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Artist: Butterfly Messiah
Title: It's Time EP
Format: CD EP
Label: The Fossil Dungeon

This EP features brand new tracks not previously released called "It's Time" and "Monument" as well as "Machines" from the early demo Synthesis. What fans will first notice is the harder club beat and elektro styling of "It's Time" that has a sort of darkwave-EBM sound to it that the band never previously had. Ah, when I see bands I love improve this much I just love it. Shannon's ethereal vocals and Robert's industrial interests were meant for this type of structure. Butterfly Messiah never sounded so good. Both the first mix and the Dance mix are great for DJ club play so I'm hoping they will not be timid and take a risk on these guys, they are well worth it! "Monument" contains the somber dark synth orchestral and ethereal vocal style the band is more readily associated with. This is great for those unfamiliar with the band to check out to get a bit of a taste of what some of their other music generally sounds like, however this track has it's own unique aspects as well. Butterfly Messiah are the only band that deftly combines ethereal elements with hard industrial and mechanical elements. The man-machine concept is one that has been done many times in cyber-industrial but Butterfly Messiah take a more spirit-machine angle on the perspective created with their own unique combination of sound. If anyone is curious about what a younger Butterfly Messiah sounded like this EP gives them the opportunity with "Machines". However this mix is not the original version so there is something here for fans too. They've cleaned this one up a bit and added some overall effects to it that give it quite a bit more body and ambience. The original is dry in comparison to this version (Nice job Robert!). Lastly, is an instrumental of the title track. Without the vocals it sounds much more EBM oriented and may be why it was included. I hope this is a good idea of what is to come from the band in the future!
Nov 08 2002
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Artist: SCAPESONIK (@)
Title: Demep
Format: CD EP
Label: Pulsewave (@)
Scapesonik formed in the spring of 2002 by the brothers Pontus and Niklas Nelldal and the sisters Malin and Matilda Heimdahl. The members had earlier been 4/5ths of The Mourning After (do you remember the review I did of their MCD?) and Nick is also active with two other bands: Vision and NN. All these experiences allowed the band to prepare an astonishing five tracks demo titled "Demep" (which I suppose in Sweden is meaning "demo". Smart, eh?). The band has composed four tracks which contains sinuous atmospheres always in balance between new wave and synthpop (the fifth track is more a melancholic ballad and remember me a little the Abba) and I assure you that Scapesonik wouldn't fail into gathering new fans only if music channels would stop promoting crap. I found absolutely convincing tracks as "I'll Be Me" or "A Man With A Dog" which aren't upbeat tempos or dancey tunes but are capable of capture you in a subtle way. I only hope that they'll be able to find soon a record label that will produce an album because I'd be really curious into listening new tracks. Check their mp3 files and spread the word.
Artist: Cryptomnesia
Title: Hypnerotomachia
Format: CD
Label: interdimensional recordings
Distributor: interdimensional recordings
Very odd, shifting ambient industrial ala Mentallo and the Fixer and closer still to Necrofix. The tracks shift constantly from one extreme to the next,from driving industrial to synth-laden classical pieces to ambient orchestrations. Very unique and while not totally revolutionizing industrial, it has done for it what Alphaville did for synthpop: give it a new degree of strangeness and experimental daring. Each song in average tracks in almost 3-4 different time measures and shifts, something not too often seen in an age of putting a redundant drum beat in and just singing over it. . Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something a little deeper than the 4/10 beat times and monotones of modern day EBM. Rating:10.
Artist: VV.AA. (@)
Title: Minneapolis Summit
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: Staalplaat (@)
Distributor: Staalplaat (NL), Soleilmoon (US), Demos (It), These Records (UK), Target (De) and more...
"Minneapolis Summit" is the name that was given to the improv session that took place on October 1st 2001 and that saw the participation of local Jon Nelson (aka Escape Mechanism), Steev Hise (Portland, Oregon), Jon Leidecker (aka Wobbly, from San Fran, California) and John Heck & Lloyd Dunn (aka The Tape Beatles, from Prague). The peculiarity of this experiment is that the five guys did not plan or rehearse any of this, they just met inside a Minneapolis radio stations and set up the toys they brought along (mainly laptops, samplers, digital players), digitally recording them through an analog board. The outcome is three long songs of which only one is included in this 3" mini CD. 21 minutes of real time cut & paste performances with found sounds, samples, political and non vocal recordings from different sources and people etc etc. A second mini CD and a video CD related to this project will see the light soon as well. In the meantime you may find more info or buy your copy at
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Title: Fallen
Format: CD
Label: Jungle Records
Distributor: Audioglobe

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It's a little difficult to review this CD without mentioning the diatribe the band and the label had and I don't know if one of the two sued the other at the moment. To clear a little more the situation let's read the counterpart's statements.


