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MachineSoldier: Unit One

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Oct 30 2006
Artist: MachineSoldier (@)
Title: Unit One
Format: CD
Label: Idle Works (@)
Rated: *****
A new release for the Danish Idle Works label, after the strong debut of the Synthpop act FAKE THE ENVY. With MACHINESOLDIER they present also a different musically direction, this project shares the harder EBM-related side. Consisting of Jonas Gudjonsson, this Danish solo project concentrates musically on the ideas of veteran acts like NITZER EBB or FRONT 242 – of course transmitted and played with the technology of today. Some Danish country mates like GODHEADS come to my mind for a comparison – you just have to delete their guitar onslaught. Some other references to PARANOID or BIONIC (have only released one full-length CD on the long defunct German Off Beat label...) are sure allowed and thinkable. Almost each of the presented 8 tracks here can offer hard pounding bass lines, a solid kick and snare work combined with deep male shouted vocals. Dancefloor-action is programmed with the fast-paced track "MachineSoldier", "Hacker" and "Perfect Order", while "Holy" surprises with a guest vocal performance by Kristian Kroll of FAKE THE ENVY for the slower intro part, while this track turns then with a tempo change into a marvellous EBM smasher of the finest kind – the best piece here! This band tries hard to renew the old style of EBM with modern elements without falling into cliches – it is a massive and accurate output and I’m sure we haven’t heard for the last time of this promising act. Keep it on and punish your machine!
Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Soundwave Assassins Vol. 3
Format: CD
Label: Dungeon-Recordings/Backscatter (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
Already the third compilation of this series which predecessors were mostly created for DJ’s, press people and promoters to introduce or to give a deeper insight into the musically activities of the Salt Lake City area. Dungeon-Recordings and Backscatter again collaborated for this release, which will - thanks to the musically content – make a special mark into the history books of Electro/Industrial music. Lets have a look to the featured names – SYMBIONT, LITTLE SAP DUNGEON, LEXINCRYPT, ROSES & EXILE and 23EXSTACY – all this bands have lately quit their business or are in hiatus. The best is yet to come – all of them presenting unreleased stuff, outtakes or their very last recordings. Besides the above mentioned some more well-sounding names are featured here like DIVERJE, PCP, ASSEPTIC ROOM and BOUNDLESS. Of course also these acts present never heard before mixes, tracks and fit therefore well with the intention of this compilation. I can’t find enough praising words of thanks to the both conductors, Kevin J. Cazier and XoN, to open the archives for the greedy ears of the fans hunting for unreleased stuff. After an instrumental intro tune the things start here with the Spanish act ASSEPTIC ROOM, which is signed to the DSBP label. You’ll got a Dark Electro and danceable tune "Faith Without You" in a remix provided by the Argentinian act SUICIDE SOLUTIONS, also an up and coming new act to follow immediately. Follows then Justin Cameron aka LEXINCRYPT who provides with "Purjuress (Face Two)" and "Aftermath (Gutter Slut Mix by L.S.D.)" two unreleased versions of tracks placed on his debut album era "My Sepulture" back in 2003. Tasteful Dark Electro with that special thrilling effect – as usual from this act and I hope that Justin will decide one fine day to continue with his project. Dungeon Recordings’ very own LITTLE SAP DUNGEON have to my surprise still a track in stock taken from their "Silent Entities" recording session. "Nightfall’s Prey" is a typical piece of this act, maybe a bit lesser scary produced than the other tracks placed on "Silent Entities" – this might be an explanation, why this track got removed lastly. DIVERJE are also present and provide us their track "I Walk Alone" originally available on the last studio album "The Distortion Chamber", a collaboration effort between Tommy T. Rapisardi together with the already mentioned Justin Cameron. This track got remixed by the BLC Productions-recording artist THE PAIN MACHINERY from Sweden, turning this piece into a pulsating Powernoise assault. It is lesser danceable, but filled instead with crunchy rhythm patterns of the hardest kind – as usually provided by this act. PERCEPTION CLEANSE PERCEPTION is musically maybe one of the most diverse acts around and Kevin J. Cazier shows us his dedication to the works of GODFLESH by providing a cover on the track "Blind", originally designed for a tribute compilation, which never came to realization. We then have here two new tracks by 23 EXTACY aka Chris Alvarado providing that typical and chaotic Punk-inspired Crossover-Industrial with harsh and destroying guitar performances. Kevin J. Cazier has lately left this project, so also this act is in hiatus. And also ROSES AND EXILE’s – Chris Alvarado’s solo effort - existence is questionable and we have to see what the future brings. Comes the last ever recorded and sorely missed SYMBIONT track "Five Of Cups", which is a rather slow Dark Electro piece with the strong and remarkable melodic input this act is known for. So finally XoN’s solo effort BOUNDLESS sets the last two pieces on this comp both designed for the BOUNDLESS debut release "Perpetual" back in 2003 – to me still one of the most underrated DSBP releases at all. You shouldn’t expect another track of the quality of "Sordid Trouper" or "Unconscious", but both pieces "Infinitus Assuage" and "Repression" nevertheless do well and fit with that album stuff. A lot of valuable stuff to discover as usual on this comp series – let’s hope and keep the fingers crossed that this collection of unreleased stuff doesn’t mark the very last chapter of these quality and promising acts. Check our website here to discover several reviews and interviews with these acts – LITTLE SAP DUNGEON, DIVERJE, SYMBIONT, ASSEPTIC ROOM, PCP, THE PAIN MACHINERY, LEXINCRYPT – they are all here. Keep the machines warm and start your comeback – we need you back on track!

