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 Posted by KlingKlangBedlam   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Dec 18 2002
Title: WORLD
Format: CD
Label: Metropolis Records
Distributor: Metropolis Records
Reading the flyer for the concert of their’s I just missed, it states "crazy new Croc Shop sound evolving on you, now go go go!". I couldn’t agree more, because their new mix of old and new is infectious as all hell! They basically took their old guilds of simplistic MIDI sounds, driving percussion and raw energy, and twisted it up with a bit of synthpop and a little techno, making it very unique indeed. The title track plinks in gently with a poppy interlude and out come the anthemic lyrics and pop flow, showing off their new style with delicate ease. "Generation" is where the smooth flow really starts and I hit the rewind button more than a few times on this one. The bassline comes out very funky, with the newfound synths layering it off. And also I notice too the singing is a lot more soulful, with Mick trying more diverse elements and coming out of his shell. My other favorite track on here is "Destroy" the most soulful and bouncy track on this whole CD, discussing the consequences of hatred (as they were talking about in the interview with us at the end). Every track on here is pure energy, something I have known the band for for years now, and the formula has only gotten more daring and bold. And have to love the anime artwork, which is another bold retreat for the group from their usual art. Let the new Croc Shop sound evolve on you! Rating: 10. This I now officially proclaim to be Album of The Year.


 Posted by Donovan Tate (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Dec 17 2002
Format: CD
Label: Atlantic
Distributor: Warner Brothers
Movie BLADE RUNNER mark its 20th year, since the original release, 1982. One of a remarkable sci-fi history making by Ridley Scott, that's based on the late Phillip K. Dick 1968 novel "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?", who died the same year the movie came out in theaters. The music score is done by synthesizer master himself, Vangelis, who also did the electronic music score for academy award winning film, "Chariots Of Fire." Vangelis futuristic music is an outtake of some of the characters and what's going on in the film. Some tracks on disc are heard in the film, but most wasn't release. Now you can have the opportunity to listen to all the scores including "Tales Of The Future", "Blush Response", "Wait For Me", "Love Theme", and "Blade Runner Blues". A few tracks features dialogue from the movie. Best soundtrack ever produced with electronics!


 Posted by Eugenio Maggi (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Dec 16 2002
Title: A-C symbiose
Format: CD
Label: AFE records (@)
Recorded in 2000-2001 as a collaboration between Y (Ultra Milkmaids) and Klaus Jochim (Telepherique), "A-C [which stands for "Analogic-Computer"] symbiose", released this year by AFE, is a great example of intelligent, unpredictable non-standard electronica. Analogic bleeps, fat rhythms, drones, noises and interferences collide and are re-composed with the grace and geometrical precision of snowflakes. At times etheral and wisp-like ("Kw feat. computer welt"), at times rumbling like the breath of some gigantic machinery ("Jeux 1.2"), they overcome the capital sin of prefabricated sounds (which, alas, is so frequent both in digital and in analogic works) to really build something of their own. Listen to the alien beauty of 22'-long "Computer 3" to have a clue. Perfect abstract layout on semi-transparent matte paper to top off an excellent release. AFE is really setting some standards in the field of quality cd-r releases. This is limited to 222 copies, so hurry up.

NEXUS 8: Neurotransmisor

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Dec 03 2002
image not
Artist: NEXUS 8 (@)
Title: Neurotransmisor
Format: CD
Label: Pur Zynth (@)
Nexus 8 is a band coming from Mexico, land that is showing good bands willing to get more exposure out of their country (think about Hocico or Cenobita, etc.). NEUROTRANSMISOR is the first album of this Mexican duo and the first Pur Zynth's release. The CD contains nine tracks for fortyfive minutes of music which is conceived like a sort of concept album: as stated on the inlay card all the album is inspired on the supposition of the existence of a mechanism which is trying to understand the trivial and twisted human behaviour. The lyrics are bilingual (English / Mexican), the vocals are whispered and kept at a lower volume respect the music which is a particular thing for this kind of music, because bands tend to show all their rage and desperation on the use of distorted vocals. On the tracks there's a sort of tension and they seems composed like a soundtrack. The sound could also remind of a mixture of 80's ebm and electro music and even if the production is a little rough Nexus 8 are capable to convince me.

Estrogenocide: s/t

 Posted by Marc Urselli   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Nov 30 2002
Artist: Estrogenocide (@)
Title: s/t
Format: CD EP
A band that describes their style as synthpop-grind-core with influences of Depoche Mode and Napalm Death is quite an interesting concept, hard to imagine until you hear it. Musically speaking the Plainview, NY, duo Estrogenocide plays fast electro-core music that is quite minimal in structure. Think fast hard core or grind double kick drumming but with drum machine instead, guitars replaced by reso-like synth-lines and a semi-distorted vocal that would feel at home with any german ebm band from the nineties (or even earlier). What is disappointing to me is that the sound palette is extremely limited. The entire record is pretty much played with the same presents on the drum machine, the synth and the vocal processor and at the end it becomes quite repetitive (not boring, 'cause the songs are short and to the point). If you are not bothered by the uniformity of sounds, then you might find a bone to pick with them when it comes down to lyrics... I doubt that NYC has made me too politically correct or conservative, but these lyrics really sound sexist. The words you hear (also printed in the booklet, to their credit) are centered around sex and quite obsessed with the male-dominant thing: "kick that cunt in the cunt", "two black eyes and a broken jaw, now make me some dinner, pick yourself up the floor", "chew and swallow down your midnight snack", "rape is fun, rape is good, rape is so misunderstood", "I will cut your nipples off" are just some of the less explicit parts.

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