some obvious fruits. While drowning into this obscure Industrial ambience, the abrasive rhythm work joins in and offers some satisfying results on a straight 4/4-basis. The straight orientation continues on "Harpman", which may can grow to a club favorite. The longer this album runs, the faster and more percussive-oriented the tracks mutate. The attached info sheet refers on names like CONVERTER, IMMINENT or SOMATIC RESPONSES as possible comparisons. Some elements of each mentioned acts can be surely discovered in LINGOUF, while an obviously obscurity hides behind it too. This may belongs on the fact that LINGOUF is more than a usual Industrial/Powernoise act, this project and its anonymous mastermind is also active as a visual artist. Some excerpts of the work can be discovered on the projects’ website mentioned above. "Area Keloza" features only 6 tracks, but all of them are clocking up to 10 minutes and more, so the term of a full-length album is nice fulfilled. As usual for Ant-Zen, also LINGOUF is a save candidate for 4 stars. Well deserved!
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Artist: Greifenkeil (@)
Title: Blood Mystery
Format: CD
Label: GrenTzwert Musiclabel (@)
Distributor: Alive
Rated: *****
Again sorry for another too late done review, but at least the heap here on my table shrinks a bit. Germany’s Dark Electro/Ambient art-project GREIFENKEIL returns with a new full-length album again signed and published to the Munich-based Grentzwert label. The resume in advance: also this new album requires the full attention of the listener, since the musically course once again draws influences of the darkest music styles electronic music can deliver. A. von Greifenkeil, the mastermind behind this project, has again created a sonic assault, which integrates the darkest Dark Electro, Dark Ambient and Powernoise impressions, at times all styles pressed into a single track ("Vendetta"). New and worth to mention is the fact, that A. von Greifenkeil is able to watch over genre boundaries, also the integration of guitar riffs ("Blood War") is nowadays an allowed stylistically element. If the chosen album-title may suggests a close dedication to some terror-EBM- or vampire-related content, GREIFENKEIL has never been and surely will never be thrown into this redundant field. "Blood Mystery" also hasn’t got anything to do with a normal biologically process, it rather offers a higher, but still mysterious and intellectual content. It’s a bit to keep the inner out, the might of blood seems to have a deeper meaning to A. von Greifenkeil, as he announced, that this will be only the starter for more excursion. Also the length of the main tracks – mostly provided with 8 + minutes playing time - are speaking for a rather artistically content, instead to follow a Mainstream-oriented "chorus-bridge-refrain" kind of work. GREIFENKEIL offers once again an amazing sound excursion, which even has the ability to touch a deeper part of your mind. It’s definitively more than a usual Hellectro act has to offer. A video edit of the audio content on the main title "Blood Mystery" accomplishes this album (watch out at Youtube for this act...), while some first live performances of this project have meanwhile occurred.

