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 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jul 24 2011
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Title: The Chase
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Binalog Productions (@)
Distributor: Juno Download
Rated: *****
THE CHASE is the newest Binalog Freq single which functions as an appetizer for the new album that will be out soon. On this single, Evangelos, presents three new tunes: "The Chase (Run Human Being)", "Human Race Robot Kind" and "Hunter". All the three tracks have the distinctive Binalog Freq sound made of minimal synth lines and
syncopated rhythms (bass, drums and everything concerning it). Influenced by electro funk the Greek producer mixed fast moments where everything tend to give a sense of tension (this is good for tracks whose theme is the chase) to minimal parts where we have only bass and beats. Also stop and go are used to give the sense of movement while pads, movie samples and vocoder filtered vocals do the rest along with melodic leads parts. Nice single...

DREAM AFFAIR: Endless Days

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Jul 14 2011
Title: Endless Days
Format: CD
Label: Avant! Records (@)
Rated: *****
Based in Brooklyn, NY, Dream Affair printed their first release the last year. "All I Want" was a self released limited EP printed in 100 copies containing five tracks influenced by 80s cold wave and post punk. A year has passed and Dream Affair are back with their debut album titled ENDLESS DAYS which is out on the Italian Avant! records. The album, which is available in CD, vinyl and digital format, contains nine new tracks that bring you back to the early 80s when Cure, Modern English, The Sound and post punk bands like Uk Decay wrote the history of those sounds (I know that you have in mind thousands other bands that you think that deserve to be in the place of some of the ones I mentioned here, but I had to do some names and I did the names that fits the most). Dream Affair are taking the cold wave introspective atmosphere and mixed it with drum machine upbeat tempos adding post punk dry guitar riffs, flanger bass guitar plus synth pads / leads here and there. Male / Female vocal alternation help giving to the whole album a great sound and just check "Lucid" and "Drifting" to realize how cool is that. No matter if you preferred 4AD bands, new wave of post punk, because Dream Affair have them all and they deserve your attention... now!

Badun / Icarus: Flensburg

 Posted by Andrea Piran (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jul 13 2011
Artist: Badun / Icarus (@)
Title: Flensburg
Format: 12"
Label: Not Applicable (@)
Rated: *****
This collaboration between the two bands arises with the idea of using the source samples as the basis for tracks by both bands. The final result is four track, two for every bands, that make clear as sound architecture is the distinction between the outfits.
The two Badun's track are driven by beats: "AKO" is a clear example of how a song can be constructed using, apparently, only to elements a warm synth soundscape and even changing beat patterns. "KTO" use the same beats movements but with a small melody in the background giving colour to the overall picture.
The two Icarus's track instead are more concealed by careful texture construction and so nearer to ambient: "Vermiculite Trotter" could be an outtake from Autechre's "Envane" (just to be clear: it's a compliment!!!). "Sparkly Bear" is a quieter and longer track relying on truly enjoyable soundscapes.
Despite the fact IDM is not the next big thing anymore, this is a classic release that would please all fans of this kind of music. A quite good record.
Artist: Manufactura
Title: The Pleasures Of The Damned
Format: CD
Label: Rustblade (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****
After ten years of activity, what's more marked by many more or less groundless charges of fascism and misogyny, that helped him to build a certain notoriety as a controversial character of the scene (a not so bad aspect in some music territories), supposedly based on the themes he dissects in songs' lyrics, mainly concerning violence and other brutal aspects of human nature - those kind of matters which some hypocritical orthodox thinkers still consider disgraceful, but it's not my purpose to write an essay about false moralism on this column... -, Karloz Manufactura serves his typical musical dish, ironically - and iconically! - portrayed by some plucks adorned and pierced by razorblades in an elegant cocktail glass (small flag or umbrella toothpicks are obsolete...and it's quite funny Rustblade decided to include in the limited edition box set of this "best of" a razorblade as well!), consisting of an extract from his repertoire, carefully selected together with his (damned) supporters, whose suggestions have been taken into consideration for tracklist. The Janus-like aspect of Manufactura, who's able to alternate ferocious electronic and EBM beat storms with more melodic moments - it seems he musically tries to heal the wounds caused by himself through his music! -, resurfaces from this selection so that amidst really violent fits of temper (I particularly liked the initial Killing You, perfect as a warm-up track, the rumshackle stompers The Divine Discontent and Open For Pleasure, the cinematic Defile the Chastity Of Your Flesh...I'm pretty sure they could become hits for trained darkish dancehalls), you'll find some moments of relative truce and contemplative melodies, such as the epic Die For Me, the Beefcake-like electro-industrial of The Saint Of violence (one of the two previously unreleased tracks included in this issue), the electric formaldehyde of Deep Waters (Ophelia's Descent Mix), sung by Brittany Bindrim (from i:scintilla), the entrancing synth-pop of The Whore's Lullaby, which are definitively my favorite ones. If you never heard Manufactura's music before, consider The pleasures Of the Damned the possibly best starting point for sure, if you don't get scared or disgusted by the cover artwork - the most romantic image possible for a grindcore fan by the way!!! -.

DEKAD: Monophonic

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
Synth Pop / Electro Pop / Synth-Electronica
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Jul 06 2011
Artist: DEKAD
Title: Monophonic
Format: CD
Label: Boredom Product (@)
Rated: *****
Three years ago I reviewed Dekad's second album "Confidential Tears" and now it's time to check their latest one titled MONOPHONIC. Passed from a trio to a solo project of JB Lacassagne, Dekad didn't lose their distinctive mix of electro e.b.m. and synthpop that was already into "Confidential Tears". On the eleven songs of MONOPHONIC I still hear echoes of late 80s Depeche Mode, Evils Toy or Covenant but JB knows how to tweak things up and he kept these sounds only as reference and sound-wise he opted for analog sounds instead of the cold synth 90s sample based sounds. In this way the bleeps and fat bass lines he used on tracks like "Hands Over Me", "So Sorry" (song enriched by the guest vocals of Lover_XX a.k.a. Sylvie Billy, singer of Foretaste) or the following "What If" (on this one Member U-0176, singer of Celluloide, is on backing vocals) are really making the difference by warming the atmosphere and giving to the whole tracks a crisp sound. We all know that love relationships are hard to deal with but the pain and suffer JB sings about find a comfy place to rest thanks to these sounds.

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