Music Reviews

Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Joy - schole compilation vol.3
Format: CD
Label: Schole (@)
Rated: *****
One of the most suitable Japanese word to translate "joy" or "delight" is "yorokobi", whose kanji transcription is made up of a couple of words, literally meaning "rejoice in beauty" or "take pleasure in beauty". Such a concept which involves both emotional and aesthetic aspect perfectly fits to the third compilation album by renowned Tokyo-based label Schole, which follows the successful self-named first compilation (sold out) and the second one titled "Note of seconds" and doesn't lose to deservedly celebrate its 5th anniversary by a bunch of 13 delicate tracks with different emotional declension of what we name "joy": the lovely melodic baldness of Akira Kosemura's "Joy" - that kind of song some listeners could use as a soundtrack for the videoclip of the first final recital at school of your little son, the first dance display of your daughter or a memorable country outing with your family! -, the subtle connections with French pop songs of the initial whistled "Beginning" by Mamerico, the gentle chromatic whirlgigs and the delighting cherafic choir of "Irodori" by Yoshinori Takezawa, the enchanting ascending clockwork of "Air" by [.que], the acoustic-guitar-driven representation of the spirited jollity of a group of pupils on "Welcome To My Playground" by Humminbert Stereo, the balletic intertwine of guitar, piano and female voice of "Evergreen" by Akira Kosemura, [.que] and Lasah, the explosions of ethereal tenderness of "Imagine Fun" by no.9, the exquisite pianistic cammeo of "Short Story" by Quentin Sirjack, the daydreaming musical box of "Day Light Dream" by Sawako and Daisuke Miyatani, the dissoluble listening pearls of the mesmerizing "Santiago" by Ghost And Tape, the perfumed drops of minimal chiming piano of "Incense" by Teruyuchi Nobuchika, the charming guitar ballad of "Light Dance" by Paniyolo and the folkish portrait of "Anne" by Haruka Nakamura. I'm pretty sure many listeners will easily enjoy these delightful musical miniatures, which anticipate forthcoming directions of the label as well.