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Artist: Francis Dhomont
Title: Jalons
Format: CD
Label: Empreintes Digitales
Distributor: Empreintes Digitales
Listening to this Cd, I’m reminded of Haujobb’s "99". No, no drum and bass, minimalized techno, or anything of that nature. But think of the hidden track with all the sound effects cut into sections. This does not so much go as a set of structured songs as it does a sound museum, and quite an interesting one at that. Long sets of blips and recorded sound blend in together, creating some very interesting soundscapes that would make any sampler’s wet dream come true. A little more structure would do this CD a little better, but once you really get in tune with the sound of the work, it grows on you. Also, such is the main principle with minimalism: to let each sound carry it’s own weight rather than being put into a blender and submerged. And thinking on this guy's symphonic record and live shows, this would make a very interesting piece on the Arts Channel or even on Bravo. Rating: 8.Also recommended is Coil’s "Worship The Glitch" and their earlier works.
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Artist: Cruciform Injection (@)
Title: Biomechanical Disintergration
Format: CD
Label: Negative Gain (@)
Distributor: Negative Gain
Cruciform Injection Biomechanical Distegration a cd for our electro future a compliment to this realm electro fuel for your soul.

Micah Skaritka is the brains behind this band. He does the vocals programming sampling lyrics and keyboards.

Spencer Montgomery does guitar on tracks 2,3,6 and 8 and Ryan This band is prodominately having great promise for all tracks to take over dancefloor worldwide. Every track you can move to.

Track one Exorcise the living dance floor beats with robotics everywhere and synthetics surfacing. A complete testament for our new age of futuristic genetics singing I ask why? questioning why hatred? choose life

Track 4 Embryonic Testaments a favourite for those who know it has been played on many radio stations and dancefloors singing take what you want from me im alive my demise my surprise. The rhyming couldn't flow any better than this! Pure electronic with serum and life all bottled in a testube ready to explod and come out and taste life. More about this track so much more dozens of samples voiceovers from nurses giving injections and revelations all mixed with robotic overlays very marchy background making even a dead soldier come back from the dead to dance!
Electro meets the netherworld! It's our nature to reproduce! A mad scientist created Cruciform Injection. Once you injected with them you'll never be the same!

Track eleven Black Tides is very haunting with very x-file background whistling with words of doom inflitrating singing my attention is deserved. I definately agree hard work pays off.

Cruciform Injection takes us, stabs us and injects our soul.
One of the best bands to hit the dance floor circuit-4 stars

Cruciform Injection playing this Sunday.
Artist: Prick
Title: The Wreckard
Format: CD
Label: Lucky Pierre
Distributor: Lucky Pierre
Prick The Wreckard consisting of Kevin Mc Mahon who is the lead singer warne livesey bass and engineering Gary King, live drums Garret Hammond live dums and John Guciardo guitar solo on track 10.

This band hails from Lakewood Ohio who are known for doing the musical hit song for the score of Showgirls the movie. A speical note did you know the band doesn't even own a copy of this I found that very intreresting!

On to the review. This is the most bowiesque band I have ever heard in my life next to Chris Connelly and the bells

Track One Three Rings is poetic justice. Kevin sings I was out on the wire looking for the quickest way down swallowing fire playing the clown this is very inellectual sounding with heavy guitar riffs and industiral voiceovers.

Singing troubles with the world today freedom causes confusion leave your troubles up to me very upbeat Bowie sounds on this one.

Track seven Actress is very Mansony and Newlydeads sounding singing all this sex and violence came from my tv very reminscent of god is in the tv need I say anymore all the glam anyone could handle perhaps a dance floor track.

Track eleven Darling Dead singing stay with me my darling dead there will be drugs everwhere very rockstar sounding telling a story of sex drugs and rock and roll that age old cliche rebel rebel youre face is a mess enough said.

Track fourteen Universe the most abstract song on the whole album very shoegazer so much abstractness this is a dali painting that Bowie is holding in front of you the audience singing The universe is amusing and painting 1575349, the universe is taking my jacke and never explaining why? asking why? throughout this song singing destruction is pointless the angels are truth angels are a threat to others why? llots of strangeness and moody piano very diverse song for an indusrial band.

The most diverse album I have heard in a long time! 3 stars

look for my interview with Prick soon!

Artist: Sealed in Silence (@)
Title: Stille lst Selbstmord
Format: CD
Label: Cold Noir/Facilty Records
Distributor: Darkland Music
Sealed in Silence Raphael is the brains behind this band. the cd
Stille lst Selbstmord film noir-esque. Picture Cold Meat Industry meets surreal landscapes and encounters frankenstein, hitler and phantom of the opera all at once.

A cd that is not like others.

Track one Todeswunsch is very haunting very Leatherstrip-esque filled with samples and machine gun sounds demented church choirs high octave sounds and voiceovers of screaming and electronic technology overpowering everything.

Track twoTodeslast female vocals singing a requiem for the dead. with a hint of electro making it an electro funeral for the dead. Ethereal symphonies meets a new revolution.

Track six Todesangst hammer meets metal sounds very heavy drum machine heavy machinery taking over the primitive. For we have evolved technology is everywhere and will reign.

Over all this cd conquers the conformist way. It is by all means as original as it gets.
The band has distrubution in northamerica United States Darkland Music Cold Noir Facilty records.

It also has distrubtion in Germany Europe also.

This band originated in Germany we are glad to have them here where they belong.

Incorporating sound scapes film noir german expressionism and making it flow with futurisic elements now that's talent. 4 stars

Look for my interview with Raphael coming soon.