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May 26 2005
Artist: RE_AGENT (@)
Title: Abscond: The Abandon Remixes
Format: CD
Label: NXA
Rated: *****
The Canadian one man project leaded by Justin Tripp strikes back with a new release filled with 14 revamped and remixed tracks taken from his "Abandon" debut CD. A kind of label name he has also found (see above) but everything from the very first note up to the final production process lays still in the controlling hands of this talented artist. Justin only took some help with the mastering process done this time by the Canadian Powernoise act ISZOLOSCOPE. Thanks to a successful choice of artists which could lay their talented hands to remix the RE_AGENT stuff, this release gets a wide range of different music styles and earns again a double plus good in quality. It starts hard and straight with a danceable Powernoise-like remix by the Metropolis recording artist TERRORFAKT of the track "Weak and Wounded" – a great opener and one of the best remix works I have ever heard from them! The DSBP recording artist TYPE001 makes an excellent appearance here with a melodious remix on "U.W.M.R.F.L." filled with space-like thick synth layers and a deep dark atmospheric touch. Mr. RE_AGENT himself has also laid his hands on two of his tracks. While "Heaven Falling" can be compared not too far to be away from the original, thinks change with the remix on the normally slow piece "Never Satisfied". Adding here a completely new rhythmic structure gives this track a new pounding identity. Another refreshing remix works is done by the Canadian country men of FRACTURED, one of the most recognized Dark Electro acts of the past year. It is a great idea to fill in rhythmic interruptions (!!!) in one of RE_AGENT’s strongest tracks, "Brain Death", a kind of work I have probably never heard before. The remix of the already mentioned ISZOLOSCOPE of the track "Brain Death" takes a splendid bridge between the known Dark Electro sound of RE_AGENT transformed into a rougher noisy sound. This is a magnificent kind of creating a remix, an almost perfect symbiosis of both styles. Also very satisfying is the remix of the instrumental title track "Abandon" done by RAILGUN which surprises with a rich amount on new sounds and harsh noisy undertones.
I have mentioned only the ones which are to my taste the most outstanding remix works here but I can insure you that this whole and over 72 minutes long CD is a big enjoyment to listen to. And although that this CD is a remix based release it gives you a perfect view into sound compositions and musically world of one of the most talented acts out of the over-polluted Dark Electro genre. Make your contact to Justin under and purchase this strong release!

1. Weak and Wounded [remixed by Terrorfakt]
2. Never Satisfied [remixed by Krz0n]
3. UWMRFL [remixed by Type001]
4. Heaven Falling [remixed by Re_agent]
5. Creeping Up On You [remixed by Famine]
6. Brain Death [remixed by Fractured]
7. Abandon [remixed by s:cage]
8. Never Satisfied [remixed by Re_agent]
9. Under Blue [remixed by DYM]
10. Brain Death [remixed by Iszoloscope]
11. Weak and Wounded [remixed by Andraculoid]
12. Heaven Falling [displacer remix v.2]
13. Creeping Up On You [remixed by antechamber]
14. Abandon [remixed by Railgun]

SIVA SIX: Rise New Flesh

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
 Edit (1942)
May 24 2005
image not
Artist: SIVA SIX (@)
Title: Rise New Flesh
Format: CD
Label: Decadance Records (@)
Rated: *****
Siva Six is a duo formed by Z and Noid and even if RISE NEW FLESH is their first release, they aren't newcomers, because in the past they have been members of Wintermute, Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh and Horrified. With Siva Six the duo decided to focus their efforts into the production of a saturated sound which take inspiration from the e.b.m. / industrial scene. The ten tracks of the CD don't leave space to mellowness and fit the fifty minutes with music made of distorted sounds and 4/4 rhythms. Sometimes (mostly on intros and outos) the sound is influenced by dark ambient (see "Another dead world" or "Deep black well", for example, where the horrific ambience form a ideal soundtrack of the next chapter of the Resident Evil saga) and goth (see how they use the choirs). The whole result is a mix of danceable industrial harsh electronic music which could also work outside the clubs. During the whole album there are different evidences that Siva Six aren't just another Hocico's clone: different use of ambient solutions, different melody, etc. but a major diversification of the atmosphere of the tracks could help the listener into the identification of the band with their own original sound.

