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 Posted by Eugenio Maggi (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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May 09 2004
Title: Folie deux
Format: CD EP
Label: Fin de Sicle/(inhospitable) (@)
Rated: *****
Two Swedish noisemakers for this split ep release. Des Esseintes (Magnus Sundstroem aka The Protagonist) offers a long and very well constructed track beginning with heavy throbbing synths à la Dagda Mor/Anenzephalia, then adding gregorian chants, then a crescendo of mechanical rhythms and epic keyboard patterns. A fine crossover between power electronics/industrial and bombastic militar music. The three tracks by Diskrepant/Per Ahlund, on the contrary, are a bit disappointing. Some screechy, mangled vocals, lots of feedbacks and some minimal ambient at the end of the third track, and not much more. It has an old school harsh noise feel which I can appreciate, but it's like feedback burst/short pause/feedback burst and that's gone. Track one is titled "Variety Unknown", which ironically pretty much sums it up. If this is "a perfect description of contemporary electronic music", as boasted in the press sheet (or is it ironic too?), I really do not know.


 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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May 05 2004
Title: Skadha
Format: CD
Label: Antifrost (@)
Active since 1993 Daniel Menche releases on Antifrost his new album titled SKADHA. The album title means "scathe" in old Norse and it contains five new tracks. Daniel has a very raw approach to sounds and the tracks you can find on this CD are the evidence of his physical approach to music. The tracks are pure noise compacted into primitive pulses which could provoke a sort of love/hate effect on most of the audiences. His performance as well as his recordings seems to be based most on the effect that on the meaning. Before his performances he checks the distance between the audience and the speakers just to be aware of the effect he can obtain on the listeners. Listening to this CD trying to find an explanation or trying to enjoy these sounds could be the wrong approach. It seems that these tracks are there only because they had to be there and Daniel didn't made them with the intent of provoking. These are rough sounds of various nature and they are made because: "Music is like ones own blood - so amplify it! As loud as possible - make the speakers bleed!"

SANdBLASTING: El Paso Sound-Wall

 Posted by Marc Urselli   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Mar 21 2004
Artist: SANdBLASTING (@)
Title: El Paso Sound-Wall
Format: CD
Label: +Belligeranza
Rated: *****
SANdBLASTING, from Turin, Italy, is back with a new album entitled "El Paso Sound-Wall", a noise CD on +Belligeranza records, a sub label of Sonic Belligeranza. This sonic terrorist's second release (after his 1999 "I am I" and his collaboration with Daniele Brusaschetto on "Scassatolive") is a concept album based on the sound manipulations originating from a live session (track one is the raw recordings all other tracks derived from). The "rmx" versions of the raw material explore the original frequency orgy from different angles, inserting rhythmical concepts, frequency modulations, filter sweeps, vari-speeding, cut-off tweakings, cut and pasted sound bits and so on. Harsh industrial noise blends with power noise, but the crossfading points are blurred. Only for true lovers of noise materia.

Manufactura: Precognitive Dissonance

 Posted by Dj Peter Lee (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Feb 28 2004
Artist: Manufactura
Title: Precognitive Dissonance
Format: CD
Label: Hive
Rated: *****
This is Manufactura's second album, and its first on Hive. It is a split release with Manufactura's own label(along with Scott from Converter), Aurical media.

Featuring a Aghast Veiw remix, and additional work from both Daniel Myer(haujobb, cleen, ect), and Scott Sturgis( converter, Pain Station) This cd varies greatly over its length.

What it does seem to be is consistent on a heavy bass sound. Moving from heavy rythmic noise, to vocal driven moments of noisy ebm, and decent moments of synth driven ambient soundscapes. Musicaly well produced, my only gripe is the samples at the begining of some of the songs. seems like they are a little out of place, or even ruin certain songs. Listeing to a girl scream tends to turn me off, since it seems like an old hat, due to the prevelant amount of American Pe that uses it.
All in all though this cd is highley recomended, and I am looking forward to the next installment, and a live preformance.

VVAA: Sequence Or Die 2

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Jan 19 2004
Artist: VVAA
Title: Sequence Or Die 2
Format: CD
Label: Brainchaos (@)
Limited as a 200 copies CD-r, SEQUENCE OR DIE 2 is a compilation of industrial music which explore different faces of the genre by bringing us twelve tracks / bands coming from Japan (Ordinateur,Timisoara, Gestalt, Artificial Lover and PTSD) and from overseas (Murnau, Cold Flesh Colony, Mono No Aware, Converter, Iszoloscope, Proyecto Mirage and Manufactura). If you are into the genre for sure you already know bands such as Converter, Iszoloscope, Murnau, etc as they have already released something for the most well known industrial labels (Hands and Ant Zen) but the cool thing about SEQUENCE OR DIE 2 is to be able of listening to new bands coming from Japan.You know, this land has always been a fertile ground for extreme experiences (music, movies, etc). Of the Japanese lot I liked Ordinateur (his "Clipping Dark Water Surface" is like a deranged '80s game tune brought to its extreme distortion), Timisoara (minimal organ layers create intricated and tense web of sounds) and Artificial Lover (here concrete music made of guitar cut ups are mixed with noises and distorted drums). All the tracks are worth the listening but I really appreciated the effort of the new bands that are trying to bring a new approach towards sound experimentation.

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