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Exocet: Grotesque Consumer

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
Ambient / Electronica / Ethereal / Dub / Soundscapes / Abstract
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Apr 20 2010
Artist: Exocet
Title: Grotesque Consumer
Format: CD
Label: Ant-Zen (@)
Distributor: Ant-Zen
Rated: *****
It’s not a secret, that EXOCET’s debut release ”Violation” has been one of my personal favorites on Ant-Zen in 2008. R. Klimaczewski returns, but now without his partner Dave Kean, who unfortunately passed away, before any of the here featured 12 tracks has been conducted. It may was Kean, whose futuristic ideas and visions accomplished a lot of the brilliant Industrial ambience of the debut. Klima has been the wizard, to perform after Kean’s ideas and to transform his visions into sound and noise. After Kean’s passing, Klima now continues under his EXOCET moniker. It is useless to discuss, if ”Grotesque Consumer” sounds that much different compared to ”Violation”, because it offers again some fine worked out noisy Industrial sound assaults, combined with diverse restranged rhythm patterns and multiple voice samples. Again a harsh, but also tricky worked-out sound environment, which impresses with some magic moments. The freezing synth pads of ”Conflict Of Memories” offer a nearly catchy moment. The well implemented voice samples of ”Like Hot And Bad Dreams” into the hefty noise percussion loops resulting in an awesome and authentic sounding melange. At least ”Sensitive Size” with its clear and hammering rhythm patterns offers heating stuff dedicated to all Industrial dancefloor addicts. Good stuff with identity once again produced by Klima, who succeeds as being a solo artist.
Apr 20 2010
Artist: Marching Dynamics
Title: The Workers Party of Haiti
Format: CD
Label: Hymen records (@)
Distributor: Ant-Zen
Rated: *****
This of course has nothing to do with the latest earthquake tragedy happened some weeks before - it rather belongs once again on me, that I write quite late a review on it. Whatever a workers party on Haiti has to do with Shane Talada’s newest efforts, remains to be an unsolved riddle, but however, Mr. Talada’s work can be called valuable and it is a secret tip to those out there, missing an extra-ordinary and modern sounding IDM/Electronica/Powernoise release. It wonders me once again, what kind of wise calculating Electronica-musician Shane has become throughout the years. MARCHING DYNAMICS has nothing to do with that angry Industrial-outfit and unfortunately too early gone US-Coldwave act S.T.G., as he was a member of them. This album impresses with its integrated diversity, which got expressed through genre-bending drum patterns layered and sorted to each other. If he then programs additionally cold and ominous synthesizer sweep-sounds as it best presented on 3 or 4, the listener falls into euphoric impression of this cinematic-like sound design. May the cult act GRIDLOCK has to be named as possible comparison especially to these both tunes and for some of other ideas as well, but to me that isn’t a bad reference. MARCHING DYNAMICS offer once again a top-notch Electronica album by following the tradition of his previous album ”Nailsleeper”
Artist: ESA
Title: The Immaculate Manipulation
Format: CD
Label: Tympanik Audio (@)
Distributor: Ant-Zen
Rated: *****
Remix collections are always a nice tool for musicians to bridge their required time between two albums, although the concept and the sense of remix works suffers and gets often abused due to financially aspects. The definitive ESA remix-collection instead is a well deserved release for this Industrial/Powernoise-project, since Jamie Blacker’s stunning last studio work ”The Sea & The Silence” has gained worldwide euphoric reactions. Also worth to notice is the fact, that Jamie has avoided to request remix contributions by the often chosen notorious names - instead you’ll find on this CD contributions by relative undiscovered names like PSILOPSYB, MOOD DELUXE, EXOTIC or LIGHTS OUT ASIA. Some well discovered label colleagues like the praised ACCESS TO ARASAKA and STENDECK provide quality interpretations. Also the names of the further rest rather speaks for well-thought chosen contributors, C-DRONE DEFECT, THE SYNTHETIC DREAM FOUNDATION, MARCHING DYNAMICS or MANUFACTURA are approved and well recognized music-projects. To pick out favorites out this massive playlist is a bit tricky, because the musically diversity provides quite different listening experiences. But at first there’s to name ESA’s new and original composed track ”I Am The Filth”, another floor-burner and ideal tune to move to. The remix of the British newcomer PSILOPSYB on ”The Devil Worships Me” impresses with its fat and layered mood, while the modern sounding rhythm section is able to execute the dancefloors. Same counts also for MOOD DELUXE with their quite Techno-oriented direction of ”The Sea & The Silence”. Movement on the dark floors promises also the contribution of THE SYNTHETIC DREAM FOUNDATION with a straight, but also slightly distorted kick and snare work. The usual coldness in the arrangements of ACCESS TO ARASAKA on ”Your Anger Is A Gift” combined with the tricky rhythm structures convinces again and again. A lot of good reasons to purchase this well-done remix album - and you will be additionally rewarded, because you’ll find a code, which allows you to download additional remix contributions available on the Tympanik Audio website.

