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Artist: Terrolokaust (@)
Title: Spit Out The Poison
Format: CD
Label: Vendetta Music (@)
Rated: *****
Thanks to a license deal arranged by Vendetta Music with the label Death Watch Asia, this all new album by this uprising Spanish Electro/Industrial project is now easily available to all North-American listeners. 'Spit The Poison Out' is already the third album of this project, which has started its career signed to the Spanish underground force Mutant-E Records in 2006 and the raw sounding debut 'Gas'. After their surprising success with their follow-up album 'God Loves The Violence', as well as several intense and highly recognized live performances, this duo now returns with the teaser single-release 'The Way It Must Be' and this album. Musically they play a sort of Crossover between harsh Electro with a Rock music impact. This album generally picks up the path, which 'God Loves The Violence' has left and which brought this band into the prominent hall of fame. Nowadays they get mentioned side by side with the big global players of the scene, so this all new album is sentenced to have success. The ingredients for this are fitting and are surely servicing the needs of their audience: The compositions and arrangements are thrilling as expected, while the vocalist with his charismatic performance needs to be pointed out. You don't get another cookie-monster talking about horrific scenarios into a microphone, but a raw, powerful, and almost natural sounding, crystal-clear vocalist with emotion in his voice providing both English and Spanish lyrics- surely one of the winning points behind Terrolokaust. As they are entitled to balance between Electro and Rock music, it must be said, that their foundation definitely seems to be more based into the Electro sector. Grinding guitar inserts got rather limited included. This album acts a bit according to the comfortable slogan: 'Never change a winning team.' Bigger musically surprises have been left out; it continues their path taken with their predecessor. That means nevertheless you'll get a top-notch produced Industrial album (mastering by Kolja 'Soman' Trelle), which additional has received for the North-American edition three unreleased remix contributions by Sin DNA, Incubite, and Technolorgy. An album representing the state of art.

Ultimate Soldier: Cage

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jul 25 2013
Artist: Ultimate Soldier
Title: Cage
Format: CD EP
Label: Artificial Sun (@)
Rated: *****
Another new signing to the Artificial Sun label is the Russian one-man Electro/Industrial project Ultimate Soldier. Dmitry Ilyin is the man behind this Moscow-based project and I am relatively familiar with his works. He has released two full-length albums freely available via such prominent Russian Industrial communities like Infraschall ( and especially his track 'Damage' being featured on the 'Infraschall 3' compilation has caused higher recognition on this talented musician. Musically his early works have been poorly based into cliché-driven Hellectro-mediocrity, but at least with his second album 'Damage' he has proven more detailed and matured programming skills. The music has turned into an authentic EBM/Industrial outfit with deepest respect to the works of FLA, 242 and other veterans. 'Cage', the title-track describes lyrically the fury of uncompromising creations of our technology, represents this newly discovered style and it may has also had a helping influence, since Dmitry shares since years a deep friendship to the Australian Electro/Industrial project Novakill. It isn't at all a dancefloor-burner, rather a mid-tempo based track, which may exceeds the length a bit. You'll get rewarded on this EP with three original b-side tracks, 'You Can't Stop Progress', 'Under Control', and 'Programmed', from which I tend to rate 'Under Control' as being the best tune here.
Remixes on the title-track can be discovered by Type V Blood, Kos Klimenko, DTFN vs. Ill-usion, as well as three remixes by Craig Saunders of the already mentioned duo Novakill. EBM fans can't go wrong with this nice debut signed to the Artificial Sun label, while I am pretty much sure, that Dmitry is capable to produce a much more intense and genre-blending release hopefully soon out on a new full-length album.

