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Nov 16 2010
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Title: Computer Controlled
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Auditory Cortex Records
Distributor: Juno Download
Rated: *****
Christian Askvig is a guy coming from Norway and he just loves analog synthesizers. He's active with different projects (his latest one is a techno influenced project called Polymorph) but this time we are here to talk about his electro outfit called Digitizer. Mixing classic electronic robotic sound with electro, genre explored by bands such as The Consumer or Der Zyklus, Christian composed five killer tracks where alternating bleeping sounds, hi-freq pads and syncopated rhythms paint sidereal atmospheres with a dance attitude, played by programmed androids. Using vocoder filtered vocals here and there, a bit of delay and "well-trained" arpeggiators, Digitizer is offering an E.P. that you won't miss if you love Kraftwerk, Luke Eargoggle and the fore mentioned bands. Available only as digital download at the major stores listed at Auditory Cortex Records' release page.

Poratz: Beat

 Posted by Steve Mecca   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Nov 14 2010
Artist: Poratz
Title: Beat
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: electroton (@)
Distributor: electroton
Rated: *****
Here is another Electroton 3' mini-CD release from Poratz, a project by Patrizio Orsini based in Livorno, Italy. It's the second release for Poratz, but I haven't heard the first. This one is dedicated to Japanese Glitch music artist Aoki Takamasa, which after hearing this mini-album isn't so surprising.

'Beat' is a stripped-down spare affair where even the track titles ('Aoky,' 'Casiotone,' 'Turntable,' 'Drumma,' etc.) are minimal. The best thing about 'Beat' is the intricacy of the quirky little tinkertoy rhythms. It really is all about beatz in a minimal format on 'Beat,' although there is often a lot going on. There is plenty of repetition too, giving most of the pieces a miniaturized machine-like quality. It could just have easily been titled 'Music For Little Toy Robots'. Even what little melodic content there is sounds mechanized.

In spite of the repetition, there is a good amount of creativity and playfullness in the programming within the limited framework of the dry sample sound palette. Most of it sounds electronic, which is as it should be, but I think Poratz dropped the ball on the 'Drumma' track. Normal voice samples of 'and the beat keeps going on'¦breakout' no matter how they're sliced and diced, detracts from the electronic ambience in my opinion. Should have at least used a vocoder or ring modulation.

If you like minimal electronic music with emphasis mostly on rhythm, you should like this. There are only seven tracks, and they're all short (nothing over 4 minutes) so it's over before you know it. A slight entry, but it never suffers from excess or over-indulgence and has kind of a happy-tone. Nice change-of-page for those for those who may listen to too much of the dark and dreary.

EMBRYONIK: Psycho Disco

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Nov 14 2010
Title: Psycho Disco
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Binalog Productions (@)
Distributor: Juno
Rated: *****
PSYCHO DISCO is the first release by Salonica's producer Embryonik, that after remixing D-rama and Akeli and composing music for a theatre production titled "Polygraph", land on Binalog Production with a disco robotic fun track. The EP contains the original tune plus five remixes. Embryonik composed is nice dance upbeat one with 80s and 90s influences with robotic inserts and fun lyrics against electronic music (which hasn't real instruments and it's called.... "Psycho disco"). A bit retro electro and a bit Daft Punk, the tune will convince you for sure. The first to remix the track is 80s Stallone and they turn it into a solid 4/4 dance anthem with classic dance atmospheres a la Moroder. Boyz From Tronn opted for a remix in balance from Egyptian Lover and Miami Vice (that is 80s anyway). Russian Adults go for dance with house influences with fun vocals samples (actually they recall the Russian choirs). Led prefer to distort the bass line and to go for a minimal approach turning the track into a retro gaming soundtrack. Jfdc remix is the one that convinced me less because it is based mainly on drums (those sounds remind me of my Boss drum machine I purchased on late 80s) plus the main bass lines and some variations. Basically it sounds like a bossanova electro tune. You can check the preview on Soundcloud (

Wavefall: EP-Tronics

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Nov 10 2010
Artist: Wavefall (@)
Title: EP-Tronics
Format: CD EP
Label: Advoxya Records (@)
Distributor: Poponaut
Rated: *****
I must admit that at times Alzheimer has taken part of me, as I nearly 'forgot' to review this latest EP oof Russia's leading Harsh Electro/Industrial project (Thank you, Slava!). Let's hope, that all responsible people behind artist and label can forgive my slowness. WAVEFALL have collected their own received foreign remix works to establish this new EP, which comes out in this often mentioned unique plastic cases, for which Advoxya Records is known for. Original tracks taken out of both of the projects' last two albums got included, which all got given trustful in the hands of some friends and label colleagues before, to prepare new and own interpretations. The result is generally satisfying, but mostly due to the fact, that WAVEFALL themselves have produced some alternative versions to one or another of their tracks ('Dedication', 'The Shadow', or 'Collider', just to name examples). Regarding the remix works by foreign bands, you can discover a lot of up and coming artists out of the Russian scene. Band projects like SALUSA SECUNDUS, INVALID LOVE, the Techno-Industrial project ID MOLOTOV, REQUIEM FOR FM, or the later to Advoxya signed new Dark Electro-hope NEXUS VI have all found a free slot with their remix contributions. Asides the remix of WAVEFALL's own side-project SKAZKA, the works of their label mates like THE-PULSAR and the Brazilian project DEAD JUMP can be named as being the best and outstanding interpretations here. Mostly this kind of compilation is pretty well suited to execute the dancefloors of the dark clubs, although this EP doesn't definitely not reach the same top-notch quality of an original produced work of WAVEFALL. It may belongs to the fact, that many artists provide a multiple sound outfit full of diversity, that's welcomed, but to reach a real floating unit in kind of a full-length album is hardly recognizable here. Rather stuff to fill the collection and to listen nearer to some or another talent hailing out of Russia's uncontrollable growing scene. Let's hope for a new original recording, because it seems a bit, that WAVEFALL try to bridge the required time to end the production for their hopefully soon to be released next album.
Nov 08 2010
Title: Uberschleiss
Format: 12"
Label: Avant! Records (@)
Rated: *****
The first time I talked about the French duo Scorpion Violente was when I reviewed their first split 7" issued by Hex Grammofoonplaten (Enfant Terrible sub label) on the summer of 2009. On that record there were the first seeds of what we can find on their first album released by Avant! and titled "Uberschleiss ", which I summed with the phrase "Suicide playing electro punk". Well, the eight tracks of this release don't offer only that: the core sound is made of distorted analog synthesizers, drum machine and filtered vocals but if Suicide were based on synth obsessive loops and raving vocals, Scorpion Violente digested those sounds and made their own which is still son of 80s industrial electronic (Cabaret Voltaire, Chris & Cosey, etc) but processed following their twisted vision. Minimal electronic mid tempos run wild on the two sides of this record which finds also a bit of Kraftwerk echoes ("Trans Europe Express" on acid) on the synth melodies of the instrumental "Ray Ov Gold". I liked all the tracks but personally I loved the sick instrumentals (like the main title, the fore mentioned "Ray Ov Gold" and "Fugue De Pute Mineure") which are able to create, with few saturated chords, powerful nightmarish atmospheres without forgetting melodies.

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