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Artist: Christopher Kah
Title: A Wonderful Darkworld
Format: CD
Label: Axesscode (@)
Rated: *****
French label Axesscode presents a debut CD release by the solo electronic musician Christopher Kah. It is a release which is a bit difficult to categorize. It is all electronic-based of course, building up a mixture by taking elements out of Dark Electro, Techno and Electronica with here and there some experimental undertones. While the Synth layers and string sounds are almost infiltrated with a dark Electro mood, the sequences and beats provide a Techno background. Some vocals of Mr. Kah are featured as well, mostly very sparse and re-stranged with some KRAFTWERKian robot-like effects. Favorites I have found with the steady "Camille ist Tot", "Sextronic Bacteria’s" or the title track, while others like "Intumeti K" suffer from repetition and a too long playing time of over 9 minutes. Christopher Kah made a decent album here which is to my taste more designed to listen at home. Club visitors could be disturbed by the way back too experimental beats and the globally dark flair the release has to offer. Good stuff here for people who like to explore something different with an edge, and surely not designed for some pseudo-aggressive rivetheads. Well, it is a wonderful dark world, isn’t it?


 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Industrial Noise / Power Noise / Harsh Noise
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Aug 09 2005
Artist: DISHARMONY (@)
Title: Collapse
Format: CD
Label: Monopolrecords, Aliens Production (@)
Distributor: SX Distribution
Rated: *****
Long awaited and now available in the stores is Slovakia’s currently best Dark Electro/Industrial act DISHARMONY with their new and already third release. Against to the both predecessors the label Aliens Productions from Slovakia decided no longer to work with the German Broken Seal. Instead now they’ve committed a partnership deal with the Czech Republic rising label Monopolrecords. The Slovakian friends behind DISHAMONY, Ryby and Lord Sauron (what a cool name...) are moving in between towards in their musically development to build the new and authentic sound of DISHARMONY. Often compared to some classic and veteran acts like MORTAL CONSTRAINT or THE KLINIK they reach now their own identity and perfection. Dark and slowly interpreted tracks pending between Ambient and Electro, offering space and room for extremely strange rhythms plus distorted but not obtrusive vocals which are well integrated in the mix. This new "Collapse" offers us a thrilling listen experience from track 1 to 15. Highlights are rich mixed in here, but can mostly found in pieces like the title track, "Disfiguration", "Enemys" or "Flame in my Soul", where they finally add more variations into tempo and arrangement. A good Ambient-like remix work of the track "Zoomer" done by the MORTAL CONSTRAINT solo effort leaded by Ingo Lindmaier, POLYGON, is included as well. I have also noticed a slight growing dedication to some harsher almost Powernoise-like sounds on the latter tracks like "Magnificence". However, it will be almost interesting to see and hear how far the unbreakable sense for experimental song structures of this duo will move. 15 groundbreaking Dark-Electro tracks of the finest kind far away from all nerve-killing sounds of Futurepop or Hellektro. Check this out immediately!

VV. AA.: VAWS vol. II

 Posted by Andrea Ferraris (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Aug 09 2005
image not
Artist: VV. AA.
Title: VAWS vol. II
Format: CD
Label: Vaws-musicfactory (@)
Rated: *****
Another german electro-goth product for your ears and this time it's Vaws' turn with a fresh new sampler. A lot of rock-pounding electro-goth tunes german style (mainly for the first half of the cd), read "4/4 dance beat that pump in a lot of tunes", most of the tracks therefore combine melody with a disco beat framework. To be sincere I'm not that acknowledged about this style but everything seems to have the best possible result, I'm sure this could be the best soundtrack if you want to dance to an alternative beat in a really cool goth-disco. A good production add some extra points to the release, it reminds me of some old releases on E.N.D.E.: martial, romantic and fetish. The only possible remarks is that most of the tunes from the first half of the cd are a bit too similar one to each other above, not just for a matter of keyboards or for the beat but also for the whole songs' skeleton. The first big change from introducing the second half of the cd is represented by KCN and PREUSSAK that drives toward a more rave-oriented stuff. VERSTARKER instead using some mechanical loops brings into a noise-electro and "brain devastating" field (remember the review of the sampler came out on Plutonium?). W.O.M.P. could be more old fashioned industrial music, akin to LAIBACH during their disco trips, imagine these germans are more melodical and less pompous and you get the thing. I'd say the end of the compilation is more industrial-rave oriented since the same adjective could be referred also to A INDUSTRYA, 1979 and above all to PANZER DIVISION that maintain the expectations you have by reading such a name, if you know the track is titled "american forces Vietnam network" find your conclusions. The first part of the sample is the most accessible but a bit too generic sometimes, the second part drives to insanity in full effect but I think it's a good fucking blast: destroy!.

