Music Reviews

Artist: Plasmodivm (@)
Title: The Post-Modern Prometheus
Format: CD
Label: Caustic Records (@)
Rated: *****
Back with some new recordings again produced on the dreamy Canary islands, the Spanish Electro/Industrial-producer Sandro Veras offers at least 14 refined pieces of work. Compared to his highly accaimed debut 'Paradise Under Fire', there can be noticed a clear development away from the total harsh EBM performance to a more thought, nearly smooth Futurepop-infiltrated sound-design. Sandro has grown in his musically evolution, his compositions are more filled and layered, plus he still adds his well recognizeable dedication for special fx elements often thrown in between his pummeling rhythm patterns.
The label sheet names among others the German Solitary Experiments as a quell of inspiration, and I agree in that case, that some of Sandro's new tracks draw a strong relation to the early recordings of this famous act ('Unbreakable Will', 'I Have killed A Man', or 'A New Beginning'). These are the tracks, where Sandro allows the integration of clear and nearly natural sounding vocals.
As for personal favorites, I nevertheless name his rather mid-tempo based, ominous sounding tracks like 'The Beginning Of My End', 'Smashing White Pills', or 'Réquiem (Missa Pro Defunctis)'. Although I admire the musically development with this new album, I have to name these ones, because they represent the best the strong and merciless kind more obviously discovered on his above mentioned debut ' remembrances to the harsh, golden Spanish days with Dioxyde and Asseptic Room come to mind by stomping with these intense, harsh EBM tunes.
72 minutes of quality Electro/Industrial tracks, for the most part filled with energetic fx-driven ideas, well, this all are quite good arguments to invest your bucks to purchase this album.