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Dec 15 2010
Title: Suited Scums + Rhythmic
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Binalog Productions (@)
Distributor: Juno Download
Rated: *****
Black Electronics are duo of producers that collaborate living in different countries: they are Greg Maierson (from Detroit) and Dieter Köpke (from Germany). SUITED SCUMS and RHYTHMIC are their debut releases which came out on digital format the first of December on Binalog Productions. Containing six and five tracks respectively, the EPs mix techno fragmented rhythms, electro bass lines and melodic flashes. Alternating mid and fast tempo rhythms the duo tend to build dancefloor alienated atmospheres which on the first release have been influenced also by ambient (check the opening "Insert & Play Now = False & Is Release" and "Bomboombooom Error#3") and by a bit of acid (on "Source Code: Unknown" and "Manic Cockroach#9"). I can't say that I fell in love with these tracks at the first listening but at third I started to get the point: the fact is that even if there are some melodic lines if you follow those ones you'll get nowhere because frequently they are like hints or fill ins, the key to enjoy Black Electronics' music is to let yourself go with the flow and then wait for an element that will pick you up to lead you through the rhythms and sounds.
Dec 11 2010
Title: Tunnels > Interstate > Perimeter
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Basserk (@)
Rated: *****
Active since late 90s with an album on their back released in 2002 and different EPs, Quick & Brite are back on Basserk with a new EP titled TUNNELS > INTERSTATE > PERIMETER. The release contains one nineteen minutes long track titled "Nightdriver" plus three remixes of the three different parts which make the original tune, reworked by Tanzkonsol, Deadbotsa and Endorphins. "Nightdriver" is a dance techno tune that sounds mixed live and which you'll love dancing with. It gave me the feeling of an Orb track remixed by Chemical Brothers with those dreamy sounds and hard beats. It sure fits its title. Tanzkonsol, instead, decided to go for a powerful synth robotic 4/4 approach with dance industrial feelings. Deadbots opted for a pistolpop remix with in levare mid tempos, distorted bass lines and epic melodies. Endorphin slowed down the tempo and made a great two step grime remix with cool ambient inserts. Check out this release, it deserve it.

Stahlnebel & Black Selket: Memories

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Dec 08 2010
Artist: Stahlnebel & Black Selket (@)
Title: Memories
Format: CD EP
Label: Advoxya Records (@)
Distributor: Poponaut
Rated: *****
Two band-projects hailing out of Germany and The Netherlands, which have been united due to friendship, mutual interests and stronger forces regarding production and live performances. The united project STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET is musically part of these new 'distortion kidz' from block, one of these up and coming new Harsh EBM/Hellectro-projects, which can rely on a strong fan-base and its support.
Mainly based and active at the German Ruhr-area with cities like Bochum, Cologne, Düsseldorf and its well-known dark clubs, they especially could make themselves a quite good name as being a powerful live performing project and well suited remixers. As for an example, the newest SUICIDE COMMANDO release 'Death Cures All Pain' features a remix contribution by this trio. After two own releases under this mutual moniker, they now present us with 'Memories' their first outlet signed to their new label, the Hungarian Advoxya Records label. 'Memories' and its 40 minutes long content therefore acts like an ideal appetizer to proclaim the new full-length album 'Blood And Passion', which will be out via Advoxya Records, while I am writing this review. Asides the title track in its original version and with both remix contributions provided by :A7IE: (clever idea, to leave out the overused 'attack ships on fire' voice-sample...) and THE TWILLIGHT FREAKSHOW, STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET are rewarding their devoted fans with 'Black Treath' (no typo!), which is an unreleased and exclusive b-side-track. This tune pushes the pace in higher regions compared to the title track. Additional remix contributions for the tracks 'Staatssicherheit' and 'Angels & Demons' (by the Turkey-based SADIZTIK:INJEKTION, offering an unusual kind of delay/reverb-fx widely installed, but with a damaging effect into the stereo-field...) provided by lesser recognized projects (ELECTROVOT, VISION ANOMALY) accompanying this first release on Advoxya after 40 minutes. STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET have produced a promising teaser release for their album, although they definitely haven't cooked the best Harsh EBM/Hellectro-dinner around. It can be clever to hold back the best weapons for their album, since they already promised, that it will offer all of their 'Blood And Passion'...
Dec 07 2010
Artist: CRUISE [CTRL] (@)
Title: How's Annie?
Format: CD
Label: Divine Comedy
Rated: *****
Largely anticipated by the single "We've Met Before, Haven't We?" which I reviewed back in March 2009, HOW'S ANNIE?, the second album by the Belgian duo Cruise [CTRL], has just been released by Divine Comedy. If you already listened to the three tracks single, you already know what to expect, because those tracks are all into the nine tracks listing of the album. For whom didn't know what I'm talking about, you have to know that Cruise [CTRL] credo resides into the creation of tracks that follow these rules: all tracks at 120bpm, all tracks linked, only analogical sounds and textures, no melodies, no singers, no faces, no explanations, no rules. Being true to most of these "no rules", for HOW'S ANNIE?, they composed nine tracks where the minimal approach to melody (many times melody is only a looping two notes synth bass line) is the counterpart to rich intersecting rhythmic layers. Dry syncopated drum machine patterns beat their rhythm giving the time to clashing clanging synth noises, filtered guitars (which on tracks like "Henry's head" are reduced to a resonating feedback) and drones. The alternation and the quantity of the different elements are the key of the formula and Cruise [CTRL] are good at keeping everything in control. Besides the nine original tracks, on this album we have three bonus remixes: two of "Where's Alice? Alice who?" (Rorscharch Garden gave to the track a retro 80s flavor, turning it into an early e.b.m. tune, while Oil 10, true to their cinematic robotic rich synth sound, remixed it keeping alive also the light original industrial approach) and one of "Pomona road" (which remixed by No More, the famous band that composed "Suicide Commando", now sounds like an ambient e.b.m. tune).

Nordarr: Neues von Gestern

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Dec 04 2010
Artist: Nordarr
Title: Neues von Gestern
Format: CD
Label: Electric Tremor (@)
Rated: *****
New stuff for fans of the rising old-school EBM-sound, which follows the tradition of veterans like DAF, NITZER EBB, IONIC VISION, or early POUPPÃE FABRIKK-recordings. NORDARR, a German one-man-project consisting of André S. (PROCEED), is that sort of an Anhalt-EBM-project, for which the Electric Tremor label is known for: straight and marching kick-and-snare works, rotating synth bass-lines, minimal EBM-arrangements reduced to the most limited requirement and a raw male shouter behind the microphone. Lyrics got provided in both German and English mostly by André himself, but also with help of some guest singers. Produced by Pontus Stalberg (SPETSNAZ) stands for an experienced professional contributor behind the mixing desk, so if you're fan of this style of music, you can't go wrong with this release. As expected, true innovations you won't find, and you shouldn't expect it on such a release. As well and correctly stated in the booklet to this CD: 'Veränderungen sind nur sinnvoll, wenn sie Dinge besser machen', NORDARR follows traditions and lives the motto of this slogan. A bit rebellion to proclaim ('Ein Sturm', 'Untergang', 'Das Kollektiv'), a bit critical regarding religion ('Exkommuniziert' ' remixed by LEÃTHER STRIP a.k.a. Claus Larsen, who adds successfully with one of his typical played synth sweep sounds a wider musically value), well, also lyrically everything comes out as expected. NORDARR stands for another well-suited project in this special style and appeals to fans of PROCEED (of course!), SPETSNAZ, or SEQUENZ-E, if it needs further comparisons.

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