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Artist: The Dark Unspoken (@)
Title: Diode In Your Head?
Format: CD
Label: Echozone (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece
Rated: *****
I cannot say these funny lads are not intellectually fair after I approached to their new album provocatively asking if there's a diod in someone's head as THE Dark Unspoken seem totally conscious of developmental limits of the genre they tried to play as well of the fact that it's not easy to satisfy different stylistical palates without rediscovering some clichÃés. Tying the knot without doing your block is a possible mission just for writers of essays for halfwit dummies as well! Their trustful declaration of honesty could be sensed in the track Ich Mache Die Maschinen (I make the machine), in their own words, a statement against the increasing lack of interest in the meaning of texts, as theirs are intended to act as passphrases to damage that diode, a small electronic component which The Dark Unspoken considered as a fitted metaphor for the so called unilateral thinking, often the cognitive cause of intolerance, due to its function to allow current pass in one direction. If you consider just the stylistical viewpoint, don't expect anything particularly revolutionary, as even if Diode In Your Head? sounds more refined than their previous album Rotten Memories, the listener could experience deja-vu listening experiences here and there. Basically they unearths some mid 90ies electro-pop to relive with magical future-pop powders mixed with grated metal guitars - especially in tracks such as Abandon Thrill or Abnormis, one of my favorite track of the whole record in spite of the oldness of its sounds -, they arguably gormandized with 80ies wave, but their "tidiness" should not be necesserily regarded as a defect. Straightforward "Denglish" lyrics dealing with "real" life shouted by the hoarse ugola of Darkun are maybe the most relevant aspect of this record and covering a wide range of matters such economical critical situation, nearly an existential variable at this point, contaminating those rare certitudes of anyone cultivating the myth of self-made man (Wild Life) withered with the bad fertilizer of the so-called competitive spirit (Growing Paintre, Abnormis, Won't Sell Your Will). But it's funny to notice that sometimes the approach to contemporary disfigured electromechanical version of human being is almost friendly anf if your soul has almost been annihilated by some balance sheets or greedy intentions, you'll almost perceive a friendly slap on your shoulders when listening to tracks such as Diode In Your Head? - one of best crafted song definitively... - or the enlighting revelation of a guru on Painful Heaven, even if Darkun's gruff (but hearty) voice will gently whisper a plenty of oaths in your ears!
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Artist: Puin + Hoop (@)
Title: Door
Format: CD
Label: Narrominded (@)
Rated: *****
After the already reviewed release with Hermen Wilken and Coen Oscar Polack, narrominded release this new work of this dutch trio. According to the press release this album "presents a rich trip though sound, encompassing the gray area between improvised music, post industrial drone and glowing synthscapes" and, honestly, this definition well describes the artistic relevance of this release.
This is an album which title seems to suggest that the listener have to go from a place to another, in a sort of musical journey into experimental fields illuminated by a bright dark light.
"Het Wondere Toeval" is a noisy opener for the second track "Bomendocumentaire" that is a mesmerizing loud and heavy drone while "Huidig Tijdsgewricht" is instead a slowly moving and dark description of dangerous situation. "Complotkanaal" took the listener into the heavy atmosphere of the beginning of the record with a final talk between piano and synth. "Ceci n'est pas une Puin + Hopp" is almost an exercise in post-rock structures with clear ideas in mind and a funny joke title. "Zuurstof III" is the last and longest track of this good album and is constructed above a romantic piano juxtaposed on an abstract soundscape with an hypnotic effect.
Even better than their recent live release "de objectieve lach", it's a record of uncommon variety and full of details. A remarkable release. Highly recommended(^_^).
This album is available also as free download @, another reason not to miss it.