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AUTOCLAV1.1: Indelible

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
Ambient / Electronica / Ethereal / Dub / Soundscapes / Abstract
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Aug 23 2006
Artist: AUTOCLAV1.1 (@)
Title: Indelible
Format: CD
Label: NEIN Records (@)
Distributor: SX Distribution
Rated: *****
This is another release brought to us by the US-based label NEIN Records, which lately also could enter a distribution deal with the German SXDistribution. This is surely not the newest release around, as far that this label has committed the deal with SXDistribution only a few weeks ago, there’s no reason not to feature it here. AUTOCLAV1.1 is Tony Young and he has already released several stuff under this moniker, see also the interview somewhere hidden on our site. He offers us here 7 own productions globally placed into the Ambient/Electronica/IDM genre, with some trips into harder Powernoise-like attitudes (marvelous celebrated on "Ctrl Asgn"). Dark and ominous synth layers are filled in and mixed with some IDM-like break beat patterns. 6 further tracks are available here, all of them are remix works offered by more or less known names out of the wide musically field of this genre. The remix done by KEEF BAKER on the track "Deadulus" can satisfy through the given diversity by offering several more rhythm patterns. DISPLACER offer a remix on "Facility", the one and only track not available originally here. Dark voice samples get in a fine combination with a static Ambient-like synth layer and after a while several rhythm patterns joining this track, a marvelous work! ESA surprises with a guitar riff in their remix work. Josh Collela of SCRAP.EDX did the mastering of this release and also he and his well known and appreciated project offer a remix, this time on "Solvent". Also the Spanish NEIN-recording artist EPIDEMIA has done some manual work on "Solvent" plus we have a contribution of a for me unknown act named TRIAX. As usual the given quality is well from AUTOCLAV1.1 and the remix contributions add a nice diversity. For fans of this genre a must-have!