W.A.S.T.E.: A Silent Mantra Of Rage

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Apr 07 2010
Artist: W.A.S.T.E.
Title: A Silent Mantra Of Rage
Format: CD
Label: Vendetta Music (@)
Distributor: KGD Media
Rated: *****
It seems, that the Sistinas collective has stopped all further activities, since the best known acts did meanwhile hire to other labels (ALTER DER RUINE - > Crunch Pod, TO MEGA THERION - > Vendetta Music). Also W.A.S.T.E., the project of Shane Englefield, has found now a new home in Vendetta Music, and releases now a new album, the third already after the two releases on Sistinas. And since W.A.S.T.E. is surely one of a higher recognized US-based acts providing a harsh and rhythmical Powernoise-driven sound outfit, this release offers besides the usual album with 12 all new tracks, a bonus CD featuring diverse remix contributions as well as unreleased own compositions. Not, that W.A.S.T.E. needs to hunt for remix contributions by some highly acclaimed names like C/A/T, MONO NO AWARE, XOTOX or the already mentioned ALTER DER RUINE, the own compositions of Shane are drastically and floor-compatible enough to set fire under the boots of the pogo-addicted masses. Original tracks like "The Beast", "Gun To The Head", "Marked For Extinction" or "The Death March" are some fine examples for merciless violence pressed onto a silver circle of this harsh Powernoise project. Other favorites have to be named with the ominous and cold sounding tunes like the spooky "That Moment Of Terror", or "Kill Your Own", which both offer some scary moments through their layered Industrial ambience. As for pointing out the favorites of the second CD, the works of XOTOX, ALTER DER RUINE and C/A/T offer the best moments – rather the expected names. In case you’re planning to do a Powernoise party, please make sure to give this DCD set a spin – You could save the costs for a DJ, since this massive and harsh sonic assault offers floor-burners as well as merciless soundscapes to keep not only this release and this project attractive. As a complete set, it defines nothing else than the standard of modern produced rhythmically Powernoise, and lets higher recognized projects like TERRORFAKT or MANUFACTURA look like toothless dogs.
Artist: VV.AA.
Title: All My Monsters II
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Witchhammer Records
Rated: *****
Communities like MySpace grow in their meaning to be an ideal promotion tool for music projects and labels. And sometimes it gets me, to search for some goodies with the hope to find a real treasure. With the Siberian-based (!!!) label Witchhammer Records, I found a label offering free downloadable releases of their mostly local based bands. "Monsters My Monsters II" is the title of a compilation series, which collects all of them and offers a wide range of diverse music styles. The female artist INTROSLEEP offers retro-analogue Synth-Electronica with beautiful melodies, while ABSENT ONE convinces with detailed synth bass lines combined with deep-male vocals. There are of course also several Noise- and Experimental-minded acts available, from which have to pick out UNDUSK with their "Hypnotic Mutant Attacks". This ominous Experimental-Industrial related tune is may the most convincing track on here, by following pretty much the styles of some raw Tympanik Audio artists like ESA or PNEUMATIC DETACH. Also with its second track "Collapsing", this project offers deep drowning Ambient moods combined with abstract arranged percussion patterns. A real discovery to follow immediately! While I generally appreciate the efforts to collect multiple artists and to introduce them via the usage of the above named community, it cannot be hidden, that some artist do definitely some more practice. But however, what counts is the will and the chance to present local projects to a worldwide based audience. And who seriously expects Electronica music hailing out of Siberia? Let’s continue to keep an eye and ear on the activities of this label.

01. A Fake Mirror - One More Thing to Lose
02. Introsleep - Butterfly
03. Absent One - Stewardess
04. Belika - Сны
05. Edge Of Caress - Pictures
06. SEФIRET - ChangeOver
07. Tur Sphere - Perfect World
08. Undusk - Hypnotic Mutants Attack
09. Хаос-Модуль - Ритуал Воды
10. Edge Of Caress - Run Away
11. BLODEUWEDD - Дочь смерти
12. Tur Sphere - Machine Bang
13. Undusk - Collapsing
14. Apkx - Rest In Space
15. AVO - FaDeOut
16. A.Tchort - Cellular Nightmare
17. Absent One - Night
18. In Se - Остатки сна
19. SEФIRET - Glance of time

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