VV.AA.: Trumpett Sounds

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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May 20 2005
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Trumpett Sounds
Format: 12"
Label: Enfant Terrible (@)
Rated: *****
It's always a pleasure for me to have the confirmation that the '80s have been a decade of musical innovation and this compilation released by Enfant Terrible is the clear evidence. TRUMPETT SOUNDS is a compilation of tracks made by bands that recorded for an '80s Dutch tape label called Trumpett. All the tracks have been recorded during the 1981-1983 period and they show that Netherlards have seen electronic acts before the famous "Hague electro" wave of bands (see the Bunker label discography as reference). Listening to tracks like Ende Shneafliet's "Twistin' on the tombstones" or Doxa Sinistra's "Conversation a la chaine" bring me back at the time when I was listening to the "Elephant table album" compilation for the first time. You know, listening to those characteristic drum sounds or to the fist sperimentations with synth sounds produced by young people, give back sense to the term "alternative band" or to "indie label", when money wasn't the only target to reach and the lack of it wasn't stopping the creativity. TRUMPETT SOUNDS is a good way for listening to cool sounds and for discovering unknown bands. Printed in only 500 copies this vinyl album is a must for all the people that love those sounds and that approach to music. Let's discover Ende Shneafliet, The Actor, Thromboh, Doxa Sinistra, Trumpetto & Einstein and A Van Garde with their electronic sperimentation full of new wave atmospheres.


 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
 Edit (1931)
May 19 2005
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Artist: LOLA ANGST (@)
Title: Am I Dead?
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Dark Wings (@)
Rated: *****
Formed by the ex Kamikaze 52 member Alexandar Goldmann, Lola Angst take the melodic approach of that band just to change it into a more danceable and catchy key. By listening to the three original tracks contained into the AM I DEAD? MCD ("Am I Dead?", "You let me kill" and "No fear of life") you can immediately notice the commercial potential of those tunes. This doesn't mean that this is the only thing you can appreciate of the Lola Angst project but for sure behind the cool sounds (mainly analog as far as I can hear) the song format has got its importance for Alexandar. Musically it's like to listen to a sort of Marilyn Manson / Front 242 hybrid: the main track is a killer one and you can imagine it at the top of the charts in no time. The other two original tunes are good ones but they impressed me a little less, maybe because it's hard to compete with "Am I dead?". Along with these tracks you can also find two remixes of the main track, reworked by The Scandals and Loom. The first one don't change that much the original one (it changes a little the sounds using a sampled guitar and acoustic drum sounds) while the "Loom Remix" gives to it an electro industrial treatment that it is interesting. For both the remixes, I have to say, that they don't succeed into having the energy of the original version. The MCD anticipate the album which will be ready on August 2005.

XP8: Forgiven -- Remastered USA Version

 Posted by Perry Bathous   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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May 18 2005
Artist: XP8
Title: Forgiven -- Remastered USA Version
Format: CD
Label: Static Sky Records (@)
Rated: *****
Anglo-Italian veterans of all kinds of Industrial noise, XP8 emerged after their previous group, Retina, called it quits. Now, collaborators Marco Visconti, Marko Resurreccion and Paul Toohill bring a staggering variety of influences and experience to the table. As much of a stickler as I am for originality, when their description lists everybody from Bauhaus to ClockDVA to the Chemical Brothers to Coil to VNV Nation, I see no problem with that, because on this 15-track CD, XP8 combines them all--I mean ALL--and makes it work.I can't really understand why they felt the need to put out a "Remastered USA Version" of this disc, but make no mistake, it hits hard and fast and gets the job done. It opens with the sound of an orchestra tuning up, and then goes ballistic from there. All the aforementioned musical sources come to fruition in each track, if mostly using an anthem formula. The lyrics, too, have just the right balance of poetic meanness versus dancefloor-mandated simplicity to get the message across. This "Remastered USA Version" has a bonus track, "Your Heat," that goes: "I don't need your mind to make me complete,/So open your legs and give me your heat." Ironically (and unfortunately, for us guys) over here in the Land of the Free, using that as a pick-up line will not get you very far, but that alone scores points with me on sheer balls. Is this an essential part of your dancefloor arsenal, you ask? I think it is.

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