Music Reviews

Artist: Frou Frou (@)
Title: Details
Format: CD
Label: MCA Records
Newcomers Frou Frou, from France, are an energetic group with lots to offer. Made up of Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth, two veterans in the industry, they first collaborated on Imogen's 1998 album "I Megaphone". Guy had worked on other records for other artists before, but was unsatisfied with the results. Therefore, he called up Imogen to sing some tracks for him, and before they knew it they had an album going.From songs such as "Shh" to "Must Be Dreaming", the entire album is reminiscent of days gone by with nostalgic, bouncy beats. The debut album, entitled "Details" is a great mix of modern beats mixed with east Asian and East Indian stylings, and 'Maddening Shroud' is a perfect example of this. Frou Frou does hit the slow-paced road every once in a while though with songs like 'The Dumbing Down Of Love' & 'Old Piano'.If you're looking for an album that can offer you some music that has the ability to get you going in the morning or even relax you at night, Frou Frou has got what you need. Nothing is left to be desired after listening to this album. The wide array of sounds is a tribute to the talent Imogen & Guy posess. Imogen's voice is a perfect fit for the music that Guy produces, and I sincerely hope that there is a follow up album to "Details".
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Artist: GOR & JACK OR JIVE (@)
Title: Soleil
Format: CD
Label: Prikosnovenie (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe

Quite interesting result and collaboration which sees Gor and Jack Or Jive working together to create eight tracks balanced between Oriental and Western mysticism. SOLEIL is the first release of a label project which aim is to mix different cultures and musical tradition. Francesco Banchini brings his Parthenopean touch made of ancient litanies and percussive sounds (see tracks like "Shofar" or "Zeloun" where his distinctive sound is in evidence) while the Japanese duo delineate the synthetic layers and sing different songs. In my opinion the most interesting songs are the ones where Francesco takes care of the atmosphere, playing percussions and other instruments (as on "Hammiqdash", "Gulgatha" or "Blue Curtain") because his style is too peculiar to be affected by other kinds of music and this gives the effect of a Gor record with guests. Instead, the interesting thing about this project is the capacity of creating a new sound out of two different bands. If you don't know how it could sounds like, I can tell you that the forty four minutes of this CD are full of intimate sounds and passion but if you are searching for rhythm and energy give it a listen first. Instead if you like the atmospheres of the David Sylvian's instrumental tracks, give to this release a try.