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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: All My Monsters II
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Witchhammer Records
Rated: *****
Communities like MySpace grow in their meaning to be an ideal promotion tool for music projects and labels. And sometimes it gets me, to search for some goodies with the hope to find a real treasure. With the Siberian-based (!!!) label Witchhammer Records, I found a label offering free downloadable releases of their mostly local based bands. "Monsters My Monsters II" is the title of a compilation series, which collects all of them and offers a wide range of diverse music styles. The female artist INTROSLEEP offers retro-analogue Synth-Electronica with beautiful melodies, while ABSENT ONE convinces with detailed synth bass lines combined with deep-male vocals. There are of course also several Noise- and Experimental-minded acts available, from which have to pick out UNDUSK with their "Hypnotic Mutant Attacks". This ominous Experimental-Industrial related tune is may the most convincing track on here, by following pretty much the styles of some raw Tympanik Audio artists like ESA or PNEUMATIC DETACH. Also with its second track "Collapsing", this project offers deep drowning Ambient moods combined with abstract arranged percussion patterns. A real discovery to follow immediately! While I generally appreciate the efforts to collect multiple artists and to introduce them via the usage of the above named community, it cannot be hidden, that some artist do definitely some more practice. But however, what counts is the will and the chance to present local projects to a worldwide based audience. And who seriously expects Electronica music hailing out of Siberia? Let’s continue to keep an eye and ear on the activities of this label.

01. A Fake Mirror - One More Thing to Lose
02. Introsleep - Butterfly
03. Absent One - Stewardess
04. Belika - Сны
05. Edge Of Caress - Pictures
06. SEФIRET - ChangeOver
07. Tur Sphere - Perfect World
08. Undusk - Hypnotic Mutants Attack
09. Хаос-Модуль - Ритуал Воды
10. Edge Of Caress - Run Away
11. BLODEUWEDD - Дочь смерти
12. Tur Sphere - Machine Bang
13. Undusk - Collapsing
14. Apkx - Rest In Space
15. AVO - FaDeOut
16. A.Tchort - Cellular Nightmare
17. Absent One - Night
18. In Se - Остатки сна
19. SEФIRET - Glance of time

