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VVAA: Futuristic Trips 1

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jul 03 2003
Artist: VVAA
Title: Futuristic Trips 1
Format: CD
Label: Meta Wave (@)
FUTURISTIC TRIPS 1 is the first chapter of this Meta Waves serie which is dedicated to new electronic bands with a surprise coming from the early days of electronic music: El Aviador Dro. El Aviador Dro are active since 1979 and in their first incarnation they included members of Esplendor Geometrico in their line up. Meta Wave is currently distributing their discograhpy in Germany, so in this first compilation they are including two tracks, "Antimateria" and the instrumental "Gran Plaza Asimov" which are taken from "Opera Cientifica" (best of, released in 1999) and from "Mechanisburgo" (released in 2001). The other ten tracks are coming from selected discographies or are unreleased tracks of: Seji Minus Ac (I've already reviewed their latest CD of fractal electronic industrial music), Krometekk (two tracks for this American band who presents a mixture of electronic jungle, cosmic electronic suites and early e.b.m.), Krometekk (female project who presents a tracka of technological cyber e.b.m.), Psychonic Parandroid (German project of techno e.b.m. deeply influenced by futuristic ambient soundscapes), Analogwerk (electronic techno with samples taken from the Voix Bulgares choirs), Perchteuropa (his tracks is a minimal electronic suite based on analogic like bleeps and watery sounds) and there's a little joke by The Meta Intergalactic Orchestra (a nice robotic and pulsing fifty four seconds track). Nice compilation that will introduce you to interesting bands. Check this out...

Bruce Atchison: Shut Up & Talk 2 Me

 Posted by Julia Soultanova (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jun 23 2003
Artist: Bruce Atchison (@)
Title: Shut Up & Talk 2 Me
Format: CD
The Canadian composer Bruce Atchison appears not as the creator, but rather as the delicate conductor of the three worlds - the world common to all mankind, the private inner world, and the no man's cosmic one. With an unexplainable, both alienating and magnetic spiral he screws the mind of a listener into the solid rock of infinity! He showers us with waves, not impulses that are ready to rise from just one half-sigh. The turning of head, the swallowing of saliva, the random playing of wind behind the windowpane, is about to tear the tight thread, meticulously tuned by Bruce's genius, about to break the unstable link between the planes of space, time, sensuous and visual memory. By moving the planes and facets, he builds the multilevel pyramid, matching the clearances with some linking diagonal that sets the trajectory for our purposeful journey.

Let's stretch the mental canvas to its full length, wipe off the dust, deleting all unnecessary details, smoothing out all wrinkles and washing out the spots. Remaining motionless, we find ourselves in the final point which is not identical to the beginning. Our medium does not deceive us with some serene hypnosis, but there's no other natural ways of listening to his music, which is not even so much of music, as it is the interdimensional speech, amplified in the light of microscopic magnification.

The dark, ominous and spiky sonic fragments make up the alluring and harmonic whole and the technicism of womb-like, edgy voice becomes the hook that firmly holds the uneasy, flowing beauty of electronic melodies within the limits of the river-bed. The painting of sound by Bruce Atchison is akin to the geometrical plastic of the art of Ancient Egypt, and its origin seems equally dubious at times - either human hands or extraterrestrial forces. The mystery of the sphinx, the pyramids, and the music of Atchison - even if the scale is different, the origins seem to be the same. The author's use of radio-wave aesthetics doesn't mean his longing for unnecessary complexity and excessive décor; it's the essential part of his universal thinking that covers all elements, distances and moods.

Some compositions are essentially just words submerged in ambient textures. The music has narrative character as well. It's neither the monolog of a bard nor lively hip-hop recital, nor fluffy opera lyricism. It's more like the distant observation, the statement of the endless wayfaring of a man in the most global and existential sense.

The compositions, full of diversity and expression, are hanging on the rope of single tempo. The insinuating sonic fog is ascending in serpentine movements like a snake. The proceedings are laid-back and calming and we find melancholy without sentimentality, modesty of colors without monotony. The landscapes are light and airy. They are almost imperceptible, so that only the well-cut structure reminds us of their presence, without which the sound would turn into formless and inert mass.

The seemingly faceless and cold music hides real strong charge that makes sure the generous message of the composer safely reaches the listener. This message is to embrace the whole world and to newly find your own self as part of it, and to do it in a way yet unthinkable.

