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Peder Mannerfelt: EP1

 Posted by Vito Camarretta (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
Techno / Trance / Goa / Drum'n'Bass / Jungle / Tribal / Trip-Hop
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Feb 20 2014
Artist: Peder Mannerfelt
Title: EP1
Format: 12"
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Not to be mistaken with Dj Spooky aka That Subliminal Kid, Swedish producer Peder "The Sublimanal Kid" Mannerfelt, one leg of Roll The Dice with Malcom Pardon, moults on the occasion of the launch of his own label and the release of an album that is going to come on Digital Industries to the extent that the above-mentioned sonic appearances could be felt like a tender caress compared to a knockout blow of this EP. He seems to follow similar strategies of Paul "Emptyset" Purgas, who produced his self-named debut on his own label We Can Elude Control over the seven tracks he collected for this first ring of an hopefully long chain as he skillfully kneads some sonic material till the moment it leaps over listeners' eardrums and leaves a sediment on their brain: the chirping rattles which opens the opening track "Hook (end)" got crumbled before emulating a sequence of metallic waves and breaching together a faraway pinball-like noise against an electronic plop, a dying electric circuit got absorbed by an hyponotical jouncy rhythm on the following "Psalm and Songs and Voices", piercing sinewaves sound like burning after a match got striked on the entrancing "Expanding Sinewaves", the hissing of rattlesnakes and the one from an oscillator got weaved together on "Serpant and Cross Modulated Oscillator", scalds and short circuits heat the sonic sphere up on "Pauls Chain", electromechanical regurgitations and abrasive rotors got seethed on "Rhythm Modulated", while the final "With Psalms And Songs And Praises" sounds like the ultimate swallowing of urban life and supposedly Peder Mannerfelt's own voice by surrounding machines.

Magnetica Ars Lab / Maurizio Bianchi-M.B.: LoopKlängeNoise: Verses Without Words

 Posted by eskaton   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Feb 05 2014
Artist: Magnetica Ars Lab / Maurizio Bianchi-M.B.
Title: LoopKlängeNoise: Verses Without Words
Format: CD
Label: Final Muzik (@)
Rated: *****
Maurizio Bianchi, like many noise musicians, has put out an enormous amount of material over the past three decades. My previous exposure was limited to some compilation releases and the 1993 re-issue of Aktivitat, so I was interested to hear more. I was unfamiliar with Magnetica Ars Lab, but it seems to be the project of Arnaldo Pontis, a computer specialist and electronic musician. You could almost call this M.B., Magnetica Ars Lab, and friends, since there are guests on every track. However, with these friends comes some interesting chemistry. Overall, this is a lot mellower than I expected. Don't get me wrong ' this is still very much in the noise realm, but it is not quite as unrelenting as the other stuff I've heard from him. Indeed, tracks like 'Mauthausen Tube (Spectators)' could almost be called 'slow noise' ' not overly harsh, but a bit dissonant. Others, like 'Frastimu (Mountain Lake)' feature vocals and loops over rhythmic noise and sawtooth synth waves. But there is some variety here; 'Burning Point (Duel)' almost has a power electronics feel with distorted yelling over the noisescape. For my tastes, tracks like 'Vladimir (Night)' are where this album really shines, with heavy noise and a nice depth of sound and texture. 'Deliberate Destruction (Roses)' likewise brings the thick, grinding noise that builds layer on layer until it completely descends into drone. And you have to love a disc that samples William S. Burroughs' thanksgiving monologue for a track called 'American Blues (Old Village).' Overall, this would be a pretty good introduction to noise for the uninitiated, and still something there who like it heavy and loud. The booklet has interesting artwork and quotes from the likes of John Cage, Jean Baudrillard, and Luigi Russolo (the man who wrote the wonderful manifesto, The Art of Noises.' Quite enjoyable and limited to 300 copies, so you'll want to get this one. This album weighs in at around 74 minutes.