"Many admirers of Fields of the Nephilim/The Nefilim will be aware that
Jungle Records of Camden have put out a single entitled 'From the Fire', and an album named 'Fallen', under the recording title 'Fields of the Nephilim'. A few statements are necessary to make the situation clear for fans of The Nephilim worldwide. Neither the single nor the album is
officially endorsed, or is being promoted by the current band, which records under the name The Nephilim, and has not officially used the name Fields of the Nephilim since 1991. It is not a name that it wishes to use again for future recordings, feeling that it is best to move forwards than go backwards. The title 'Into the Fire', as well as the track listing on 'Fallen' were allotted by Jungle Records alone. None of the names are official titles, although some are early working titles. The Nephilim
played no part in deciding on the track listing nor the material used, and was not consulted on these matters. Those tracks used are incomplete pieces or early demos. Additionally, The Nephilim was not consulted on the artwork used on either the single or album. It was not asked to contribute artwork, and thus it was not undertaken by Sheer Faith. New material by The Nephilim is being readied for release, and will be up to the standards it wishes to set. This will be tied in with new projects and live events. Please be patient, and in the meantime we extend a welcome to all fans, old and
new, to prepare for the countdown to enter the inner realms of The Nephilim
On-line. Watch this space for further details. This information has come from The Watchman Information Service, which has served as the official voice of The Nephilim since 1984".

Jungle response to Carl's statement:

"Fields of the Nephilim formed in 1984. Their name was drawn from the Biblical legends of the Nephilim, who were fallen angels. In 1985 their debut EP Burning The Fields’ was issued on their own Tower label through Jungle. Interest worldwide followed, and the Returning To Gehenna’ EP was issued in Italy. The following year they signed to Beggars Banquet, issuing their first single, Power’. The band soon established their own, individual image, superficially a pastiche of spaghetti western chic, but the essence behind the image of dust and death was more enduring and reflected the Nephilim's fascination with the darker side of life. Touring the UK constantly, they built up an army of followers. In 1987, the bands first album, DAWNRAZOR was released and made a big impact on the polls in the music press. They then dominated the indie charts for many years. The singles Preacher Man’, Blue Water’, Moonchild’ (1988) and Psychonaut’ (1989) all hit the top of the indie chart and went Top 40 UK national chart. Their second album, THE NEPHILIM in 1988 entered the UK Album Chart at number 12 and also established them around the world, whilst their many performances became spectacular events. Then 1990's weighty ELIZIUM, the third studio album, widened their audience even further. Earth Inferno, a live at Brixton Academy double album followed, also charting high in the UK top forty. In 1991, the group performed their last two sold-out gigs, at the Town and Country Club (now The Forum) in London and split up. Carl McCoy continued with a heavier-sounding project, Nefilim, while the rest of the band issued two albums with a new vocalist under the name Rubicon. Their audience however, never went away. Carl explains; "We had never had a break in our career, so we needed one to pursue our own separate ideas. The reformation is inevitable, really, because it's unfinished business. We owe it to the fans too." After much speculation, in the summer of 2000 Fields Of The Nephilim headlined four major European festivals, playing in front of 60,000 fans, and released their first single for a decade, One More Nightmare’. In 2001, an album FROM GEHENNA TO HERE was compiled from their debut 1985-86 EPs. NOW – a new single FROM THE FIRE’ is due September 9th, edited from the new studio album FALLEN’ which is now ready for release on October 7th 2002!"

Well, I don't know what to tell. As far as I know, looking to the advanced CD I own, on this record The Nephilim are Carl McCoy and Tony Pettit and the ten tracks included here seem to be a middle way between the hard atmospheres of "Zoon" (the album they did in 1996 under the Nephilim moniker) and the goth atmospheres you are used to listen to. If you already bought the "One More Nightmare" single the last year, you already know what you can find on FALLEN. For you who don't, I can tell you that on some tracks I heard atmpospheres similar to some Christian Death records of the "All The Love All The Hate" period but filtered with the Fields Of The Nephilim sound. Listening to this album none of the tracks sounded incomplete to me so I don't know if I'm listening to a demo or not. One thing is for sure: I'd rather prefer to welcome the Fields Of The Nephilim come back in another way and not with sour discussions.
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