VV.AA.: Mr. Velcro Fastener presents Deep Inside Vol.2

 Posted by Marc Urselli   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jun 15 2003
image not
Artist: VV.AA. (@)
Title: Mr. Velcro Fastener presents Deep Inside Vol.2
Format: CD
Label: e:motion (@)
Distributor: Caroline
Damn! We've got some really hot stuff here! Somebody just opened a can of some major ass kicking, and that someone is Tatu Peltonen and Tatu Metsatahti, better known as Mr. Velcro Fastener. The two Finnish DJs based out of Turku's ever-active electronic scene are back behind the decks for the second volume of their "Deep Inside" project commissioned by Berlin-based e:motion label and featuring a lot of hard to locate and rare unmixed full-length material. An extraordinary collection of gems that reflects the last ten years of making music together. By assembling some of their personal favourites and providing us with liner notes on why they chose each specific song, the two Tatu's re-trace their evolution and their artistic path all the way back to 1993. Throughout the compilation you can hear how much the duo's been influenced by Kraftwerk's robotic music and by their various electronic successors... The CD features the unique Brown+Booth duo Autechre, The Black Dog, Mouse on Mars, Fujiya & Miyagi, Mr. Velcro Fastener themselves with their Miami Vice-inspired "Testarossa" track (wasn't Tom Selleck the one with the Ferrari Testarossa in Magnum P.I. anyway?), Detroit-sould Kenny Larkin, Monolake (the porject by Robert Henke, who created the affordable music software Ableton Live who along with Acid, Reason and a few others is becoming one of electronic musician's favourite tools), Herbert alias 08 Doctor Rockit, H.E.A.D., John Tejada (also collaborating with DJ Sage on their indie-rcok band Meathe), Carl A. Finlow aka Voice Stealer (also known as El.ek.tro, Random Factor, Silicon Scally), Morgan Geist (from Metro Area, Titonton Duvante, Sage, Faumgeist, Ghee, Like This Production and founder of Environ records). Among other things nice brown carboard-looking deluxe digipack. Sit tight, this is a great ride!

INTERLACE: Under The Sky

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jun 11 2003
image not
Artist: INTERLACE (@)
Title: Under The Sky
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Prototyp (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe

Released one year after their debut album, UNDER THE SKY confirm Interlace as a great act who is able to flame the electronic/ebm scene with only two releases. This new MCD brings to the audience five new tracks along with four remixes of old and new tracks. "Under The Sky" is present with the normal and the "Club" versions, "Equus" (remixed by Headscan") and "Missing Link" (remixed by Oliver Beach and Akira Yamaoka, famous for his Silent Hill's soundtrack) are coming from the debut album while "Bells", "Pinioned" (beautiful and intruguing dark ambient atmospheres mixed with energy), "Victims" and "Icon I" are totally new tracks. The remixes don't change that much the original versions (only Yamahoka's brings to "Missing Link" new thrilling atmospheres) while the new tracks confirm the first impression I had of the band: good skills about melody and gear use and great impact even at a first listening. The songs have got different atmospheres presenting different dense dark layers (almost ambient) a la Clock Dva along with catchy melodic lines. I think I'll try to contact them for an interview... :)
P.s. There's also an European release of this MCD, printed by Dependent, which contains several other mixes, tracks coming from their debut album and a live track.

VV.AA: Electro-Age I: The Awakening

 Posted by Donovan Tate (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jun 05 2003
Artist: VV.AA
Title: Electro-Age I: The Awakening
Format: CD
Label: Latex (@)
Distributor: Latex
Close your eyes and open your mind and enter a deep subconciousness state that will take you on a long journey. This is what Electro-Age: The Awakening compilation all about. An ecletic electronic and alternative disc features various artists from all types of genres of music. From dance, trance, ebm, industrial, ethereal, synth-pop, gothic, darkwave, pagan-rock, and experimental electronic. Experience the ritual, myth, magic and transformation of consciousness through music by underground bands THOU SHALT NOT, TVKILL, NEW MIND, THE MOORS, CONSCIENTIA PECCATTI, , MUSIC FOR THE GODDESS, SYSTEM DER DINGE, Seattle's well known act GLIS, and the synth-pop band who resembles Depeche Mode, KAJ. A form pattern that sense the energy cycle based from the human psyche in the spiritual theme music that project the mind to process in psychological abysmal thinking mode. Let the music commence and the body and mind levitate and explore in a psychedelic atmospheric world called hypnosis. A truly must have for the electro & alternative fans. Latex Records first release gets two thumbs up with an eye wink.

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