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Artist: Cruciform Injection (@)
Title: Epilogue
Format: CD
Label: Negative Gain Productions
Distributor: Metropolis Records
Cruciform Injection-Epilogue The newest from this Chicago-based band. First of all, I just booked this band at my event and they pulled in a big crowd. 200 plus people showed up at my event, cause of this band. This band was designed to get you to move and move and move and tear that dansefloor up till it no longer exists and looks like it went through armaggedon. Lead singer, Micah Skaritka-programming, vocals and samples, Brendan7-live guitar and programming and Kassi-live keyboards and programming. This trio makes up this remarkable band that rules the dansefloors, worldwide! Word is out that Cruciform Injection is here to stay and is going to turn the world upside down and it will forever not be the same! Track one- Reducer, very moving Peter Murphyish backing sounds with a hard, moving break beat with a lazer gun shooting back at it, nuff sed. Track three- dark house, a very haunting track with symphonic sounds in the background and awesome vocals! Micah sings, this darkened house, just that line alone is dark and mysterious and so many channels are set on his voice to really make it stand out! Quite a catchy tune, I must say! Track four- Vacant Bodies, another super catchy danse track. I can see this track be used for a movie score for a good zombie flick. It's dark and creepy and really gets under your skin. Micah sings, bodies with almost an alien voice and never lets us forget! This track would be good for a new sequel to Invasion of the Body Snatchers or something! The rest of this album rules, you can danse to every one of the tracks, not one is disappointing! So check out the new Cruciform Injection, take them in and enjoy the ride! 4stars!
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Artist: Kirlian Camera
Title: Invisible Front. 2005
Format: CD
Label: Sad Eyes - a division of Trisol (@)
Distributor: Sony Music-Soulfood (world), Audioglobe(I), EMI Poland (POL), Irond Company (RUS)
Rated: *****

I interviewed Angelo Bergamini, founder of Kirlian Camera, back in 1995 for the first issue of Chain D.L.K. and have reviewed almost each and every one of their releases ever since. Today, it is my honor to tell you about Kirlian Camera's latest (or, in the words of Angelo, "first") KC album. "Invisible Front. 2005" surprises long awaiting fans with eleven tracks of dramatically gorgeous synthetic poetry. Equally dramatic are changes at hand, from changes in sound and atmosphere to changes in rules and roles and, lately, changes in line up. Angelo is back on vocals, after many years, as dark and manly counterpart to the heavenly and sophisticated vocals of Elena Fossi (who's been replacing Emilia Lo Jacono for quite a while now and who also mixed and recorded this album). Although a feeling of apocalyptic and martial still runs through the veins of their music, their visionary approach has turned into a more solar and welcoming. Warm ethereal vocals play off of cold electronics, unveiling a newly found balance of matters and an insightful and soulful intimacy. Tragic and deep, but also embracing and outreaching.The album features collaborations with Jarboe (The Swans, Neurosis) and Lloyd James (Naevus) and lyrics are mostly in english (although there is space for some serbian and for samples in italian).After almost 25 years mostly, KC goes back from being a duo to being a trio, with the official entrance of guitarist-keyboardist Simone Mulé (ex-La fille Biaise)."Invisible Front. 2005" is available as a standard jewel case 11 track release as well as a limited edition double-CD digipack with one bonus track (on the second CD), a sticker and a mini poster.Kirlian Camera is one of the most important chapters in the history of poetic dark electronics and those who're not familiar with their production yet should take this opportunity to get to know KC for what they really are.There is no official site for KC but you'll find plenty of info at fan sites such as, and