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Artist: Autoclav1.1 (@)
Title: You are My All and More
Format: CD
Label: Crunch Pod Media (@)
Rated: *****
Autoclav1.1 is the project of Tony Young, a well known promoter and musician in the noise underground. You are My All and More is his first full-length album following two stand-alone EPs. The premise of You are My All and More is to map the process of dealing with the loss of a loved one. A subject brought to Young’s attention last year while coping with the loss of his cat, Frank. Listening through this album is like a window into his mind as his emotions fluxuate from sadness, confusion, nostalgia, anger, hope, and disillusionment.

Young had promised from his first EP that there would be evolution and growth. While some of the same qualities exist in his music there is a level of artistry and understanding that his humble suggestions put to shame. Tracks like "This is the Hollow Point" and "White Cover" are nothing short of amazing. The same skitterish break-beats can be found throughout the album, but Young’s experimentation with ambience and texturing has turned into an all-out mastery, flirting with melodies, twisting and turning them enough to keep your brain on edge even on the most sentimental of tracks.

I will admit, I am biased toward Tony Young’s music, but I am certain that even if I’d never heard of his name or work before I’d still be as caught in it. This is a wonderful album; Inspiring, Distrubing, and painfully honest all at once. Autoclav1.1’s You are My All and More is perfect in my mind. My heart goes out for his loss, and my gratitude goes out for this album.

Alymysto: Atomgrad

 Posted by Shaun Phelps (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Dec 14 2005
Artist: Alymysto (@)
Title: Atomgrad
Format: CD
Label: Onyxia
Rated: *****
Atomgrad is the full-length debut of Finland’s Almysto. Alymysto is the project of Mr. Vuorensola (vocals), Mr. Paalanen (guitars/loops), Mr. Honkonen (theramin), and Mr. Haapanen (programming). The theme behind Atomgrad is waking dreams. Everyone has them, right? Maybe so, but I’d venture to say not many people have waking dreams like this (and if you do I strongly suggest checking yourself into a behavioral clinic).

Alymysto’s Atomgrad is nothing short of a spoken word, noisily distorted hell. That’s not to say this album isn’t enjoyableIn fact, Atomgrad is one of the coolest releases I’ve heard in quite some timeBut there is no denying the sheer demented force behind the writing and recording of this album. Atomgrad is noisecore wrought of noise; a surprisingly uncommon thing to find. In an age where bands are all too happy to use a computer program to generate their sound, Alymysto is reaching into the darkest, grittiest lo-fi depths to influence their work.

Atomgrad is 10 tracks of crazed, tape-looping, demonic whispering, distorted breakbeat-boxing from the darkest corners of Alymysto’s subconscious. The vocals walk the line between a possessed Blixa Bargeld (spoken word) and Otto Von Shirach. The music takes on its own life, lulling the listener’s mind into near-complacencyjust enough for the demons to get in and wreak their havoc.


 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Dec 13 2005
Title: Hostile
Format: CD
Label: BLC Productions, e-noxe (@)
Distributor: Alive!, Metropolis Records
Rated: *****
Swedish Noise terrorist Anders Karlsson returns with a new sonic assault called "Hostile" and art and the title already give you an angry and clear hint of what he has to offer. Taking his musically influences out of harsh Electro, Powernoise, Punk and out of numerous speech samples of the daily madness called mankind, he is able to offer the listener a wall of sound which can be called unique in this music business. Of course – this music is not designed for the fainthearted, it shouldn’t consumed by a pensioner’s coffee meeting, because it would cause multiple heart-attacks. It is moreover an always steady and of very own kind of musically expression by a multi-talented artists of our lifetime. The biggest develop in comparison to his predecessor "The Venom Is Going Global" is his maturity to handle more Electro-inspired themes, like rich presented in tracks like "Voltage" or "Re-programmed Automatic". Also more included, especially on the first 5 – 6 tracks are some real sounding guitar sounds luckily mixed in the background. I am wondering also a bit about the dividing of this album. The first 7 tracks are more calm and mainly Electro-inspired, while the last tracks are much harder, typical Powernoise-like efforts without falling into the typically redundancy of limited composition abilities of this genre. For this "Hostile" album Anders also took some proven help by his friends in crime like Jonas Hedberg for energetic vocal performances, Tolufim for his known recording qualities, and Jonas Berndt for guitar and bass inputs. This album was also mastered by C-drik – also this makes sure to get an album pretty much influenced by Powernoise-like themes. Favorites I have found in the classic Electro-styled piece "Voltage", the remarkable "Terror Against Terror" and of course the most accessible Powernoise effort here, "Dehumanize". Also a fact: the label BLC Productions finally seems to concentrate to release more acts out of their own roster to reach some more continuity. After the demise of AGONOIZE, THE PAIN MACHINERY is the first BLC act which can release a follow-up CD. Great initiative, well done harsh music here full of different facets which provides a wide and memorable technical ability. A must!

CHEFKIRK: Coax Wal Plate

 Posted by Eugenio Maggi (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Dec 12 2005
Title: Coax Wal Plate
Format: CD
Label: Audiobot
Rated: *****
Chefkirk's nth disc is released by Audiobot, currently one of the most prolific noise/experimental labels around, and as usual there's a brilliant screen-printed cover, this time featuring a sort of psychedelic skull belching poisonous industrial fumes. Besides that, this is more of the same in Chefkirk's discography: digital noise which is probably created by filtering various pre-recorded sounds through a series of plug-ins. It's hectic, fast but only occasionally interesting or engaging for my jaded ears, though more complex and elaborated tracks, like "Congenital insensitivity to anxiety, fear and depression" (by the way, Chefkirk always has some of the best titles), could be the backbone of more solid releases. As it is, I'm afraid it gets a bit lost in the global noise bunch.

NEGRU VODA: Unplugged

 Posted by Eugenio Maggi (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Dec 02 2005
image not
Title: Unplugged
Format: CD
Label: Autarkeia
Rated: *****
As the tongue-in-cheek title suggests, this is a live album of Peter Nystroem's long running project, recorded in Vilnius and indeed released by the Lithuanian label Autarkeia. While the last studio album, "Dobruja region" (Fin de Siècle, 2004), featured a well-balanced mix of dark ambient and rhythmic industrial, the live performance predictably opts for the latter side. The set (6 tracks, circa 38 minutes) is intense and to the point, based as it is on grinding rhythms, screeching feedback and eerie samples. Sometimes, as in track 3, the tempo speeds up a bit, coming close to the beat-oriented sound of Ant-Zen or Hands projects; in most tracks, however, it stays as monotonous and heavy as a factory machinery. Honestly being no die-hard aficionado of this type of industrial, I find this a honest but not memorable disc, but I suppose that fans of Negru Voda, The Protagonist or Stratvm Terror would rejoice.

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