Things Outside the Skin: You Knew it all Along

 Posted by Shaun Phelps (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Aug 07 2005
Artist: Things Outside the Skin (@)
Title: You Knew it all Along
Format: CD
Label: Facility Records
Distributor: CD Baby
Rated: *****
Things Outside the Skin are back for their fifth release, "You Knew it all Along." TOtS is Chvad SB (vocals/programming), Blight Productions (bass), and The 1-2-3-4 (drums), interesting names to add to the curiousness of this colorful new release. TOtS’s sound is composed of, basically, dirty gangster rap above spooky and aged sci-fi themesor, better put, a nightmarish amusement park moving in slow motion.

My first impression about this release was that it would be blatantly evil with not much intrinsic value, however; upon listening and reading the lyrics I was quick to discover this band actually has a healthy(?) sense of humor, and a smart approach to their subject matter that is quickly infectious.

While I’m not a big fan of industrial rap, Things Outside the Skin does an extremely convincing job of merging the two genres, and does it better than most acts I’ve heard. TOtS is not, by any means, limited to rapas they show an affinity for EBM and touch on a variety of other genres. Regardless your interests, though, TOtS’s violating cover of the Spice Girls’ "Spice up Your Life" alone is well worth any price asked for this album.

ROTERSAND: Welcome to Goodbye

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Aug 05 2005
Artist: ROTERSAND (@)
Title: Welcome to Goodbye
Format: CD
Label: Dependent / Metropolis-Records (@)
Distributor: Alive!, Metropolis Records
Rated: *****

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I have still the well done appetizer "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy" in my ears but now this talented German act is ready to release their first full length release on their new label Dependent. "Published by stark-n/BMG UFA/Warner Chappell", so I can read on the backside, "The definitively best Electro album of the year" or "10 out of 10 points" are the praising words of two leading German print magazines, which stab in my eyes on a sticker on the front side. So it must be any good, right? Better asked: How can I have doubts?
Well, I have now listened this album 10 to 20 times and I still don’t get what it makes that outstanding that so-called "experts" do make such ridiculous ratings. This release is a classical example of how a band fails to fulfill too big expectations. ROTERSAND are producing Electro-, Synth- or Futurepop music with some stylish acceptable ingredients. There is an unavoidable VNV-inspiring syndrome on this whole album, but only at a very few times this band is able to play in the same league. First main flaw is the turn out bad track list producing nothing else than boredom from track 1 to 5. Track 6, "By the Waters" is more calm, features a nice acoustic guitar, and the melodic content co-operates much better with the vocals and the globally mood. The already mentioned "Exterminate..." is still present here and I get slowly the idea that this album gets better and better on the latter placed tracks. Right, so it is and ROTERSAND can finally pay back some credit of the high expectations with the calm melodic last two tracks "All in All" and moreover "Angels Falling". They have definitively their best moments when they leave their rich studio/producer abilities to concentrate on the essential part, the composition and the perfect collaboration to the music itself. Against to this I like their strong studio abilities they have had proven with mastering works for bands like [:SITD:] or PAINBASTARD. But to produce sounds simply taken out of unadorned Tekkno-inspired productions and to bow them like a Tekkno-DJ on his turntables (very bad examples: "Dare to Live" or "Storm") is without claim or innovation. Also to swim hard along the VNV NATION success formula is a point which this band should avoid on future releases. It is for sure easier to be a good copy then to create something individual, but I hope that they have enough inspiration not to repeat this mistake. ROTERSAND suggest here their talent but they do not reach complete originality. There is enough space to develop, so let’s start here!

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