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R.Y.N.: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy

 Posted by Barton Graham   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Apr 14 2011
Artist: R.Y.N.
Title: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy
Format: 12"
Label: Equation Records (@)
Rated: *****
This record by R.Y.N. draws the title 'Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy' from the 1951 work of Mircea Eliade which was a comprehensive study on one of the most intriguing sets of beliefs to date. And I think that they really channel some of that energy in this release. If you close your eyes and FEEL the ravaging soundscapes they offer us, you'll begin to feel the pull as you're transported to another dark realm. Spacious and damning the two pieces take up a full side of the LP each, giving the listener ample time to give in to the powers within. These songs are aurally very tense, uneasy and create just the right amount of despair to grip you and not let you go. You'll find yourself very much immersed in an unnerving delve into the psyche of insanity. This album was crafted entirely from manipulated field recordings and the results show that R.Y.N. definitely have a mastery of their trade. Make sure to catch this one at home in the dungeon, alone, in the dark, with your vice of choice close by and let yourself be overtaken by its dreadful beauty.

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and Nihilist Assault Group: Planned Obsolescence

 Posted by Barton Graham   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Apr 14 2011
Artist: Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and Nihilist Assault Group
Title: Planned Obsolescence
Format: 12"
Label: Gnarled Forest (@)
Rated: *****
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and Nihilist Assault Group's collaborative effort 'Planned Obsolescence' doesn't f**k around. They take their HNW very seriously, and with this release command you do the same.

This is what I imagine it would sound like if you were in the epicenter of a massive explosion and captured just a single nuance of it, then looped it indefinitely. This recording is just a thick, unapologetic wall of destruction. Every second offers no hope or retribution. From the second the walls of noise close in, until the moment they fade away, you're pummeled with the harsh ferocity of a sonic shoe to the groin. Minute sounds and variances pour in and build up throughout to offer just a hint of tonal fluctuation that slowly swirls to a head by the end of the record. Side B seems to show more of these nuances than Side A making sure by the last seconds you're not quite sure what kind of truck just hit you. There's not enough that can be said to attest to the brutality of this collaboration, you must simply experience it for yourself, however, be very aware, that it is not for everybody. While the title may be 'Planned Obsolescence,' this is definitely a stew of timeless carnage that will be just as destructive years from now as it is today.

Neon Rain: We Are Meat/The Vultures

 Posted by Barton Graham   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Apr 14 2011
Artist: Neon Rain
Title: We Are Meat/The Vultures
Format: CD
Label: Steelwork Maschine (@)
Distributor: Steelwork Maschine
Rated: *****
I had fairly High expectations for this release being a huge fan of the Steelwork Maschine label and they were both met, and very much exceeded. Neon Rain has put forth a masterpiece with the double-disc release 'We Are Meat/The Vultures.'

'We are Meat' is essentially a single piece, divided into 7 'songs.' The entire disc slowly makes its way through only a single set of lyrics; a declaration of disgust aimed at the world of corporate slavery. It especially hits the nail on the head in its chanting of 'we are meat' at the final movement.

It starts out very simply with a single recurring distorted bass tone. It doesn't hit you immediately over the head, but slowly chips away at your sanity, eventually trickling in variation, including random sounds, manipulated field recordings, and Jeffrey Dahmer testimonials. It's here that the simple request is made of the listener which by the following track begs us to 'abandon all hope. ' As the disc progresses we're taken through a great range of genre bending aural assaults. It remains noisy throughout, channeling through harsh tones to more abstract textures, but certain sections take you completely by surprise with martial elements including brooding, chugging, heavy guitar rhythms accompanied by the unexpected but very enjoyable industrial vocal stylings of yesteryear.

'The Vultures' sees a bit of a break in the noise, though not completely, so fear not. It offers more melodies, more diverse genre crossovers, and a bit more 'traditional' (and I use the term very loosely) arrangement, while at the same time maintaining that abrasive 'take no prisoners' edge to it. The listener is offered tastes of feedback, strings, synths, Laibach inspired growls, and percussion that is perfect for marching. And even the most accessible and pop-y points of the cd are bathed in just the right amount of noisescapes and mayhem. The lyrics continue to project that martial mindset very effectively stressing at times that 'we are rats' and at others that 'we are the words: we are the lies.' The lyrical content throughout both discs is intense and perfect and incredible. Neon Rain has got the formula DOWN, and are making sure everyone knows it. Don't let this one pass you by.

