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Title: Quarzo
Format: CD
Label: Wallace Recprds (@)
Rated: *****
Not so long ago we've reviewed their live vinyl + dvd, it was nothing but a morsel of a forthcoming banquet and here is the new full-length, it's the last episode of what so far can be defined as a lucky career. They've always had beautiful recordings but this time the production is incredible, so tip of hat for the sound engineer has shaped this diamond so brilliantly, it's impressing since every frequency is so boombastic you can't even believe the band is just a drum and voice/guitar duo, at the same time it's not too loud but just crystalline. The fact is that after a series of incredible releases this' just good, or at least I think despite some killing tracks this time the whole product is a little bit less ass kicking than the last two records. For those who still don't know the band we're talking about a duo mixing heavy depressive blues, Nick Cave, post-rock, some alternative noise rock influences from the nineties and influences from the best italian songwriters from the past. Maybe it's just a suggestion or just the inflection of the singer's accent, but for the first time I notice some similarities with Paolo Conte (by the way, they're coming from the same area), sure here the lyrics are more cynical, more bohemienne, but the sour/bitter view of the world is quite similar they just like of Conte's irony. Despite my comment on the fact this' just a bit less brilliant then the last two records, it features some incredible songs like in the case of 6, 2, 5 and it shows how writing simple tracks with just two basic instrument and a voice can be a display of talent for a craftsman and that's the case. Just a couple of piano notes added for the arrangements, and some additional feedbacks to complete the recipe. As I've said I prefer their previous materials but still a great band.