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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Pandora's Box, Invasion And Friends 2k6
Format: CD
Label: Invasion Wreck Chords (@)
Rated: *****
A couple of years ago on the "Invasion and friends" serie compilations you could find mostly unknown bands and, most of the times, bands coming from the same Ambassador 21 area. With the years and with the different European tours made by the band the friends have increased and you can check it out by reading the tracklist of this new compilation. On PANDORA’S BOX, INVASION AND FRIENDS 2K6 most of the bands are already signed to a record label: see Dive, Synascape, Converter, Mimetic and Iszoloscope that collaborated for a track titled "Heard Voices", P.A.L. or Projecto Mirage, to name few. As you can notice most of the band are under contract with Ant Zen, label that is taking care of the distribution of the Invasion Wreck Chords releases. Anyway, if on the early volumes of the serie industrial distortion was the way to go, this time the seventeen bands try to explore every dark corner of melodic distortion mixed with rhythm hysteria. The wildness and the rage are now under the wise control of people that during their years of activity reached a good balance between philosophy and action. The sign that something has changed find the confirmation into the fact that the last name of the tracklist is Dalek, a band of electro hip hop (their track seems a My Bloody Valentine track with rappers). Something changed and this is good because music needs fresh ideas!

01. DIVE - Insanity [live at Razzmatazz 3 - Barcelona 12.04.03]
02. SYNAPSCAPE - White Trash [2005 edit]
03. AMBASSADOR21 vs. FRAGMENT KING - The Ballet Of Bullets
04. CONVERTER - Be Broken [unbreakable rmx by NERVE FILTER]
07. CTRLer - Nuclear Device
08. RASPUTEEN - Auf Der Flucht
09. P.A.L - Overlap [slow strokes mix]
10. KLANGSTABIL - Wir Sind Ganz Zusammen [live in Leipzig]
11. ROGER ROTOR - Drown Delay [live in Morbio Inferiore'05]
12. MONOID - Credit
14. SHORAI - U R My Self Destruction Button
15. NOT HALF - Become A Being Of Light
16. NTT - Defeatist
17. DALEK - Ever Somber
Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Recreation-X Display Disobey V2
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Urbcom Music (@)
Distributor: Nova Media
Rated: *****
Already active since 1996 (and so we also have to celebrate their 10th year anniversary, congrats...), this Anglo-Dutch label leaded by both J. Hookens of JERICO ONE and Dave Escott (AWAX) returns with a double full-length CD set presenting rarities and special mixes out of their label program. Lately they could also get a distribution deal with the German Nova Media, so now their work and power will be spread all over the European continent. A DCD indeed has a lot of space to fill, so no real wonder, that several acts are here present with more than one track. Several "guests" are included here, for example the Alfa Matrix recording artist NEBULA H, the well known harsh IDM artist SOMATIC RESPONSES, or the artists of the German Sonic-X label SKORBUT, ANTISTASIS and GLENN LOVE. Bands also co-operate here often for mutual projects, so also this is responsible for a wide musically diversity. The music itself presents all known formulas of modern electronic-based music, styles ranging from Electro, EBM, Industrial, Synth Pop, but also Breakcore, IDM or Trance elements. Favorites can be named with the only one and real EBM piece here, "In Zenith" done by SKORBUT, then the very well worked out experimental tracks by ALIEN SIX, a side-project by Geoff Pinckeny of the UK Synthpop legend THE NINE. Almost well and with a rich amount of diversity is featured by the works of J. Hookens’ own project JERICO ONE, with 6 (!!!) contributions on the top. There is a lot of nice stuff here to be checked out, please read also the very informative introducing words by Amanda Lear and the rich give track informations. A release to follow without hesitation and an impressive start for this label to reach a wider recognition.


001: NEBULA-H FEAT PANGEA - andalusion +
002: JERICO ONE & AWAX - dcoy *
003: BIODRONE- c02 *
004: INTERCITY3 - windows [ club mix ] *
005: AWAX - statica [remix] *
006: ALIEN SIX - c sqared [edit] *
007: JERICO ONE> flashing light *
008: GLENN LOVE & T.H.INDUSTRY- iceland
009: KINHO- terminal *
010: ALIEN SIX & JERICO ONE>- stratastate
011: BIONIK PHUNK- supersonic +
012: INTERCITY3 city at night *
013: SEROTONIN- funkwall *
014: DEATHSTAR- mybodydrifting *
015: AWAX- lines *
016: JERICO ONE>- extol *


001: AWAX- ion protocol *
002: DJ****- breakthrough *
003: ANTICRACY- uso derog [edit] *
004: SUDDEN INFANT- angelic agony
005: SOMATIC RESPONSES - omnivox [edit] *
006: SKORBUT- InZenith
007: DJ****- abberration *
008: JERICO ONE>- ulackra *
009: ANTISTASIS- TraumZeit
010: BIODRONE- pusher *
011: JERICO ONE>- bodyshock *
012: DJ****-metrophage plan B *
013: KYOSUKE TOKANAGA- extreamviolation
014: AWAX- know enmies *
015: BIODRONE- distrangled *
016: UNIFORM- day 6 in the season of mistakes *
017: BLACKPEPPER-thOughts

