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Jul 25 2005
Artist: VV.AA. (@)
Title: SIGNS Sampler
Format: CD
Label: Aliens Production (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
Folded in a paper booklet with an excellent artwork comparable with some works of Ant-Zen, here comes the newest release by the Slovakian label Aliens Productions, home of the great and well known act DISHARMONY. This compilation unites 12 more or less known bands out of the Dark Electro/Industrial and Ambient genre hailing mainly from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Two "guests" which became friends of the label in the years are also present here with the German Dark Ambient artist POLYGON, solo effort of Ingo Lindmaier (MORTAL CONSTRAINT), and the French Ambient/Powernoise act FLINT GLASS leaded by Gwen Tremorin, who is also behind the label Brume Records. So musically you get a fine collection of dark and less danceable music stuff which will give you an up to date overview about the currently rising scene in both brother countries. What makes this release worthfull is the fact that all music here is currently only available here, so you get some previously unreleased and exclusive stuff from already known acts like DISHARMONY (new CD is out now in co-operation between Aliens Production and Monopolrecords from Czech Republic), TERMINAL STATE (released a debut in co-operation between Aliens Production and the German label Broken Seal three years ago and seem now to work on a comeback...), OXYD (the more Ambient-like side-project of DISHARMONY, debut CD is now out...) or the great Czech Electro/Industrial act DEPRESSIVE DISORDER (outstanding debut on Monopolrecords). Make your contacts out to Aliens Production to purchase this fine release. I am really looking forward to hear more dark music hailing from Eastern Europe...

Track listing:

1. ANIMA MUNDI – Oscillate
2. SAMHAIN – Subsist
3. FLINT GLASS – Deliverance
4. DISHARMONY – Repulse
5. VORTEX – Illusions
6. TERMINAL STATE – Systematic Failure
7. MINDMAP – Akusia
8. GAPING CHASM – Only Shadows will Survive
9. OXYD – Empathic Clone
10. DEPRESSIVE DISORDER – Schizophrenia
11. TENSION – Room No. 5
12. POLYGON – Wo a

The New Blockaders and Nobuo Yamada: Prickle/Crevice

 Posted by Shaun Phelps (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Jul 09 2005
Artist: The New Blockaders and Nobuo Yamada (@)
Title: Prickle/Crevice
Format: 12"
Label: PsychForm Records (@)
Distributor: PsychForm Records
Rated: *****
Legendary noise musicians Philip and Richard Rupenus of The New Blockaders join forces with trash-noise mastermind, Nobuo Yamada, on this one-sided limited print 12" vinyl remixing the apocalyptic rumblings of Prickle/Crevice; a track originally released on the even more limited print CD-r, "Empty Time of TNB." These artists have been active practitioners in the underground noise scene, releasing some of the most aggressive and staggering sounds imaginable for well over a decade. With that in mind it is easy to draw assumptions of what might be heard on this, their newest collaborative offering. Assumptions or not, one thing is blatantly obvious: this release is completely insane.

The quality is questionable at first--sounding more like some kids in a room throwing a bucket around than anything--but within a moment’s time the distorted metallic clanking coupled with chipmunk-like shrieking, subtle feedback and a feverish pace quickly becomes a symphony of battered metal; mounting and ripping into the innocent and still screaming chipmunk-like beings. The pace continues to quicken and the intensity continues to mount until something finally shatters and glass shards explode into the scene, creating an even more viscerally-wrenching atmosphere. By only six minutes into this release the battered chipmunks I’ve grown so accustomed to are all but drowned out, beaten and torn, by the sarcophagy of hell. The turbulent sea of noise eventually calms and quiets to make room for the erotic and painful sounds of torture and screaming; no longer chipmunks, the pain manifests itself into living, breathing people. Simply put, this release is a bad acid trip incarnate.

The New Blockaders and Nobuo Yamada’s Prickle/Crevice 12" turns from the simple knocking of buckets into a flirtation with pure chaos so quickly it will leave you reeling. I have no idea what these guys were doing when they recorded this, but I sincerely wish I could have been there to see it. Is this album for everyone? No way. But after listening to this release I am convinced that any true noise fan would gladly wet him/herself to get their hands on this gem.


