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Artist: Melotron
Title: KlangKombinat (Best Of)
Format: CD
Label: Plattenkombinat
Distributor: Plattenkombinat
I received this CD directly from the band (thanks guys!) right before their dynamic show in Chicago. Seeing this band live was something else... ... . A singer that is one part Morrisey and one part Dave Gahan all run through a distinctly German blend, with energy galore and enough electro-synth bounce to liven even the most hardened pop hater. And this CD reflects that same kind of energy, which seems to burst out the seams and into the senses with it’s driving power and energy. It is all in German, but even if you don’t understand your "Danke" from your "Deine" it will still make all that much sense to you. With classics for the seasoned Melotron lover like "Gibt Mir Alles" (Give Me Everything), "Kindertraum" (A Child’s Dream") and the highlight of the CD, "Wohin" (Where), it is one for both synthpop lovers and the hardened Melotron fan. Even a little something for the synthpop haters out there as well, perhaps. If I had to compare the sound to anyone for the sake of giving one an additional idea of what they sound like, I’d have to say a little bit of And One, SPOCK (on the less synthy side), and Depeche Mode for the 21st century. The Depeche influence is there, but far from the millions of clones running about out there, nor is it following on Wolfsheim’s impossible to copy sound. A definitive treat for all! Rating: 10...................And hey it's domestic now, so like me, you have no excuses this time around!
Title: The antedeluvian earth
Format: CD
Label: AFE Records (@)
Started in 1999, Bestia Centauri is a US project which has released a debut cd-ep, "Ubbo-Sathla", on Somnambulant Corpse Recordings, and later contributed to the beautiful tribute the same label dedicated to H. P. Lovecraft ("The Outsider"). Quoting Tangerine Dream, but also composers like Ligeti, Scelsi and Xenakis among his influences, Bestia Centauri actually presents a highly-refined version of classic dark ambient, and I hope he won't get angry if I do quote, nonetheless, the classic Lustmord sound or the darker passages of Klaus Schulze's "Irrlicht" as other possible references. Dealing with pre-human life and obscure primordial creatures, the four tracks of the cd-r (coming in a luxurious pro-printed A5 sleeve + inner jacket, in a limited edition of 150) are like an ever shifting mass, menacing in its undercurrent rumbles and reverberating drones. Sort of Xenakis' "Persepolis" filtered through old Howard Phillips' inner fears, so to speak.
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Title: Libera una falena capodoglio intrappolata nella plastica
Format: CD
Label: A la verticale de l'été/S'Agita recordings (@)
One half of Logoplasm and S'Agita Recordings, Paolo Ippoliti has been one of the most active soundmakers which the Italian electronic underground has spawned over the last few years. "Libera una falena...", a solo cd-r released by A la verticale de l'été (a new S'Agita sub-label devoted to Logoplasm's recordings), is a difficult, breath-taking psycho drama originated by personal illness and turmoil. To quote Paolo's own words (the full text accompanies the cdr, and you can find it also in the S'Agita website) "Since sixteen years I give as a present relevant portions of my own existence to waged work, in exchange for the commodities that growing up in this society hypnotized me to perceive as necessary. Since I do not possess any professional nor scholarly skill, since the beginning of all this I had to employ myself in so-defined "heavy jobs", always underpaid and always in difficult conditions : endless shifts, hierarchical mistreatments, faulty and dangerous strucutures. An adequate inspection of my social surroundings always gave back, as in a mirror, existential scenarios similar to my own, and exactly, this represented what i meant to describe in that work : the fatigue and toil, the short breath suffocating psyche, that horrible grey tone outside the window of days to come. I spent all the free time of the following spring weeks with a mini-disc in my pocket, pushing large corrugated metal-sheets, full oil containers, impossible to move metal artefacts of a varied nature, listening to motors droning in the dark, stealing the voices of the ones who told me about their previous, difficult jobs. In the hard attrition and friction that my burning muscles attempting the push caused, the voice of matter seemed syllabled at the only mean of shutting me down; the motor drones like an absurd nausea possessing my stomach ; the glossolalia of those who lived in toil like an horror lullaby. Then, eventually, it all came to a height. In the evening of August 15th, during the thirteenth consecutive hour of one of the longer and most massacrating shifts I seem to remember, suddenly, while production demand exponentially augmented to face the incoming request and flames were burning heavy against my face, my sight blurred. At first I didn't worry - it happened frequently during those summer evenings. Some instants later, my left arm totally disappeared to my perception, and a strange, unbelievable void substituted my chest. In the following fourty minutes I kept working in the most absolute of terrors, feeling that something like a stroke was coming. In spite of that, an overwhelming endorphine shower, maybe an offspring of aforementioned terror, gifted me with an unknown, surreal, mysterious calm. I was