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N.: Asphyxiating

 Posted by Eugenio Maggi (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Jul 09 2002
Artist: N.
Title: Asphyxiating
Format: CD
Label: Slaughter Productions (@)
After a series of tapes and a massive 3-hour tape-box, N. comes back with its first cd, collecting recordings from '97 to 2000. What immediately puzzled me is the cover with a simple, abstract design – could be the sleeve for an emo-rock band or whatever. I suppose it's a choice. The back cover and inlay, on the contrary, delve into the medical/biological field, which seems more appropriate to the titles and samples used. Unfortunately, no further graphics are used in the cd, which is a sort of lost opportunity in my opinion. As for the sounds, N. stays true to his old-fashioned, nihilistic approach to industrial/power electronics anti-music: equipment is a Korg Poly 800, tape decks, memory man electro harmonix and a big muff pedal. As you can guess, tracks are mostly repetitive synth patterns with layers of washing distortion. Think of Atrax Morgue's "Cut my throat" cd to have a clue. What I really think is missing is a plus of sonic violence, as lots of the tracks seem static without being really obsessive. Some titles work better with the pathological samples, and the last track ("It's better don't exist" coherently being unexisting!), "Valeria", is a long sampled child song with underlaying noise, which does have a disquieting effect. I think that with the new recordings N. will have either to push the violent approach or to develop the more subtle and morbid side of his sonic pathology.

AZOIKUM: Gossenfotze

 Posted by Eugenio Maggi (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Jul 07 2002
Artist: AZOIKUM (@)
Title: Gossenfotze
Format: CD
Label: Spatter (@)
Some brutal and sick stuff goin' on here. Azoikum is the other project of the German unit Narbenerde, who has just released a full-length cd on Art Konkret and a limited cdr on Spatter as well. While Narbenerde should be more into harsh noise, Azoikum is a letal mix of power electronics, harsh noise (see track 4) and some rare atmospheric parts (not quiet at all, anyway). Tracks are fairly long (10 x 64') but manage to be BOTH obsessive AND well structured, so torture fortunately doesn't become a bore. Heavy doses of repetitive synth patterns, feedback galore and low-pitched filtered vocals. The best parts alternate static death-like drones with full-on noise explosions. Lyrics are not included, but judging from titles and samples there's an anorexia/bulimia concept behind most of them. The cd-r comes, like all Spatter releases till now, in a DVD box, and is limited to a mere 100, probably already selling out. Cover features a female cadaver, back a cunt full of worms. Again, sick and brutal are key-words here.


 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Jul 02 2002
Title: Split
Format: CD
Label: Deserted Factory (@)
Are you ready for thirty eight minutes of noise anarchy? Natiho Toyota and Kouhei deconstruct improvised noises(hisses and various electrical noises for the first and various percussing objects mixed with tones and drones for the second) just to give sound to what seems to be their own personal hell. The two Toyota's tracks "Phantasmagoreal #1" and "Phantasmagoreal #2" are really disturbing and evocative and during their fourteen minutes you'll be attacked by hordes of ectoplasmatic non beings. The three Kouhei's tracks, instead, are more noise loops based: three growing beasts that seem to live a life of their own. For the lovers of the genre...

I ME MINE: Politisch Verdachtig

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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May 29 2002
Artist: I ME MINE
Title: Politisch Verdachtig
Format: CD
Label: DAC Productions (@)
Distributor: DEAF American / EU '91 / Napalmed / Deliria / etc.
If you like sick sounds this I Me Mine's CD is your occasion to feel insanity, because it gathers extreme noise industrial sounds and Belorussian folk elements. The seven tracks contained into POLITISCH VERDACHTIG are collages of random industrial sounds with some distorted rhythms here and there: something which could prove your senses, expecially the twenty one minutes of "Moving Away" with its sounds deconstruction which really proved my listening. I don't mean that this Dreaming About Cannibalism release is a bad one but for sure it isn't easy to enjoy. If you like noisy anarchic extravaganzas try this...

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