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 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Jun 30 2003
Title: Auranoise
Format: CD
Label: Ars Morta (@)
You know, I'm ignorant and I didn't know Einleitungszeit even if the Slowakian band is active since 1995 and released CDs and records for labels such as Crewzine (three demo CD titled "Die Menschzersterung", "Menschliche Destruktive Zivilisation" and "Kremation Gesch-Lechtslos"), Art Konkret ("Aus Dem Laboratorium"), Recalcitrant Noise ("Aus Der Lichenkammer" and the double album "R Mensch I Tanatologie"), Freak Animal ("L'accouchement Des Machines Humaines"), Ars Morta Universum (this AURANOISE) and a self released CD in 1999 titled "Dova Uvodu". The line up has been the same until 1999 when P-01 (Patryc Cyber) has been replaced by Martin Jarolim (from VO.I.D). Patryc later released a CD for Old Europa Cafe under the monicker of Simulacrvm (if you are curious about this project I reviewed it and you can find the review into our archive section). The first thing that comes to my mind since the first minutes of listening of AURANOISE is: for sure there is a reason if this CD is able to create so well such a desolating soundscape. The nine tracks seems to force into the listener a state of pain with their alternating grinding noise moments with relatively calm ones. Also the vocals, when there are some, aren't recognizable; you are able to listen only a kind buzzing which makes its way through the feedback. A CD difficult to assimilate but for sure this is an intense one...

Navicon Torture Technologies: Church Of Dead Girls

 Posted by Dj Peter Lee (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Jun 13 2003
Artist: Navicon Torture Technologies
Title: Church Of Dead Girls
Format: CD
Label: Malignant Records
With Church Of Dead Girls, NTT once again provides us with a slab of rotting flesh to fester in our brain and terrify us.
Ranging From the noisy-dark ambience(such as Wilt) to straight on death industrial(BDN).

The Packaging is a double length cardboard digipack, and the artwork is done by Scott Candey from Gruntsplatter/Crionic Media.

Disc one -Track one starts off with the track "the gates of hell open to reveal shiny white skin" which begins with a metal door opening and a confused woman going insane in front of you. the track evolves from soundscapes to nightmares, and starts the cd off in the direction of terror. Pulsating tones going back and forth causing you to lapse into a place of dread, and thats just the first 30 seconds.
As the discs progress we go deeper into NTT'S pain. With vocals that move back from distorted growls, to howls of pain.
By the time we reach track five-"beauty in these ruins", the disc chages to a minimal soundscape with bells tollinging in the backround and NTT screaming over the top. Pronouncing his pain for the world to hear.
The discs are varied and heavily evolving, but always in a good way and you never loose your sense of dread.
A Must for those who are into Dark Ambient Or Power Electronics.

Lockweld: Industrial Requiem

 Posted by Marc Urselli   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Apr 21 2003
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Artist: Lockweld
Title: Industrial Requiem
Format: CD
Label: Dragon Flight Recordings (@)
Somewhere along the lines of a record where dark meets noise, but not in the traditional dark industrial key, instead more like in the jap-noise key played on the darker side, with not as much piercing merciless distorted buzz and fuzz of Merzbow or Masonna but with the same intensity and a bloodier soul: that's what you can expect from Lockweld's "Industrial Requiem" CD. Banging and hammering on metals and scraps, sawing, flexing, screaming, burning and tweaking. You should try to check them out live, looks like their shows are a blast. The duo is formed by husband and wife, based in Ohio, and you can also listen to their power-noise at or check out their very nice-looking website and find out about their impressive discography, sporting a number of 7", CD, and compilation releases. Sounds like these two have been doing much more than usual in their bedroom, I'm just worried about their neighbors.

Sonar: - Volt Control +

 Posted by Marc Urselli   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Apr 05 2003
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Artist: Sonar (@)
Title: - Volt Control +
Format: CD
Label: Daft (@)
Distributor: Tristol / EFA
Everytime I write a review about Sonar I feel obliged to let those who have been living under a rock know that Sonar is Dirk Ivens (of Dive, Absolute Body Control as well as ex-Klinik and ex-Blok 57 fame) and Eric Van Wonterghem (of Monolith, Absolute Body Control as well as ex-Insekt and ex-Klinik fame) and for the sake of information I will (just did) repeat myself. While still «looking for a definition of danceable industrial», Sonar very knowledgeably master the art of meshing together power electronics, industrial, noise and, in some weird way, trance (it's the repetitiveness of the hypnotic beats). As in Daft's and Sonar's tradition this all-Belgian "- Volt Control +" release also comes with a stunning hi-tech art work. And this time, there even is a ROM-track with a video of Sonar live at Infest '03 (in Bradford, UK), just one of the many stages Sonar have proven their potential (US and European tours with Noisex, Holocaust Theory, Converter, Black Lung, Electronicat, just to mention some of their live activity). Unfortunately the press CD-R Daft has sent us (besides not wanting to play in a regular CD player) does not include the video track so I can't comment any further on that. Great power-industrial record by the way.

VV.AA.: Japanese Avant-Garde

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Mar 25 2003