moving something I could not feel in a tearful fog - my own body like a robot movie. The day after a doctor diagnosised me with the first and unmistakable signs of a psycho-nevrotic reaction to a too prolonged stress. - You won't fight it by taking a vacation from work - he said - more like, you should change life. The rest of august and following september, as reaper's schytes, almost destroyed my and Laura's life, with a thousand accidents, a thousand misfortunes, a thousand unlucky malfunctionings. Stolen cars, roofs falling down over our heads after violent storms, burnt out processors, needs of a sudden moving. Unable to face the vivid tsunami that tried to swallow us, I retreated into an isolated inner silence, that avoided the motor overwhelming, ignored biographies, refused to push anything on the ground just to remain , once again, short of breath. I worked in a distant wind, and at the end of the shift, when back home, we went out with the dogs in the deserted late night. I stopped at a point and picked up small stones, frail dried red boughs, crystals left behind by ghosts. You can find it residing there, in the tracks that you could listen by inserting this cdr in the player and pressing play. Finally out of the aforetold, I dumped the tracks from minidiscs to computer - and thought about it a day or two. If I can define la tenebra del mero esistere as the sickness, I can also hallucinate into existence, inside the one you have in your player, the cure. I tied it into the last track, the only composed one of all eight, as in a chaos magick rite, with all the whispers, all the little hits, all the little steps, telling you a story as everybody else would have sculpted you a statue, carving away from a single coarse block of infinite possibilities the exceeding matter. You can find the shy gestures of a scared person, and the superposition that the same gestures defined, resulting in the escape route, implicit in the design of the prison since the beginning. I looked outside of my window, and observing better, i could unveil the grey and cobalt blue that seemed to declare an incoming storm as the completely menaceless colour of something that approaches sunset, as natural : black in the horizon you have behind your shoulder, grey just above your head, then blue, light blue, a pale indaco and just a bit of red, on the farthest margin your eyes seems to catch. And some pale cloud, some uncertain flying creature, and the unmistakable sign of a big piece of metal, detached from ground and attrition, fading just as i write". That's a truly lengthy quote but for one time I do think that words are necessary and complementary to sounds. This is the sound of fatigue, collapse, and a new start, with the final sound storm washing everything away.
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Title: A lifetime in a blink
Format: CD
Label: A la verticale de l'été/S'Agita Recordings (@)
Born out of the friendship and creative proximity between Davide Valecchi (AAL) and Paolo Ippoliti and Laura Lovreglio (Logoplasm), "A lifetime in a blink" contains dreamy piano improvisations casted into frames of field recordings assembled by Ippoliti. There's a sort of unexpected communion between the free-flowing piano notes (think of Satie, or even Current 93's "Soft black stars" to have a clue about the atmosphere) and the often wild impact of outside noises like ghost voices, storms, wind, children, seawaves and insects. Close to both AAL's acousmatic releases and Logoplasm's "infinite ear", the cd-r is startlingly beautiful, and, like all of these soundmakers' works, manages to maintain a bleeding emotional quality throughout. Sounds which, going beyond simple re-presentation, become dream-catchers, and dream-engines.
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Artist: Soulscape (@)
Title: Dreamfree
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: The Bombshelter
Distributor: The Bombshelter
Dreamfree a 3 inch single cd by a dark electronica band named soulscape the band hails from chicago a 3 piece band consisting of mel-vox sam-bass and dan-guitar.

The first track also the title of the 3 inch single is called Dreamfree a symphony meets switchblades. Mel sings they can't see beyond the myopic futile misery of their lives leaving you mesmerized and bound Sam and Dan provide the darkness accompanying him in this reverlry with haunting bass lines and hard cutting guitar. This track has already became a dancefloor hit and has potential to take all dancefloors by storm.

The next track is called Rise Again this track haunts you like no other with it's singing refrain calling to you I stand my ground I rise again letting the world know that he will conquer all leaving us with a visual of a monster frozen in ice from ages past soon to be warmed and awakened to rise and make it's presence known and heard. Sam's bass cuts right through us hearing that same refrain again and again while Dan just simply tears it up.

The last track is called The Crossing also a possiblity of another dance floor tragedy hit singing to us. Nibiru is calling to you don't be alarmed all your dreams of this moment come alive.
This is an esoteric incantation calling on the old gods to come join us and dance with us the goal here is dance dance dance! and never forget where it all comes from.

Check out Soulscape at the Underground Lounge 952 W. Newport, doors 9.p.m. playing with Infinity Interrupt and Mnd Flux Funeral courtesy of
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