Pyrroline: Ruins Outlast

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jul 23 2013
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Artist: Pyrroline (@)
Title: Ruins Outlast
Format: CD
Label: Electro Aggression Records (@)
Rated: *****
Surely one of the most anticipated releases of this years' spring time is the second Pyrroline album 'Ruins Outlast'. While I always thought, what the fuck has driven this smart German Dark Electro-duo to exchange their handy, previously used band name from the not at all over-aggressive sounding Nordschlacht into Pyrroline, it can be said, that the talent of Arnte and Schmoun has survived in brilliance. Like already presented on their Nordschlacht-debut 'Silence, Beauty and Cruelty' in 2007, as well as on the Pyrroline follow-up 'Behind The Horizon' in 2010, this duo impresses with a perfect balance to embrace the fragility of sweet and smooth sounding synthesizer arrangements with the ominous, cold sounding aggression of a classic Dark Electro outfit. The name Mentallo & The Fixer in its typical 'Revelation 23'- brilliance is pretty fast taken as reference - and, what still surprises - this famous relation to the Texas-based idols isn't an obstacle for Arnte and Schmoun. Being deeply woven into the monumental synthesizer pads of the opener 'Disobedience' I get doubts, if not Pyrroline should have earned the praise instead of their idols. After the brute rhythm kick-off with its invading bass line sequences and the mostly whispered vocals of Arnte, the sweep synth-sounds are floating in after 2:09 minutes. Track 2, 'Effulgent', adds multiple percussion elements and reminds me personally on some all-time classics provided by Gridlock ('Halo') with their first recordings. What can follow up? Has this duo has already shot out their best bullets with the first two tracks? My doubts got immediately vanished with track 3, 'Precious Time', which is a layered produced cooperation with Michael Renfield (Soillodge / Noise Process). Next is 'Again', a bitter-sweet, nearly Synthpop-like tune featuring the awaited female vocal performance of Schmoun. But not only because of her talent, also because of the variation in the rhythm programming I tend to rate this as being one of the highlights on a top-notch Dark Electro-album full of highlights. 'The Round' then celebrates their skills to create a multi-layered soundtrack-like instrumental tune. It is still annoying to see/hear how many Sci-Fi related movies are coming out, but mostly poor supported by OST music related to Metal or Pop genres. 'The Round' would be an excellent example to re-think the current sound strategy.
These first 5 tracks are counting to the best starter tracks of an authentic Dark Electro album generally, so it is obviously that their next tracks can only follow-up and may loose a bit of intensity in comparison. They aren't at fillers and you'll get still some awesome tunes ('Ruins Outlast - Cultures Fall', 'Worlds Sorrow'). Track 12, 'Only Living' surprises as this track got originally composed by the US-based Dark Electro project The Holocaust Humanity. After the outro 'Ultranova', another example of their skill to create thrilling, multi-layered instrumental tunes, two remix works of the both best tracks 'Effulgent' and 'Disobedience' by Red+Test and Jihad conclude this remarkable release. Pyrroline are going to mark a standard in quality regarding releases by E.A.R. and musically they are standing side by side with their label mate Object. This is authentic Dark Electro music with heart and soul, featuring an aggressive and same-time fragile and sensitive arranged sound-design. More releases like this one and E.A.R. will be able to reach more and better recognition internationally.

