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Title: Villers-aux-Vents
Format: CD
Label: Prikosnovenie (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
This isn't exactly a new Collection D'Arnelle Andrea's album: this is an expanded reissue of their fifth album titled VILLERS AUX VENTS (FEVRIER 1916). On this new version, as bonus features, you can find a remixed version of "Les Cendre"( which has been treated by Objectile, who did a convincing ethereal ebm version of it), a photo gallery and two live videos of "Verdun" and "Deafening Breath". For those of you who don't know the band and the album I can say that VILLERS AUX VENTS (FEVRIER 1916) deals about the first World War and the band tried to put into the songs all the emotions of the people involved in that tragic event. The tracks float between ethereal atmospheres and new wave (with some Joy Division influences) with some classical moments here and there, thanks to the violin parts and to Chloé Saint Liphards' vocals. The tracks I prefer most are "Deaf Or Crazy" or "Deafening Breath" because of their post punk approach which in my opinion reach a better result respect the ethereal ones.