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Diverje: 2:40am

 Posted by TG Mondalf (@)   Industrial Music / Industrial Metal / Aggro Industrial / Electro Metal
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Dec 11 2002
Artist: Diverje
Title: 2:40am
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: DSBP

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This is a double disc set of Diverje remixes by various industrial musicians and friends of DSBP label founder Tommy-T. There are many great bands featurd on this collection such as Assemblage 23, SMP, Codec, Testube, Ceoxime (Headache), Symbiont, Monstrum Sepsis, Xyn, and many others. I've always loved remixes as it give the listener a chance to hear songs with slight modifications and interpretations by other artists in the field. It also gives musicians in the industry an excellent opportunity to collaborate with each other as well as sample and tweak each other's works. About the only negative thing I have to say about this is that there are not enough different songs from the Diverje music catalogue featured. There are a few mixes mostly of "On Skin", "Regret", "Stimulate", and "Reject" as well as a few other tracks. There is also a Devo cover on disc two and a brand new track called "Shivering Skies" which will also be featured on the new Electro Age compilation produced by our own site in collaboration with Latex Records when it comes out. For anyone into Industrial, EBM, Drum-n-Bass, or similar music styles with a dark flavor, fans of Diverje or DSBP records, or anyone into experimental electronic music - this collection is well worth the price. Priced at the value of a single CD it's a steal! It's really hard to pick favorites on this album and it's definitely going into the changer in my car when this review is completed. Unfortunately to give a breakdown of each and every track would take way too much space and time so I'll try to hit some highlights. Personally I love the first track remixed by Assemblage 23 as I am a big Assemblage fan but I also love how Tom Shear smoothed out Diverje's usually big-bodied 'static' sound to give it more of a modern EBM texture. I also love how Liar's Rosebush played off the Drum-n-Bass beats of "Regret". The fifth track mixed by Count To Infinity has a very clean almost techno-trance feel to it. I also really like Andrea Bellucci's remix of "On Skin" as it tends to highlight various aspects of the original track, namely the vocals, in such a way as to bring forth that which was blended. It also has some great pumpin' club EBM beats and other extras thrown into the mix. The SMP vs. Static Engine version of "Reject" is some wild shit. Then there is the Spellcaster mix of "On Skin". Throbbing, pulsating, with some great ambient-trance elements. I've always loved Testube but I've actually only been exposed to their music and not their mixes of others. I love what they did with "Put The Flesh In". They really made it their own. The Headache mix of "Stimulate" is very interesting as well. Headache has some weird way of manipulating bass rhythms and twisting the original track. DJ Riot takes "Damaged" and twists it with some rapid-fire Drum-n-Bass beats while distorting the rest of the track into oblivion. This track is damaged for sure! Love it. Babel-17 takes "Reject" into the outer limits and finally the last track is some wacked out beat tracks - not sure what to make of it. Okay I tried not to list all of them but it's hard as there are so many great, interesting, unique tracks on each disc. Let's go to disc two. We begin with a mix by another of my favorite bands, Symbiont. I don't remember the original but this mix includes some George W. Bush samples regarding the terrorist attacks on America. I love the how Symbiont edited much of the overall sound to sound like a Symbiont song with Tommy-T on vocals. Monstrum Sepsis utilize some twisty buzzing synth waveforms on their mix of "Reject". It's like Industrial, Noise, and Acid House colliding with a heavy crunch. Haven't previously heard of ML but after hearing their bizarre subterranean remix of "Regret" I'm curious to hear more from them. The Moon Rock version of "Retaliate" is a quick-paced EBM track some clean rhythms and kickin' beats. Another "On Skin" remix but no fear - it's by Xyn and it's so different from the original it sounds like something that could have come from The Orb or Fused with it's heavy Trance stylings. I specifically like the vocal sample of the title which waves about like resonating metallic machinery. We V.2 take "Stimulate" and break it down to it's bassest elements and then transform it Winterkalte style - Power Noise From Hell that twists and turns like an Acid House rhythm. Liar's Rosebush completely transform "Reject" into a early Kraftwerkian affair. This is amazing stuff! Imagine if Kraftwerk were into Noise and had harsh industrial vocals instead. Simulator's version of "Retaliate" begins with some rather ethereal tonality with the beats in the background. The new beats are brought in to create a rockin' dance EBM rhythm. We can't overlook the next track either as everyone loves DEVO! I never thought I'd hear Diverje doing Devo but here it is. I will say it's not the best track on the disc but it is interesting to hear Devo done like this. The next remix of "Reject" is another Power Noise track with some really odd and body rockin' rhythms. Da Riot Squad ad a bit of hip-hop to Diverje's "Damaged". N.N.M do a funky mix of "Stimulate" - only gripe is the vocals didn't meld as well on this as they could have. "In My Shell" is a slower track for Diverje. The final mix of "Damaged" us heavy on the Noise and throbs mightily. Lastly is "Shivering Skies" a brand new track by Diverje which is a heavy departure from previous works. It is more of an ambient instrumental than anything else but has some disturbingly dark and even eerie tonalities to it. Okay well I nearly covered them all anyway I guess. There are lots of great new and experimental mixes on this release that even if you didn't like Diverje much before it would be worth giving it a listen as each remixer put lots of thier own flavor into each and every track so it's almost like a compilation CD in some ways.