The Blister Exists: Raw

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Apr 03 2010
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Artist: The Blister Exists (@)
Title: Raw
Format: CD
Label: Electric Tremor
Distributor: Black Rain Mailorder
Rated: *****
One of the latest efforts of the German Electric Tremor label brings us a new Swedish import, the male/female duo of THE BLISTER EXISTS, consisting of D. Sahs and J. Rein. Both protagonists are German citizens and only located in Sweden, who initially started under the band name JUDGE:DRED. Musically, of course, you’ll again a new form of minimal old-school/Anhalt-EBM, which can draw relations to some early POUPPÉE FABRIKK recordings – at least it doesn’t wonder too much, that Leif Holm got mentioned in the credits. The male shouter bawls intensely his powerful messages into microphone, but somehow not that much mixed into the foreground compared to their Swedish idols. From time to time he gets support by his female partner J. Rein, while both seem to use a similar effect processing to re-strange their voices – not always a recommendable kind, since the raw power of a natural and unprocessed sounding vocal performance would may produce more convincing results. Prominent guest vocals provided on one track they’ve received by Johan Damm (DUPONT), and – how funny – there’s available a special "Crusader" remix featuring Black-Metal guitar riffs of one of their best tunes, "Killingfields", which again follows their above mentioned idols. All in all a satisfying album well suited for fans of this genre, which – as expected – doesn’t offer musically surprises asides already discovered veterans.
Mar 30 2010
Artist: Hioctan (@)
Title: Under Control
Format: CD
Label: Noitekk (@)
Distributor: Nova Media
When you’ll insert the brand new workout by Hioctan inside your CD player, you’ll maybe be tempted of warning your little sister for having tricked you by interchanging labels of Under Control and Roman Total War or Age Of Empires CD-ROMs, as the introductive Pax Veritas is musically quite close to those easy tunes you generally hear while playing war strategy videogames and you have to forward to the next track to avoid any undeserved telling-off and recognize this "exocrine" German band by their typical style, a sort of peeling patch scratched from the rustiest irons of EBM pots treated with dark-electro anti-rust lacquers! Maybe originality is not the key point of this release as Hioctan style could be easily traced back to Front Line Assembly or Suicide Commando ones, but it’s polite enough and without too many gewgaws in keeping with their intent of telling stories about history (the German one) by a language (and distorted vocals targeting different socially attainable entreaties and pre-packed conventional beliefs as well!) as direct as possible and even their battle against the so-called Hell-Electro, that side of EBM (a degeneration in Hioctan’s viewpoint) whose "anti-system" messages looks more as attempts of seduction on dance clubs than deriving from serious aims merging nowadays, could contain something in common with Neo-Classicist (but firmly Anti-Restoration!) artists. Don’t expect dance trank, but just some rushing and short-tempered tracks which could arguably be written and sung by that Old Boy born from the wicked fantasy by Park Chan-wook, if the first thing he had read a book on German history after his "awakening"! My personal favs are Pretender, Pax Americana (what an impressive desperate weeping sample as intro... !), Sonderbehandlung 14f13 (the name for the so-called special treatment sadly introduced in Bernburg concentration camp for the selection of prisoners according to eugenetic criteria... as you could imagine it’s a ferocious track addressing genocide during WWII), Passion of Cruelty and the Oriental-tinged Sacrifice My Fear. When referring to their music, Hioctan says it’s honest music for honest people ("Ehrliche Musik für ehrliche Leute!" in German). I wonder how an old German precept sentencing "erlich währt am längsten" (honesty is the best policy and pays at the end!) is fitted for Hioctan’s Under Control! Who can say?
Mar 24 2010
Artist: Santa Hates You
Title: Crucifix Powerbomb
Format: CD
Label: Trisol (@)
Distributor: Soulfood
Rated: *****
Santa doesn’t hate just you: this brand new clockwork orange-juice squeezed by Peter Spilles (mastermind and frontman of Project Pitchfork) and freshly served by the winking cutie singing janitor Jinxy (the Italian sexy singer already involved in another Spilles’ side-project called Imatem, where he usually invites a lot of fellow musicians for vocal performances) after a wise alteration of nutrional values by adding electronic vitamins and just some fake blood drops (the –not so- secret recipe... ) confirms Santa’s hatred’s beared towards certain monotony, sample-centered electronic music, music mass markets and the over-lamented lack of creative individuality pervading the over-crowded playground of gothic-tinged electrified dance muzak. The fans’jaws have beeb left dry by Santa’s Christmas appetizer – the Rocket Fuel EP -, but this album entitled Crucifix Powerbomb – a wrestling throw in which the opponent is lifted up like he’s crucified on the wrestlers shoulders and than slammed back-first down to the mat... maybe just another clownesque way to describe this project’s style! - is going to wash them and Peter Spilles broaches his cask full of loud and brutish sounds, stomping danceable beat sequences and catching tones in order to quench their thirst at the fountain of this clownish and bizarre music mark. The opener Fuck That, I’m Human is maybe the one of the funniest ("I’m not your pretty toy/I’m not what gives you joy" sung with a distorted voice by Jinxy alternated by natural vocals singing "Don’t tell me I shouldn’t scream" and so on sound perfect for a fetish party!) but if you’ll enjoy the snorting sounds of this catching track, don’t waste your cum, guys! The German-sung of Hexenpolizei fits to the more aggressive tones of this track, but it looks more conventional than the opener; even if the following track God Hides Under My Bed seems to be likewise close to classic song design, the whirling noisy vortex makes it more appreciable as Jinxy’vocal interpretation seems fuming in anger! Lovely! Other highlights of this blood-tinged clockwork orange-juice are Slime Green Spaceship (a sort of contagious electro-rock groove with nice sound trickery on a classic ebm brass obsessive alarm!), You Make Me Wanna Bang My Head Against The Wall And Not In A Good Way (... an interminable wordy title for a track featuring maybe the most provocative and erotic vocals by Jinky... I already said "don’t waste your cum", bad guys! Don’t get me angry... ), Z.O.M.B.I.E. (an ironic slamming electro march, which is going to turn you into a dancing mummy!!!), La Malia (a funny and bewitching attempt of integrating Italian lyrics on an electro track... and believe me, it’s not so easy... ) and the final fury of Bootcamp. Clownish as usual, perfectly attaining to an apocalyptic equestrian circus but really funny workout!
Mar 23 2010
image not
Title: Beyond The Undulant Quiesceince
Format: CD
Label: Loki Foundation (@)
Rated: *****
BEYOND THE UNDULANT QUIESCENCE is the the second full length album by Fjernlys. Coming from Germany and formed by Knut Enderlein (vision and voice), CKS (arrangements and voice) and Johannes Riedel (guitar and viola), the band recorded ten tracks that are in balance from melodic dark ambient (thanks to solemn atmospheres and tense melodies like on "Involution") and atmospheric dark wave. Some tracks would fit catalogs of labels such as Projekt or early 4AD but luckily enough we have also Loki Foundation that along with the recordings of Inade, Herbst9 and Fir§t Law bring to their fans sinuous synth sounds (see the releases of Antlers Mulm, Bad Sector and this album by Fjernlys). We have instrumental tracks like "Elemental movement" or "A letter to..." that sound soft and calm as well as melodic electronic wave tunes like "Silence" or "Constellation" that merge rhythmical samples, male / female vocals and guitars creating a sort of melodic spoken word ambient song. Layers of synth waves form tiny melodies that will ease your darkest thoughts without dissolving your eternal questions...

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