Music Reviews

Title: I End Forever
Format: CD
Label: Horch! (@)
Rated: *****
Henrik Nordvargr Björkk is a multifaceted modern musician and with this latest work he shows that he's good at doing different stuff respect the industrial noise style he used to explore with his main band MZ 412, since the beginning of the '80s. I END FOREVER explore the ambient/I.D.M. fields creating fourteen tracks which work well without losing the tension (thing that is really easy when you deal with tracks based on crackling sounds and multy layered rhythms). This is evident when you listen to tracks like "Patterns emerging I" (you can also find the Maximilian Jänicke's video of it into the CD extra track) where along the rhythm textures you can find a main simple melody with ambient pads that helps following the track developement. "Patterns emerging II", which follows the first one, is a variation which is focused on pulsating sounds istead of being focused on the ambient ones. Sometimes the whole album seems to be a natural following to the work started years ago by Adi Newton with his Anti Group project. In my humble opinion with a little more melody, like on "Patterns emerging I", the result would have been more "catchy" without losing the experimental touch but this is a CD you should check anyway if you love these sounds.
Artist: Lex Decimate (@)
Title: Seas Of Endless
Format: CD
Label: Silencer Records (@)
Rated: *****
LEX DECIMATE produced a superb dark album that can be used for a soundtrack score. A different vibe that can change within the mood; from electronic, gothic, ambient, experimental, and soundtrack soundscapes. "Thieves" opens the disc with its very softly haunting edge. The self titled "Seas Of Endless" sounds like a suspense thriller theme. A beautiful track "Recess" reveals a catchy strong piano melody with light dark synths. The mid-tempo "Light The Way" is a car driving thrill ride on a long dark endless road is a terrific charming track with a gothic ambient atmospheric feel. Take a drum 'n' bass track and add a synth line on top of it and you will get "Find Myself", which talks about loneliness and pain. Lex Decimate debut reminds me of ex-Depeche Mode Alan Wilder project Recoil. Some of the tracks on cd have some of the similarity music moods. Their lyrics are more like poetry that's thought provoking that will leave you to think. This cd is a breath taking catch that will suck you in and envelop you. Great quality production and mix. A pure sweet dark record that is set to elevation and worth listening to.