4.5 stars

[kaiser(schnitt)amboss/laszlo]: 5x5th Season

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Feb 04 2014
image not
Artist: [kaiser(schnitt)amboss/laszlo]
Title: 5x5th Season
Format: CD EP
Label: KaiserKüss / Poppy Pod (@)
Rated: *****
It's kinda mysterious who's behind the moniker [kaiser(schnitt)amboss/laszlo]. She released an album titled "Viva Terror!" three years ago on KaiserKuss/Poppy Pod and made different gigs in Europe. By checking her Youtube channel you can see that she performs her songs with a guitar, a looping box and that's pretty much it. Folk, with a heavy dark twist is her thing and on this new EP you'll find the track "5th Season" reinvented by Gianluca Becuzzi (Limbo, Kinetix, Metaform, etc), Massimo Olla (Noisedelik), Leon Dalton ('Melbourne Child', Australia) and Colonel XS (here helped on vocals by Dana Young of C.A.N.S and Testicular Manslaughter plus a new version by [kaiser(schnitt)amboss/laszlo] herself. For the reworking process, only new vocal lines has been used, so the guests were free to make of it pretty much what they wanted to. Gianluca Becuzzi used movies samples to build a tense horrific atmosphere, adding to them bass drones. Leon Dalton added to the original vocals a sort of jazzy post rock background with sudden guitar blasts. Noisedelik created a tune with many noise layers which pass from high frequencies hisses to bass reverbering drones. The new version is fourth and it's a song based on light guitar distortions and doubled vocals. It mix folk rock and apocalyptic atmospheres. The last version is by Colonel Xs with the aforementioned Dana Young and it is based on grinding noises, feedbacks and wobbling looping sounds. Nice idea and release. Check her Youtube channel here to check her music. P.s. A curiosity: the release has been mastered by Marco Paschke (AndereBaustelle TonStudio, Einsturzende Neubauten).

4giftgas: La Première Exhalation de 4giftgas

 Posted by Andrea Piran (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Jan 19 2014
image not
Artist: 4giftgas
Title: La Première Exhalation de 4giftgas
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Misty Circles
Rated: *****
From the sparse notes available for this project, 4giftgas is collective of artists with open line up and aiming to explore disturbing sounds. This debut EP is out on the historical label Misty Circles and is a physical object, a printed plastic medal with chain, with a download code. Apart from consideration about the status of a musical release, an object instead of something to play, their output, audio and visual, is clearly influenced by classic industrial music.
"Cyanide" is based upon the juxtaposition of sparse noises, an almost dancey beat and the clean and declamatory lyrics of Zyanid. The martial beat of "Come to Me" introduces the listener to a track divided in a part based on the vocals and the final part based on the noise. "Anvil" closes this album with an harsh musical assault.
Three tracks are usually too few to properly judge a project however, even if this release is carefully done and crafted, it seems too debtor to their influences. For fans of early '80 industrial.
Artist: RLW & SRMeixner
Title: Just Like a Flower When Winter Begins
Format: CD
Label: Monotype Records (@)
Rated: *****
"Wie eine Blume am Winterbeginn / Und so wie ein Feuer im eisigen Wind / Wie eine Puppe, die keiner mehr mag /Fühl ich mich an manchem Tag" (meaning "Just like a flower when winter begins / And just like a fire in an icy wind / Just like a doll that nobody wants anymore / That's how I feel on some days"), said the first strophe of the song "Ein bisschen Frieden" ("A little bit of Peace") by which Nicole Seibert, better known as Nicole, won Eurovision Song Contest 1982, rised UK single chart up and became quite famous due to a number of translated versions. This buttery and somewhat controversial (just check lyrics) song became the emblem and the title of this lampoon of pop hit songs - mainly German schlager, but there are also quotes and samples from other traditions together with some German musical atrocities which could have been exported by immigrants, such as the sample of Italian song "Mamma" by Claudio Villa in the disturbingly funny "Old Hearts Rejuvenated" - by Ralf Wehowsky aka RLW, member of the forerunning collective P16.D4, and Stephen "srmeixner" Meixner of Contrastate. Their humorous collage which turned a set of samples from a number of gutted pop hits, plunderphonics, industrial-like sonorities, electroacoustics and vocals which sound like radiophonic captions into a sort of creepy show, whose core elements are srm's meditiation on sentiment ("Old Hearts Rejuvenated"), which are somehow closer to his "permutative distorsions", and rlw's textual pieces ("Definition (Konsumation)", the disquieting swarm of "Alle (Everyone)" - it's really funny the list of names of German pop stars, where the female speaker turns into a devilish one -, the initial "Blumen fur den Prachtjungen") as well as some instrumental forays ("Gummidorf", "Spassbremse") or post-industrial unnerving activated sludges ("Wishing To Be Entartained", "The Man with the Sunglasses"). I could imagine that what you're going to listen on "Just Like A Flower When Winter Begins" if you woefully end up in a German schlager with drunken cockscomb, nazi loggers, twinkly blond milks and a lot of cholesterol while you were searching for a loo in order to sober up after a pitiless barman put an acid pill into your glass of milk.

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