HIV+: Anthology Of Noise

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Apr 07 2011
image not
Artist: HIV+
Title: Anthology Of Noise
Format: CD
Label: Meka Prods (@)
Born in Spain in 1968, Pedro Penas y Robles, moved in France and on early 90s he was djing at Trolleybus in Marseille. He started his activity under the HIV+ moniker in 2000 and the year after he signed for Divine Comedy Records. With different albums on this label as well as on Caustic Records and Black Flames Records to name few, Pedro, after collaborating with and remixing many bands such as Hocico, The Hacker, Sonar, Nitzer Ebb, etc. in 2008 decided to stop to play. Three years after Meka Prods decided to collect on a limited to 100 CDr run HIV+'s rare tracks, remixes (made by and for HIV+) and collaborations.ANTHOLOGY OF NOISE contains fourteen harsh industrial tracks where you can check Pedro's style made of rich percussive hard beats, distortions, minimal melodic loops and aggressive atmospheres. The tracks I preferred are the ones that mix genres that could be unrelated but which give unexpected results: check Pedro Peñas y Robles & Laurent Maltinti's industrial flamenco of "Vaya Con Dios (Normotone Edit Version)", the electro techno sounds of The Hacker & HIV+ "Novo Disko" (a song which remind me of D.A.F. as well as the following Millimetric's "Coco Pino") or the Die-6 Vs Splatterpunk remix of "Warm Leatherette" (a remix of a cover could be an hard judging thing). Fans of harsh industrial would be pleased by the remix of Hocico's "Born To Be Hated". A nice way to say goodbye... On this CD you'll find:
R3MUTE_less than zero feat HIV+ (Normotone rmx II)
SENSORY MINDFIELDS aka HIV_doors to kiev (instrumental)
AQL_milano d'agosto (sensory mindfield rmx by HIV+)
HIV+ atomic kashmir (remixed by SONAR)
HIV+ I heard a strange noise
HIV+_warm leatherette (Normotone version)
HOCICO_born to be hated (remixed by HIV+)
EMPUSAE_dark alchemy (harsh floor mix by HIV+)
PEDRO PEÃAS ROBLES & LAURENT MALTINTI_vaya con dios (Normotone edit version)
BUZZ berlin (HIV+ version)
NÃVÃ_insane robots (cold machine mix by HIV+)
THE HACKER & HIV+_novo disko
MILLIMETRIC feat. HIV+_coco pino
HIV+_warm leatherette (Die-6 vs SPLATTERPUNK rmx)

Geistform: Transistor Music

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Apr 01 2011
image not
Artist: Geistform
Title: Transistor Music
Format: CD
Label: Hands Productions (@)
Rated: *****
Already the fourth full-length album of the Spanish fellow Rafael M Espinosa, after his Hands-debut 'Pro Analogic' in 2008 and his earlier two releases on Dirk Ivens' Daft Records. 'Transistor Music' is generally a nice example taken out of the often ignored textbook 'How-to-produce-effective-music-with-the-most-minimal-effort'. The hypnotic impression squeezed out of Rafael's equipment mostly provided by repetitive and seldom changing drum patterns, relative 'warm' sounding distortion- and lo-fi FX-inserts, and 'Transistor'-like interferences searches hard for comparisons, but it doesn't wonder too much, if the usual notorious names like DIVE and ORPHX are coming up. Rafael definitely doesn't need to hide himself behind those global scene-players, as he grows and grows to one of the outstanding artists signed to Hands Productions. 'Emisor' is a nice example of a stand-out track, as this dark filtered snare drum charms the ear-channel. 'Antimatter' is the straightest and most-forward moving tune on here and would be able to fill uncountable dancefloors of world-wide based dark clubs. 'Bad Particle' is another remarkable track with its drum pattern-variation. Rafael's kind of composing, as well as his hypnotic kind to lead his arrangements, offers him a wide ranging array of recognition. Relatively minimal, but so damned effective produced Industrial-/Noise-Electronica, which you should call your own. Get it!

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