Pa Tronic: Ute Pa Vift

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Jul 22 2013
Artist: Pa Tronic
Title: Ute Pa Vift
Format: 12" vinyl + CD
Label: Anna Logue Records (@)
Rated: *****
Coming from Skyttorp near Uppsala, Sweden, Patric Dimander and Anders Wagberg were playing together in early 80s in a rock band and they decided to dump their old drum player and to go electronic because he didn't commit to the band and was more interested in girls. They were active between 1983 and 1985 and they never had an official release out. Influenced by early Depeche Mode ("Kontroll" reminds me a little of "Boys Say No" for its atmosphere), Kraftwerk, The Twins, Heaven 17 as well as Sweden's own Page or Noise, they put all their efforts into making synthpop songs that, even if at times were sounding a bit imperfect (see the our of time manual drum pads solos on the early songs), were honest and fresh. Released thanks to a collaboration between Anna Logue Records and Dodsdans Rekords, "Ute Pa Vift" compile their rescued 1983/84 recordings plus two new versions of "Ute Pa Vift" and "Sol" recorded in 2011. In the early days the duo equipment was quite minimal and included a Roland TR-606, a SCI Pro-One, a Yamaha CS-01 and an Elka string machine. Later, they wanted to expand a bit more their "arsenal" and purchased a TR-909, a Korg Mono/Poly, a Poly-61, a Poly-800 and a Roland Juno-60. Singing both in English and Sweden, Pa Tronic's tracks mix synthpop freshness (check "Ta Mig", "Himmlen", "Kontroll" or "Mitt liv"), minimal cold wave ("The Future", "Hitta Ut", "Sol" or "PA1"), early e.b.m. ("Soker" or "Ute Pa Vift") and synth craziness (like their version of the traditional song "Tipp Tapp"). These tracks show a band that had potential but weren't able to record properly an album and this collection is a way to keep a track of those times. Well, we talked about the past of Pa Tronic and fortunately we talk about also the future of the duo, because they reformed in 2011 and did a concert in Uppsala on November the 11th and are preparing a new album. Thanks to the labels involved into this reissue, the first hundred purchaser of the release will get a bonus CDr titled "28 Tears Later", containing the recordings of that live. The concert is opened by "Slog Dej" a song that recalls a bit Front 242 just to follow with the powerful synthpop of "Tristessen". "Nattens Ãnglar" is a retro ebm mid tempo and then we have one of their "hits", "Sol". "Ute PÃÃÂ¥ Vift" is following and after that we have three songs that, as well as the first ones, aren't included into the LP: "Under Solen" (a powerful mix of synthpop and ebm), "I Varlden" (a dark synth mid tempo with catchy melodies) and "Slips Och Gele" (a dancey ebm track with bouncing bass lines and a bit of distortion). The album is closed by a demo version of "Ute Pa Vift" recorded in 1984. Nice release which you can check at this link

Mr. Kitty: Life

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Jul 18 2013
Artist: Mr. Kitty (@)
Title: Life
Format: CD
Label: Engraved Ritual (@)
Distributor: Bandcamp
Rated: *****
I have nothing against people loving cats. Actually I like cats too. But regarding Forrest Carney, the man (cat?) behind Mr. Kitty, I have the impression that he may tends to overtax his dedication if you check with his photo works in bio and web resources. I also do not see too many common things with cats related to his smooth, surprisingly catchy produced Synthpop/Electronica music generally, but however, what finally counts is his music itself. And here it starts with all further surprises surrounding this release. First to mention is the publishing label: Engraved Ritual is best known to be a full-scale resource releasing Harsh EBM / Hellectro music (just remember Bestias De Asalto or Say Just Words...) - this all new release by this Dallas-based Electronica-musician differs to anything you've discovered of this label so far. Second surprise is Mr. Kitty himself - although 'Life' stands for his fourth full-length already, I have to admit, that his music as well as his project is new and undiscovered so far to me. His further, previous releases are all available to the "Name your price"-procedure via his Bandcamp web resource - what a good chance to pick up nearly the complete discography of Mr. Kitty. But back to "Life" and its content. 15 tracks in all filled with a darker minded of form of Synthpop / New Wave music, which draws pretty much relations to classic, renowned music-projects like O.M.D., Heaven 17, Human League and of course the almighty influencing Depeche Mode for the Synthpop-related side of the project, but also The Cure or Joy Division as being the quells of the rather Post-Punk / New Wave-related outfit of Mr. Kitty. For a few critics surely another unnecessary reanimation of the 80s inspired nostalgia, but it needs to by said, that Forrest proves on all tracks his compositional skills and he services surely pretty well the needs of the elders of us. Of course his chosen sound outfit fits pretty much in this direction. Synthpop-/80s-nostalgic fans will be completely satisfied with such smooth tunes like the starter 'Insects', 'Heaven', or 'Scars'. Personally I enjoyed the darker sounding 'Sacrifice' and the usage of some well worked out vocoder effects on the vocals as being the best and most valuable point. Also the last track, 'Father' with its heart-felting content and the intention to provide a track with an alternative rhythm foundation has to be pointed out. This album brings back a lot of remembrances of the good old past and Mr. Kitty offers excellence to produce in this style. It is also an ideal soundtrack for the younger generation to pick up a glimpse of the colorful, artistical variety this era had to offer.

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