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Artist: S.A.M. (@)
Title: Destruction Unit
Format: CD
Label: ProNoize / Dark Dimensions (@)
Distributor: Broken Silence
Rated: *****
The German brother duo of SAM has been surely the biggest surprise of the ProNoize label during the last year. Their unexpected success with their self-titled debut and the still good call after them at the DJ’s made it possible that Joel and Daniel Meyer have reached a higher attention level internationally. "Destruction Unit" is their second album and picks up globally the chosen path of the debut. This album once again clocks over 70 minutes and smashes 12 original and 5 additional remix contributions into the arena. Once again a mouthwatering mixture between TBM, Tekkno, Industrial and Noise for the Hard-Tec-addicts, since the brothers Meyer (...without any relationship to Daniel Myer of DESTROID, by the way...) attract some tortured bodies with an ultimately speedy onslaught. "Pushing the masses to the dancefloors", that could be an additional sub-title for "Destruction Unit" and this even gets accomplished with the chosen remix contributors like C/A/T, SOMAN, REAPER, MODULATE and XOTOX. And comparable to their debut, the only point of criticism is once again the fact, that also "Destruction Unit" lacks of a musically more demanding piece. 70 minutes + of 4/4-on-the-floor harsh and snatching Industrial dance music can be strenuous, if you decide to sit still while trying to pick up the details of their arrangements. Sitting still? Huh? Nah, that’s quite impossible – but also the sense of this release. New food for some mad dance moves, this "Destruction Unit" destroys any moment of silence.
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Artist: VV.AA. (@)
Title: Entwined -
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Heresy & Dark Mourning Promotions (@)
Rated: *****
This is a free downloadable compilation compiled by the both UK-based label/promotion agencies Heresy and Dark Mourning Promotions. Both are working still hard in the pure British underground to promote and support Industrial-minded bands with multiple actions. While Heresy acts like a booking agency and shares country-wide contacts to clubs and organizes small tours for interested bands, Dark Mourning follows the idea to expand interest of the audience with a constant online promotion by using as much as possible the availability of communities like MySpace.
25 mostly undiscovered acts got united and are offering each one representative track out of their archives. Of course the musically dimension is wide-ranged and diverse, every thinkable style between pure Goth-Rock, multiple forms of Metal, Ambient and Experimental up to Electro/Futurepop and EBM gets featured here. It has to be said in advance that not all participating acts here offer music styles, which get normally covered by our online resource, for example all pure Metal-forms, while some others tend to play styles far away of my musically tastes. Therefore I’ll pick out only those causing some interest, any other ratings on acts providing foreign music styles wouldn’t be a fair deal.
The British duo BLIND BEFORE DAWN can already look back on several years of activity and they’ve released already 3 own produced albums in the past. Their featured track "Strangers" got remixed by REZUMAKI and plays well in the melodic Futurepop-genre, although it can’t offer anything new. A lot of Metal acts, be it Speed-, Death-, or Black-Metal offered by names like DE LA GRAVES, DEATH SHROUD or FIRE LAKE got thrown here in the arena, but, as I said, I better keep fingers and ears away from them. The Industrial/Powernoise act SCHULTZ comes out like the long awaited rain in the desert and sweeps away the dust provided by the uncountable Metal-heads before – well done rhythmically Powernoise-Industrial and I’ll look forward to their collaboration with the US-based Soviet Media Control label. Somewhere in between we have some decent Goth-Rock ballads offering some well done female vocals and melodic string- and piano-arrangements (HER BLACKENED ROSE). There has been too some more Electro/Industrial-minded appearances by IRA-K ORGANISATION and LOUIS GUIDONE (the track name is program: "Uber Cyber Total Bullshit"), but those still need some practice in the basement studios until they’ll be able to satisfy. Things are changing drastically with PSILOPSYB and their Hardcore-/Trance-Industrial massacre entitled "Amongst Orbs & Fairies". No matter, if this killer runs more than 9 minutes, it is definitely the revelation of this comp! The German project TANAROS (I guess they are from Germany) try to impress with a rather Harsh-EBM-like track, not bad, though not on top of the standard stuff. Also VALIUM ERA are concentrating to offer the harsh Hellectro-formula with a simple musically structure and a repetitive voice sample "Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People" – it is that sort of penetrating catchy, that the plan to set fire under the feet of the dancefloor addicts can succeed!
The opinions on the quality of the provided tracks may tend to differ, but that doesn’t wonder too much, since 99 % of the included acts are totally newcomers to their representative scenes. Plus the featured diversity of multiple styles on this free downloadable compilation makes it impossible, to enjoy all participants. But there’s in no way to argue against the efforts of both British promotion agencies. Support them, download this one, because it’s free and you’ll may discover one or another pearl.

Beautiful Dark - Alone in the Dark
Blind Before Dawn - Strangers (Rezumaki Remix)
Briar Rose - Hairy Eyeball
De La Graves - Angelita3
Death Shroud - Blacken the Sky
Dyonisis - Reaching
Fields of Iaru - Great Bark of Khepri
FireLake - Ghost City
Her Blackened Rose - On Another's Sorrow
Immundus - The Grieving Widow
Ira-k Organisation - La Maledicion
Jack's Hammer - Wicker Man
Louis Guidone - Über Cyber Total Bullshit (Entwined Edit)
Parasite - Twist the Knife
Psilopsyb - Amongst Orbs & Fairies
Schultz - Nekrophilia
Screams of Cold Winter - Nothing Left
Shallow Intentions - Bleeding Years
SILIZIUM - Love Also Means Forgiveness
Spekulus - Fragile
Tanaros - Failed
The Neurophobics – Necro
The Wired - Time Travel
Valium Era - Guns Don't Kill
Violet Vortex - Not

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