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Artist: I/DEX
Title: Layers
Format: CD
Label: Lagunamuch Records (@)
Distributor: Ant-Zen
Rated: *****
A new production of the Russian underground Electronica-scene brought to us by Lagunamuch Records. I/DEX seems to be a one-man project, consisting of the Belarusian Electronica-musician Vitaly Harmash. Under his pseudonym I/DEX, Vitaly was able to come out with three previous releases, mostly all available as downloads via the Ukrainian Nexsound and the French Cold Room netlabels. 'Layers' comes out in a beautiful digipack-artwork, created once again by Artur Berent (ABSTRACT AVENUE) ' not his first graphical work, but one of his finest so far. 'Layers' is an aptly chosen title for this album full of atmospheric and in parts hypnotic soundscapes, which at least transforms this album to be a much more experimental-minded outfit than any of the previous discovered releases of this fine Moscow-based label. This sound environmental reminds in parts a bit on MEWARK, also out on Lagunamuch, and similar featured experiments under the Reason software area. But against to MEWARK or FLEXKIKS, 'Layers' leaves out nearly all rhythmically attitudes ' which makes it at least a bit challenging, to follow all tracks on album length, if you're in a rush. This music isn't designed to spin it as a simple background noise, it rather needs attention. More experimental-minded stuff than expected, this release offers beauty, but also fragility synth sound environments. Worth to spend some time for a listen.
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Artist: Apparent Symmetry
Title: Mourn
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Abstrakt Reflections (@)
Rated: *****
Another new netlabel focusing on 'the darker side of IDM and post-industrial music', as they like to declare. I have my own and quite critical theory on those labels, as especially the rather experimental-minded Electronica
(net-) labels are growing like mushrooms out of the ground. Whoever will be able to follow all label activities and releases, if especially this kind of music is available in uncountable numbers? Who is seriously able to separate the wheat from the chaff? If there wouldn't be a signed artist of this label (Mr. Sascha LPF 12 Lemon ' cheers mate!) penetrating me with uncountable mails and the usage of MySpace blogs, to check out the quality of the roster of this new and promising label, whoever knows, if I'd ever pay attention on them? After listening this very first release of Abstrakt Reflections, I came to the result, that ignorance to the efforts of this label would mean avoidance of quality and layered Dark Electronica/IDM music ' things I consume like water and air. APPARENT SYMMETRY is a US-based solo project of Zach H. and under this moniker he's able to offer us an attractive form of Downtempo-/ Ambient-Electronica music, which features a crunchy rhythm work very near to the ideas and allows comparisons to such cult artists like GRIDLOCK, or some of the recent Tympanik Audio projects like ACCESS TO ARASAKA, SUBHEIM, or CANDLE NINE. Zach sets the quality on a high level without simply copying his idols ' his true, layered Industrial ambience touches the eardrums. 'Skybending' is the name of the most addictive tune, chosen out of this masterpiece here, which includes brillant piano inserts placed in a fragile synths-sound environment and subtle inserted rhythm works. 'Mourn' is a spectacular Dark Industrial/Ambient album, which surpirises through its matured sound design, which is lightyears better, tahn anyone does expect from a newcomer. Keep it on both, label and artist ' this is a must-download-item.
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Synthematika One
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Synthematik (@)
Rated: *****
Netlabels come and go, and even, if I tend to repeat this phrase over and over again, this new Russian based label has some remarkable stuff available in the roster. To start with a compilation of 31 participants is surely a nice initiative, but besides this, this compilation offers a fine overview of the current Russian, and a lot out of the ex-Russian federation states, accommodated underground scene. In between you'll get also some international guests, projects like PROJECT ROTTEN, SUPERVILLAIN (both out of Sweden), California's CYSTEM CEX, or the relatively known Argentinean project LASTRAX, as they all could enter a free slot on this uprising compilation. If you would decide to burn this compilation as audio, you would receive a remarkable 2CD collection, which strictly separates between the rather calm and melodic Synthpop-driven part on CD1, and the harsh and EBM/Industrial- formulating CD2. As to write on all participants would hurt my fingers, as well as the review would turn out too huge, I prefer to name the few outstanding tunes. Part/CD 1 starts with ALPHA POINT and their track 'Things I Do' ' to me the very first act I could discover originally hailing out of Moldavia. It seems that this act has listened and understood the kind how MESH would produce a quality song ' as this project reaches nearly a comparable quality! Russian quintet MEZZAMO we had on here with their latest release and 'Without You' proves their catchy abilities once again. The surprise of this imaginary CD 1 has to be named with RU.ARE, a to me undiscovered Russian talent with a track called 'Halo' ' catchy refrain with smooth male vocals providing convincing English lyrics, all placed in a well-done composition under tasteful arranged synth patterns ' well, this seems to be a must-to-check-them-out soon. Generally nothing bad got featured on this first part, but also the second part of this remarkable compilation buries out some fine talents. We've reached the harder and more EBM-driven part of this compilation, and most likely those bands turning a bit away from the mass-consumed, repetitive Hellectro-rush can reach the best results. That of course doesn't mean, you'd find only dumb and horrific bad contributors out of the Hellectro boot-camp ' not at all, just check CYSTEM CEX and the Belarusian talent DIVERSAND 13 for example ' but if bands try to figure out a somewhat own and authentic sounding stuff, I'll normally go for them. Moscow's SPIN PROVIDER have been quite often invited guests, when it comes to review another Eastern European-based efforts. Their rhythmically well arranged tune sets a first standard. Finest Dark Electro rather following a classic, DECODED FEEDBACK-related sound outfit, you'll get presented by DREAMER IX, a Russian project, which could recently release a debut album via the Hungarian Advoxya label. Although I know, that our online system may does not print the Cyrillic letters in a comfortable manner; I'll give it once again a try (and sorry, if I wouldn't be able to figure out a possible English translation'¦). A lot of new names and talents to discover, so download this one (it is free), and you'll surely find some pearls to keep an eye on. Congratulations also to the responsible people behind the Synthematik netlabel for bringing out a promising overview on the Eastern European and mostly Russian-related Electro/Industrial scene.