Leeza: Living in a Pixel

 Posted by Andrea Vercesi (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Oct 28 2006
Artist: Leeza
Title: Living in a Pixel
Format: CD
Label: Afe Records (@)
Rated: *****
Milan's Luca Di Mattei Aka Leeza is out on the Afe label with the new "Living on a Pixel". Slightly out-of-fashion laptop-based IDM but extremely well executed. Leeza's trademark are the keen and intricate synthlines almost recalling the ones on Bola's Soup (my all-time favourite in IDM) but there are more Autechrish ("Amber"-era) tracks like "Dav_Home" or "Phonetic Boot" that show a good display of more schizoid rhythms and breaks. "LOAP" is a record that would fit perfectly in the Skam back catalogue. A more recent reference point would be the rosters of the Toytronic and Merck labels. A well-crafted record not to be missed by IDM diehards and nostalgics.
Title: Moog EP - A New Generation Of Sounds
Format: CD EP
Label: GrenTzwert (@)
Distributor: Icare Media Distribution
Rated: *****
We have already discovered the self-titled full-length release of this mysterious German project, but this EP is the official released debut, also for the fine and hard working GrenTzwert label. Without doubt, this one is a special and conceptual release, it represents the strong dedication of A. von Greifenkeil to one of the pioneers and inventors of the machinery we all like and use, the synthesizer. Without the work of Bob Moog almost everything what is related to the evolution, creation and kind of synthesizers wouldn’t be – an unthinkable scenario! So three of the seven presented tracks here use only original Moog sounds, the further four pieces are leaded by them. The included voice samples of Bob Moog are taken out of a documentary film done by Hans Fjellestad, That the use of some typical Moog sounds also causes into a limitation of the wide range of multiple styles which A. von Greifenkeil and his project is able to handle, has my understanding. It tries to show some different ways to create arrangements with the given sounds with the very own GREIFENKEIL monikers "Greifenpop" or "Industrialkeil", but it all ends a bit into repetition. Although it tries, this release can’t give you a deeper insight of the dark and scary music efforts this project is able to offer – on the other hand, a musically combination and so the use of different sounds than taken from the original wouldn’t be a fair tribute. This release is not designed to give entrance into the mystic GREIFENKEIL empire – it is a tribute and a presentation of Bob Moog. The fine written and praising words to honor this great inventor are a fine proof of this. Designed for fans and collectors – GREIFENKEIL meanwhile works hard on a new output and can be discovered soon here with an interview...
image not
Artist: IMIAFAN (@)
Title: Collaborations
Format: CD
Label: Red Star Budapest (@)
Rated: *****
COLLABORATIONS, along with the split 7" I’ll review later, is the newest ImiAFan release and it contains nine remix, re-processed tracks produced during the 2001÷2005 period thanks to John Merral, Cabaret, ImiAFan & DNC, Karaoke Tundra, Michael Harding, Martin Burlas, Marek Zubko (aka DNC), Cjjbrozt and Yosuke Kawamura (aka Lozi). The oroginal tracks are coming from the previous band’s releases "Péntek este EP" and "Legy a falon" 12" and four of them seems to be unreleased, because I haven’t seen them listed anywhere else (they are "Inner voices", the two versions of "Naomi" and "Prechádzka"). These nine tracks differs a lot from the electronic instrumental analog sounding style of the Imrich Végh project and they span from the analog melodic glitch breakbeat of "Toys (Hyobitech 3 remix)" to the ambient idm of "Time (Lozi remix)", passing through techno ("Inner voices – Cabaret road trip mix"), minimal experimentations ("Légy A Falon - Do16! Remix"), electro lounge ("Toys! - The Only Michael Remix") or minimal ambient wave ("Naomi - Redefined By DNC"). This release as well as all the Red Star Budapest releases are free of charge as they are released under the "The Free Music Philosophy" (check The last thing I could say is: support this initiative as the sounds are good and the philosophy is great!

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