* Exclusive unreleased mixes or edited previously unavailable mixes / compositions
+ White label only or Dvd / promo-video transmissions


 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
 Edit (2632)
Apr 04 2006
Artist: TRISTRAUM (@)
Title: Grey
Format: CD
Label: Section 44 (@)
Rated: *****

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After several years of work, Tristraum finally released on early February their debut album titled GREY. Containing also their previous singles "Shiver" and "First embrace" the album include also a cover of a Gary Numan song: "Walking with shadows" (track that is coming from his previous album "Pure"). Gathering ten songs for a length of fortysix minutes the album shows the different faces of the band: the synthpop influenced by goth melodies (see "Eyes wide open", "Shiver" or "I’m under no one"), the sensual electro pop (the Fixx cover "Chase the fire" is a good example of this style and it is the one that convinced me most even if also "Toothing" is a good one), the introspective ambient electro with celtic melodies (see "Gray"), the good Gary Numan cover of "Walking with shadows" reprocessed by the band being true to the original version but playing it with their personal style and finally the ballad "Before it’s gone" which contains a charming orchestral arrangement that make the creepy effect created by the song rise in an impressive way. In my opinion half of the album is really good and it gathers different influences that have been richly personalized by the trio. The synthpop goth influenced tracks are the ones that impressed me less because on those I found Krystyna voice less expressive respect the other ones where she changes her voice coloring, in this way, the different tracks in a beautiful way.


 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Apr 02 2006
Title: I Feel
Format: CD
Label: Ionium-Records / A + F Music (@)
Distributor: SXDistribution
Rated: *****
The German male/female duo INFERNOSOUNDS presents with "I Feel" already its second full-length after their debut "Eiszeit" in 2004. Consisting of Cornelia (vocals) and Marko Kupfer (sounds), they go further to create and present us their vision of - I would say - Dark Electro Pop... or something like this. The formula is simple: female vocals in both English and German spreading stories and happenings of lucky/unlucky relationships, Goth-infiltrated themes of angels, darkness, or vampire stories mixed to some trendy Electropop sounds. BLUTENGEL or TRISTE DE LA LUNA somehow come to mind, and... - hell, this duo really hits the cliche pot in all variations ("Creature Of The Night"). That’s for sure not new or something what can be called innovative - but it still seems to have its audience, I may think on some 13-years-old Goth greenhorns discovering a really "hard and dark Electro CD...". Okay, enough sarcasm here, this duo finally has also some well worked out pieces, and here can be named "Das Land Der Schwarzen Rosen". Also "Funkel Funkel" has to named, it is inspired by German children fairytale, and I find the musically conversion quite convincing. Some special remix works are also included here, among others MASSIV IN MENSCH and SPIRITUAL CRAMP have to be named, both remixing one of the best tracks here, "Endlose Wege". As I said - the result here will still get some attention by the audience and this act will may grow to a higher level of recognition. My issues moreover belong to some personal preferences. So for what this album seems to be, it is decent. Another important point to know: 1,-- Euro out of the sales of this release will be donated to a foundation against child molestation. A nice form of charity which hopefully will get more imitators.

Title: translation as rhythm
Format: CD
Label: Errant Bodies (@)
Rated: *****
Remember, when we deal with Errant Bodies' releases you've always to take for granted we're dealing with unconventional objects in the most noble sense of its meaning. Right lately I've read that great book + cd they did on Christof Migone's works, but Labelle gives another audio exhibit confirming the initial statement I've written makes sense. Jarrod Fowler's work is "rhythmical", yes, that's something you can ear with your own hear as you will play these rhythm borne out of digital skip like in the first and in the fifth tracks, after that this audio "experience" features parts of synthesized vocals dealing with the subjects of the tracks the composer has performed (tracks two and four). Oh sure, there's also your beloved white noise and you can also find the "dear old" field recordings, but the fact is that's a real pain in the ass to review the "music" of a record where the booklet and the concept are indivisible from the "musical" (in the most abstract but at the same time most "real" sense) content. For those who have not understood it yet: this cd is based on studies, thus I think you/we've to view it as a performance or sorry for the repetition: a study. Being the mind-tripper-frigid-nerd I'm, I've found it a pleasant listening/reading since I've happened a few times to read/hear text files translated into audio files, and with references like Cage, Satie, Platone it's easy to be saduced by the concept, you know...The fact is this cd like many other listenings like it goes beyond simple criticism and apart from the performative judgment every other aesthetical consideration becomes useless and above al subjective.

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