 Posted by Eugenio Maggi (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Jul 03 2005
image not
Title: Dirt
Format: CD
Label: Three Plugs
Rated: *****
Now, how can you go wrong with a layout like this? Stark black and white, pictures of skulls, piles of metal junk, bugs and chemical plants. Screloma is Japanese and plays noise, but not exactly Japanese harsh noise. Distorted beats play a big part here, and most tracks have this nasty techno backbone, à la Hypnoskull let's say. I'm really not a fan of this kind of noise-cum-dance rhythms, but Screloma does a decent job at it, I guess. The title track is the most interesting one, a bit less beat-oriented, with distorted vocals buried deep within the distorted electronics.
Artist: VV.AA. (@)
Title: Interbreeding VI: Subhuman: The Alien Agenda
Format: CD
Label: BLC Productions, e-noxe (@)
Distributor: Alive!, Metropolis Records
Rated: *****
This sixth release of the successful Interbreeding series is the companion disc to chapter V, "Terrorland". Also released as a single full length CD this new part offers again a strong quality in art, this time influenced by the classic "Alien" movie themes conducted again by Wilhelm "Deaddreamer" ( As usual also the music has some nice surprises and exclusives to offer. Spain’s best act PAIL make an excellent Dark Electro opener with "Society in Ruins", while BLC’s own THE PAIN MACHINERY return with splendid combination between Electro and Powernoise called "Active Armour". A new full length CD by this marvelous Swedish Industrial acts called "Hostile" is already on it’s way. RETRACTOR, signed to Black Flames from Poland, give an unreleased track "The March to Stalingrad" and like the title aptly describes – so it is! Hard and uncompromising Terror-EBM for the march on the dark dancefloors. The always well productive duo BRAINCLAW return on this Interbreeding comp with a promising outlook to their next CD with a special remix of the title track "Dead Monsters". With TACTIL VISION we have here the first time that an act can get a three-play appearance on this comp series. This one-man project combines dark Electro-influenced themes with some live experimentations – well, not my cup of tea. BLC’s own SYNAPTIC DEFECT return with a cold and almost Powernoise-like instrumental piece called "Morgue" and the Metropolis recording artist BATTERY CAGE give a special remix in their typical American-influenced Industrial style with some guitar sounds. Former BLC act AGONOIZE return with an unreleased remix of their track "Sexual Violation" which is miles better than the original version. And also FILAMENT 38 created a special Interbreeding Mix of their track "Suffocate" which follows their remarkable EBM/Electro lines. As I said, also this new and already sixth part of the Interbreeding series has a lot of goodies on board and it is worth the investigation. You have to hurry up because both Interbreeding V and VI are almost sold out and only a few are still available from the BLC website. Track listing:Part I : Act Of Coercion01. Pail - Society In Ruins02. The Pain Machinery - Active Armour03. Retractor - The March To Stalingrad04. Pine Tree State Mind Control - Incinerator05. Y-Luk-O - Ein Lied Von Der Freiheit06. Brainclaw - Dead Monsters ( Remix )Part II : Interlude In Experimentalism With Tactil Vision07. Tactil Vision - Escala08. Tactil Vision - Fleshtone09. Tactil Vision - Mass TransitionPart III : Destruction by Inches10. Synaptic Defect - Morgue11. Battery Cage - Dead Morning ( Vers Remix )12. Agonoize - Sexual Violation ( Dark Edit )13. Filament 38 - Suffocate ( Interbreeding Mix )Part IV : Benediction14. My Villain - Man Himself15. Para Normal - Numbers

DES ESSEINTES: Les Diaboliques

 Posted by Eugenio Maggi (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Jun 26 2005
image not
Title: Les Diaboliques
Format: CD
Label: Malignant
Rated: *****
After the recent appetizer remix-ep with Darrin Verhagen/E.P.A., here's the new anticipated album by Magnus Sunström's side project, while a new release by The Protagonist is in the works. Not that the kind of industrial music of the two names is that different: "Les Diaboliques" shares a similar heavily percussive style, which would be a perfect soundtrack for a suicide mission. The Ant-Zen/Hands-styled beat-oriented tracks are here limited to "Due", while the rest of the album maintains the same doom-filled mid-tempo, not far in its atmosphere from the structured industrial of Negru Voda's "Dobruja Region", which Sunström himself released a while ago. A disciplined, harsh but not overtly noisy record, though certainly not as sexy as the stripping lasses on the cover could suggest.

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