 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Industrial Music / Industrial Metal / Aggro Industrial / Electro Metal
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Dec 11 2002
image not
Title: Miserere
Format: CD
Label: Cold Meat Industry (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe

Just like I wrote for the last Sophia CDs this kind of sounds fascinate me, I don't know why but the amount of energy they carry is astonishing! Karjalan Sissit is the project of Markus Pesonen, a guy with Finnish roots, living in Sweden. The name of the project means "the Karelian Guerillas" and it is referring to the Finnish Sissi units during the Finnish Winter War: Markus grandfather served as a sniper in the Sissi units for 5 years. I named Sophia at the beginning of the review because this CD is produced by Peter Pettersson which is the guy behing Sophia and Arcana. He also wrote "Pig Society", "Inner Pain" and "She Was A Whore Anyways" along with Pesonen. The nine tracks are industrial martial composition with drums and percussions as main instruments and with distorted industrial sounds as background structure. The devastating effect is assured as along the power of the percussions your senses are stunned with the caothic symphony of clashing choruses and melancholic orchestrations. All this will amaze you in only thirty seven minutes of music. A perfect second release for Kajalan Sissit...indeed!

Android Lust: The Dividing

 Posted by KlingKlangBedlam   Industrial Music / Industrial Metal / Aggro Industrial / Electro Metal
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Dec 08 2002
Artist: Android Lust
Title: The Dividing
Format: CD
Label: Dark Vision Media
Distributor: Dark Vision Media
The latest from Shikhee and her band of merry men dives, as you could tell from my interview with her (my first ever!), into more organic territory versus the infamously cold and desolate world of AL. At times compared to Oneiroid Psychosis, this can be quite misleading, as her atmosphere is not as dense or as desolate as that of Oneiroid, but more danceable. Live drumming is the most obvious addition to the sound as well as untreated vocals this time around (I actually found her distorted vocals quite charming! uuurrrgh). I’m still bigger on the older work of AL, but this is not a bad choice, though. If you complained before about them being too cold (which I love about them), then this is a good start to converting you over to their sound. My favorite on here is "Another Void" which is the darkest track on here, following with Shikhee’s innocent sounding screams of pain. Rating: 9.

PANKOW: Life Is Offensive And Refuses To Apologise

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Industrial Music / Industrial Metal / Aggro Industrial / Electro Metal
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Nov 18 2002
Artist: PANKOW
Title: Life Is Offensive And Refuses To Apologise
Format: CD
Label: Minus Habens (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
It's five years that we had no news from Maurizio Fasolo and Pankow. Since their early years he's been the main person responsible of the band's sound and direction, since the post punk years (see for example the recordings of the "Gathered" and "Free" compilations) and the early electronic experiments as a duo with Massimo Michelotti (Neon's singer older brother) arriving to the electronic incarnation you all well know with Alex Spalk as singer. After years of silence (the last self titled album which had Limbo's Gianluca Beccuzzi on lead vocals has been released on 1997), the terrific news came: at the end of November 2002 a new album will be released by Minus Habens (which released years ago their "Walpurgisnacht" 12") and it sees Alex Spalck on vocals and lyrics again! I'm holding the promo in my hands and I assure you that the fourteen tracks of LIFE IS OFFENSIVE AND REFUSES TO APOLOGISE will make you forgive them for their long period of silence. Violent, nihilist and minimal this new album sees the band (which sees two new members along with Alex and Maurizio) dealing with industrial influences, working in this way on their own roots and sounds re-assembling them into fifty three minutes of absolute tension. Lyrics are in English and German (as usual for Alex) and mixes no sense with everyday life. Melody is mainly given by vocals as the other elements are rhythmical ones: treated noises or distorted synth sounds with ambient background sound sometimes. We can say that Pankow are back to their distinctive sound of the "Freinheit Fuer Die Sklaven"'s days for a perfect come back that will make you realize who the masters are.

Cryptomnesia: Hypnerotomachia

 Posted by KlingKlangBedlam   Industrial Music / Industrial Metal / Aggro Industrial / Electro Metal
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Nov 08 2002
Artist: Cryptomnesia
Title: Hypnerotomachia
Format: CD
Label: interdimensional recordings
Distributor: interdimensional recordings
Very odd, shifting ambient industrial ala Mentallo and the Fixer and closer still to Necrofix. The tracks shift constantly from one extreme to the next,from driving industrial to synth-laden classical pieces to ambient orchestrations. Very unique and while not totally revolutionizing industrial, it has done for it what Alphaville did for synthpop: give it a new degree of strangeness and experimental daring. Each song in average tracks in almost 3-4 different time measures and shifts, something not too often seen in an age of putting a redundant drum beat in and just singing over it. . Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something a little deeper than the 4/10 beat times and monotones of modern day EBM. Rating:10.

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