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Artist: The Synthetic Dream Foundation (@)
Title: Mechanical Serpent
Format: CD
Label: Mythical Records (@)
Rated: *****
If there has been a name causing so much attention with a few remix contributions as well as with compilation appearances, then this fits with THE SYNTHETIC DREAM FOUNDATION. Worldwide renowned compilation series like BLC’s "Interbreeding", Alfa Matrix’ "Endzeit Bunkertracks" or Dependent’s "Septic" have all seen tracks of this project or at least a remix work. Mastermind behind TSDF is Brett Branning, who started his musically activities in the year 2003. Based in Tampa, FL, he can look back on two previous releases, all brought out under the label Mythical Records. The music of TSDF can be called as colorful mutation out of diverse styles of Electronica music. You will discover slightly distorted drum patterns and dramatic synth arrangements resulting in a state-of-art Dark Electro sound. Additionally elements out of genres like Neo Classic, Ambient and IDM can be recognized too and got implemented to provide a tasteful worked-out sound environment. Brett seems to be familiar in diverse styles and has picked out the finest ingredients out of them. For the lead vocals on this new album he has hired four different female vocalists, which offer their talent somewhere between a smooth Heavenly Voices-like to a raw and energetic performance. Not a worse idea, since the mostly smooth female vocals are standing in the opposite of the layered synth-arrangements – not to forget the diverse and often slightly distorted rhythm section, which at least offers the biggest contrast. As to pick up a favorite, the German sung "Auf dem See (Serpentine Mix)" convinces, although I don’t think, that the female singer Summer Bowman has any knowledge about the German pronunciation. To sing after a phonetic transcription doesn’t result in the best possible performance. As for a harder tune, the last one "A Silvered Freeze" with raw vocals seemingly by Brett himself gets a "thumbs up", when it comes to satisfy the needs of the dancefloor-addicts. Also the layered and nearly FLA-reminding instrumental tune "On Whom The Dreadful Claw" offers a striking listen experience, the best consumed under a good pair of headphones. While I think, there’s no need to be a trained musician, Brett is able to prove, that a degree in music composition can be quite helpful – to reach massive better and worldwide ranging attention can be only a question of time and patience, since the talent behind TSDF is tremendous.