01Alpha Point - Things I Do
02СпекÑÑÑм - ÐÑÑÑÑ ÐÑÐ´ÐµÑ Ð¢Ð°Ðº (Revisited)
03Supervillain - Heroes
04Systema Synthetica - Tower
05Ecstatic Mood - Face The Facts
06LastraX - Big City Lights (Synthematika Edit)
07Fashion Suicide - A Guiding Light
08RU.ARE - Halo
09Kosmodromm - ÐÑÑÑой ÐоÑод (1.0 Version)
10Mezzamo - Without You
11ЭлекÑÑонное Ðблако - ÐеÑÑаÑÐµÐ»Ñ (Reworked)
12SynthetiXXX - Un Jour Que J'attends
13Technomancer - Emulator (Synthematika Edit)
14Ladder, The - 3rd Sin
15Carved Souls - Waveform (Extended Mix)

16Alien2064 - 20-07-69
17Infektline - Dance All Night Away
18Project Rotten - Confessions Of A Killer (Reworked & Remastered)
19Cystem Cex - Homicide
20De:Source - Wake And Scream
21Hypno[Revil] - Letzte Wache
22Zweifelhaft - Reborn (Synthematika Edit)
23Spin Provider - УÑÑо (Synthematika Edit)
24Whitar - New World
25Nexothex - Cellar D00r
26Dreamer IX - Only You
27Diversant:13 - No Fear
28Delithium - Going To War
29Sturmreaktor - Fallout
30T_error 404 - Passed World
31Ginger Snap5 - Synthema Song

Artist: Severe Illusion
Title: Infidelity To Ritual
Format: CD EP
Label: MedCon
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
Sweden's well-known lo-fi-terrorists return with a new and strictly limited MCD (100 numbered exemplars), produced and released completely on their own, by their MedCon label. You'll get 5 new tracks plus an additional live recording of the new track 'With Regrets' from this duo, from which 'Lost' and the mentioned 'With Regrets' are seemingly the tunes, which shall help to invade the dancefloors again. Especially 'Lost' follows their self-produced tradition of classics like 'Human Rites' or 'Trust', although their new compositions offer some changes. They could invest a bit into a better fx-processing on Fredrik's vocal performance, their monstrous distortion effects on the vocals seem to be a relic of the past. As I was about to rate something similary on the music too, I finally had to realize, that SEVERE ILLUSION vary more in their kind of expression. It is still an attractive form of minimal constructed EBM bass lines, accompanied with dozens of noises and effect ' but all arranged in more matured kind. 'You've Been Lied To' with its steady SYNAPSCAPE-like drum patterns is a hot favorite and unites the best elements out of the both main world of the SEVERE ILLUSION sound-dimension, noise and minimal hook lines. A well-done return into their own manifested niche of pummeling old-school Electro/EBM, which they have left too long before.

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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Fairy World VI
Format: CD
Label: Prikosnovenie (@)
Rated: *****
The new sampler from Prikosovenie label is centered upon the five elements. The first element is earth, and is the most world oriented centered upon african rhythms and harmonic chants, and is centered upon "Materia Prima" a mesmerizing song by Jean-Paul Trutet. Water is the element which is symbolized by quiet voices and soft sounds of flutes and harp, the peak of this part is the intimate voice of Julien Jacob. Fire is the element of the household and, so, we enter in ethereal territories with Dendelion Wine, Dizzi Dulcimer and Stellamara. The use of ancient instruments is nothing new these days but the intricate lines of "Dizzi jig" is worth of a listening... a really enjoyable pieces. Air include the most resonance based tunes in theory, but in practice is the logical prosecution of the previous part. Personally i would switch the Caprice tune "memory" with "XVII" by Dendelion Wine in the tracklist but the elements separation is not to be taken seriously, of course. The space part includes the most ambient and drone music from this label and feature two notably tracks "L'impatiente" a track by Lys centered upon an hypnotic carillon and field recordings with a stunning musical result. This album is closed by "Pruits stellaire" by Daniel Perret and Crista Galli, based upon harmonic chants and resonance with could be a soundtrack for some meditations.
This compilation has a direction: from the world music to the ambient, and cosmic, music. So it's not the classic sampler of 16 songs a label thinks should be of some interest. It's a good introduction for a label which seems to have a clear vision of the sound it would be associated with. If you like new-age it's worth of a listening because it contains al least two gems at the end of this long sampler.
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