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NARR!: Souls Are Flying Now!

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Feb 03 2004
Artist: NARR!
Title: Souls Are Flying Now!
Format: CD
Label: Cursed Land (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Narr! is an Italian duo formed by Vince Mustone (which has been a member of Limbo and partecipated to the composition of three of their albums: "My Whip Your Flesh", "Our Mary of Cancer" and "Vox Insana") and John Cordoni (which has been lead guitarist with Necromass since 1994). The project started back in 1999 and soon after the demo "Gaia" saw the light. Then the band concentrated their efforts with the live activity which had its highlight with the Italian tour as Sigue Sigue Sputnik's support. At the end of 2001 the band started to work to their first album SOULS ARE FLYING NOW, album that I'm holding in my hands right now. Musically the twelve tracks take their inspiration from the old Limbo albums but mixing that sort of feelings with e.b.m. tunes and goth anthems (see the Sisters Of Mercy cover "Lucretia My Reflection"), creating in this way a sort of hybrid between the old Italian electro goth of the early '90s and the nowaday sound of bands like Hocico, In Strict Confidence, etc. Half of the tracks have got Italian lyrics but they are reduced to few distorted, whispered and repeated lines which gave only an idea of the imaginary created by the music. Lyrics don't seem to be a matter of interest for the band as inside the booklet there are only few extracts and the rest of them are impossible to understand by listening to the tracks as they are buried within tons of effects and distortion. Anyway... At a first listening most of the tracks seems to work pretty well and I think that Narr! will be welcomed also by the foreign e.b.m./electro audience.


 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jan 21 2004
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Artist: SILICON SOUL (@)
Title: Pouti
Format: CD
Label: Disko B (@)
Distributor: Caroline
First released back in 1987 POUTI is the first album of Silicon Soul, a duo formed by K.L. Schafer and Olgalyn Jolly. They had a success in 1981 within the dance clubs with their first single "Who Need Sleep Tonight" (also included into this compilation with two versions: normal and extended) but the success became huge when the labl Disko B re-released it in 1991 making of it an European dance chart topper. The new version of POUTI includes nine tracks: "The Fig", "In Soho", "Who Needs Sleep Tonight", "Pardon Moi", "Woman´s Work", "Every Idiot knows", "California song", "Beat Box Brain" and "Who needs sleep tonight extended version". Musically Silicon Soul, on tracks like "Who Needs Sleep Tonight" or "Pardon Moi", rember me bands like Pink Industry and Kas Product (a French duo that in 1983 released a really good album titled "Kas Product"; their second and final one) but the approach is different as Schafer and Jolly music have got pop, soul and r'n'b influences (see how Olgayn uses her voice). The cold electronic textures composed by K.L. are like little nice robotic soundtracks but Olgayn vocals make them turn into something warm and particular. Following my tastes I must admit that I prefer Pink Industry but in any case Silicon Soul has been a pleasant discovery...


 Posted by Michelle Russo   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jan 13 2004
Artist: PTI (@)
Title: S.O.S. EP
Format: CD EP
Label: DHI Music
Distributor: WTII Records
PTI- S.O.S. EP long awaited. This is by far one of the coolest EPS i have heard, liked this band so much I booked them right away from just downloading one track from their website. This is one of the better Chicago based bands. Consisting of Eric Dusik and Phil Fox who share equally in PTI's vocals and song writing. Eric Lucke rounds out the live performances and is given the high title of Live Eye Candy, these are the counterparts that make up this great band. We begin with Track two, "Icons" that is going to be a worldwide dance hit in the near future. Icons breathes life into the lifelessness of the same mediocrity we are used to with newer music. This track goes way beyond to keep your interest going. Hard agression wrapped around witty lyrics, singing, "you worship your false icons." with clever samples and a nonstop break beat that feeds your soul. We see this track having the potential of becoming an new electronic anthem for the near future. We proceed next with "Core" singing, "gave my life to the bottom line, no more lies as I make it mine", set to laser beams screaming at you denoting war is everywhere. The next track "Tunnel Vision (track five) was remixed by the one and only Tom Shear from Assemblage 23. Very moving track, nice electro soundscapes flowing as Eric sings, "My eyes tunnel vision, raging violence as far as I can see, what strength will pull me away." I found myself dancing in my chair typing this to this catchy tune and you will find youself dancing in motion, no matter where you are. Track 7, Smoke was the one that truely poked at my psyche. Phil sings, " one day the skies will clear, i'll find you , trust me, i'm sure you'll find me," a very dark love song sung under deep dark sequences that pull you in like a undertow, into another time dimension. This band was designed to put ideas in your head, never let you forget them and let them out sometime to try them out. By far one of the most innovative newer bands that are working towards becoming something truely great. Look for a full length album coming out soon and they will be playing at The Bottom Lounge, 3206 W. Wilton in Chicago, Illinois on February 11th, 2004 with 12 Stitches and Dixie Flatline. 4 stars


 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jan 11 2004
Artist: GRAND CHAOS (@)
Title: La Forge
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Galaxy
I already had the chance to listen to Grand Chaos music with their mini "Pelerin" released back in 2000 but this one is much better and sees the project grown. This new limited and not for sale release titled LA FORGE sees Grand Chaos dealing with a mixture of early electronics/industrial. "Electro Troop", "Density", "Anyangelanyvoice", "If You Need" and "Groundlight" are five minimal tunes and sound like a cool mixture of early Die Form mixed D.A.F. Ivanovitch Tcheleskov is the only man behind the project and I've got to say that he's got a good taste producing a mini full of tension and cool atmospheres. Contact him and persuade him to sell you this release. Absolutely nice!

REGENERATOR: Regenerated X

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jan 11 2004
Title: Regenerated X
Format: CD
Label: Archetype Multimedia (@)
After ten years of activity and five albums, the duo formed by Patrice Synthea (vocals & live keyboards) and Wrex Mock (programming, vocals, synths, guitar,live percussion and woodwinds) decided to celebrate the event by giving their music to several other artists which produced a massive amount of music. All those tracks filled two versions of REGENERATED X: one released as a double CD in Europe by Alfa Matrix (their new label since 2001) containing 14 remixes and 14 remastered tracks and the other one released as a single disc by Archetype Multimedia. I've received a copy of the latter and it contains sixteen tunes of which eleven are exclusive to this version. Bands like Razed In Black, Assemblage 23, Front 242, Observe & Control, Bigod 20, Clan Of Xymox, Lights of Euphoria, Epsilon Minus and Attrition (to name few) give their interpretation of Regenetor classics such as "Blink", "Take Me", "Everyone Follow", "Faith", Archetype", "Lightbringer", "Organism", "Shores Of Forever". "Archetype", etc. Every remixed version tend to explore / exploit the dance vein of each track characterizing them with e.b.m., synthpop or trance moments (only Vultures did a version of "Wirklisheit" using ambient, industrial and e.b.m. all together). If you are a fan, this release is worth the purchase.

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